Perhaps the most fun AND profitable way to bet on March Madness is via the prop market. That’s because there are more prop bets available than any other type of bet for the NCAA Tournament — possibly hundreds for every single game. If you want in on the fun that is March Madness prop bets, then keep on reading. We’ve created this guide to March Madness prop bets!

Types Of March Madness Prop Befs

First things first, what are prop bets? Well, props — short for proposition bets — are wagers that don’t really have to do with the final outcome like spreads or moneyline. Think of these as side bets on what happens in the game itself. Moreover, there are different types of March Madness props. Let’s cover the common types and examples for each one:

Player Props

These props center around player performances as they relate to in-game stats. So think how many points scored, rebounds collected, assists dished, and so on. More times than not, these are over/under bets on those stat outputs. With 12 players on each team, the player prop market alone can get really, really deep bet-wise.

Team Props

Team props are eerily similar, only these bets revolve around team stats — not one single player. Though, sometimes you’ll get more unique props than just over/unders on stats like mentioned before. A really popular team prop wager is which of the two teams playing will score first.


Game Props

By now, you can probably guess what game props are. Now we’re including both teams into the equation and different outcomes that could happen collectively. How many turnovers will be committed by both teams? What about free throws made? Those are just a few bet-able events in the game prop market.

Tournament Props

These props are a tad more unique. Tournament props, as you can imagine, are more on the March Madness bracket as a whole — not necessarily one specific game. An easy example is picking the conference (ACC, Big Ten, SEC, etc.) of the national championship team rather than the specific program.

March Madness Prop Betting Tips

Let’s face it, we’re all here for the same reason: to actually profit off tournament prop wagering. How do you go about that? Welp, there’s no “silver bullet” but we do have some March Madness prop betting tips. We learned these after years of gambling on the basketball tourney (and taking some losses). Here are three pieces of advice to carry with you:

Manage Your Funds

As we’ve pointed out, prop betting is vast — and that’s why bettors love it so much. However, there is a downside to all these betting options: stretching yourself AND your bankroll too thin.

The reality is, you probably don’t have the time and money to chase all these prop betting opportunities. You’re better off “sizing up” on a few high-conviction plays than the opposite — betting a little and on a lot of wagers.


Though there is one thing you can do to increase your betting funds without decreasing the amount of bets you make. This is where free-play bonuses can help out. Later on this page, we have a section entirely on these promos and how you can bet for free cause of ‘em.

Specialize Your Betting

This top piggybacks off the last one: it would be smart of you to specialize. Chances are there are going to be teams in the tourney you’ve never seen before (or even know exist) — random programs like Fairleigh Dickinson, Stoney Brook, or Weber State come to mind. Tell me, are you really knowledgeable enough to be throwing money in games involving these type of schools? We’d say probably not.

But say you’re a San Diego State fan and followed them all season long. You’ve developed specialized knowledge of them and teams they’ve faced in their conference that might be in the Big Dance (e.g. Nevada or Utah State). Use that knowledge to your advantage, especially since most bettors likely aren’t in the know on these mid-majors. This is what we call having an “edge” in betting.

Have A Short Memory

You got to move on when March Madness prop betting — both when it’s going good or bad. The harsh reality is, as a bettor, you’re only as good as your next bet.

When the times are good and you’re winning, overconfidence can become a costly problem. Suddenly, you stop researching bets because “you’re hot.” This is a recipe for ending those good fortunes.

Something similar happens if you’re on a cold streak. Now you’re forcing bets not because of overconfidence but desperation. More times than not, “trying to make it all back” leads to bad decision-making.

So whether you’re winning or losing, leave past results in the past. Put all your focus on your next March Madness prop bet cause it’s all that matters anymore.

Where Can I Bet On March Madness Props?

March Madness betting sites are not in short supply. That’s because the NCAA basketball tournament is arguably the second-most bet-on sports event after the Super Bowl. However, you should pick your sports betting spot wisely.

We recommend starting with one of the offshore online sportsbooks listed underneath. Per our latest sportsbook reviews, these are the “cream of the crop” for sports bettors looking to get action on the NCAA Tournament. Not only will get the full gamut of March Madness odds at these sites, but also great prices for them. Click one of the “play now” buttons in the table below to get started.

How To Bet On March Madness Props For Free?

One last thing before we let you go: you can bet March Madness for free. Yes, for free and there are no “catches” here! You see, there are multiple March Madness offers available. Offers that pay hundreds to thousands of dollars in free play — money you can spend on any March Madness game or multiple of them.

Bonuses are critical during tourney time. You see, there are 63 games during the March Madness tournament. The last thing you want to happen is to run out of money and miss out on these betting opportunities. Welp, lucrative sportsbook promos go a long way in keeping you in the game per se. If you’re smart, you can do the majority of your NCAA Tournament betting using “house money.”

Reference the table above again. We’ve listed the best bonuses available for March Madness. Pick one and boom, you’re off to races with free bets!

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