Game winners at the buzzer, bracket-busting upsets, cutting down the nets — those are the charms of the NCAA basketball tournament that come to mind first. However, one that flies under the radar, but rightfully belongs, is March Madness locations for 2024.

Typically, 14 different cities/arenas play host to tournament games in a given year. Then the following year, a mostly new crop of locations get the next round of games. This cycle continues for another few years. But all in all, it’s a constantly-revolving door of sites. The NCAA hand-picks these hosts year in, year out. Not unlike the NFL Super Bowl or FIFA World Cup, cities must submit bids to house a crop of games. So that should tell you there’s real value in being the home of the March Madness competition.

March Madness 2024 is shaping up to be an electrifying spectacle, with top-notch NCAAB teams like Duke, Gonzaga, Purdue, UConn, and Baylor battling it out for the coveted national champion title. Excitement is in the air as basketball enthusiasts eagerly follow the thrilling matchups, from North Carolina to Arizona, showcasing the skills of standout players from Texas to UCLA. Teams like Villanova, Virginia, and Florida are determined to make their mark after an intense regular season, while underdog stories emerge from the likes of Iowa State, Marquette, and Mississippi.

As the tournament unfolds, fans are placing their bets on online sportsbooks, exploring enticing promos and parlay options, with an eye on potential upsets and the ever-present unpredictability of March Madness. Whether it’s the nail-biting action in Indiana or the buzzer-beaters in New York, this year’s NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament promises to deliver unforgettable moments, further fueling the passion for American basketball at both the collegiate and professional levels, transcending the realms of NBA and NFL excitement.

Bettors need to take notice of March Madness locations for 2024, as well. There are some underlying reasons why the host matters when picking between March Madness odds. We’ll cover that, plus the 2024 sites, over the course of this guide!

March Madness Locations betting

2024 March Madness Locations

The First Four Play-In Round

The NCAA Tournament expanded to 68 teams from 65 in 2011 and with that introduced the “First Four” round. It pits the four lowest-seeded automatic bids (based on winning their conference championship) against the four lowest-seeded at-large bids (decided by the NCAA selection committee). The four games are always 16-seed vs. 16 and 12-seed vs 12 matchups — two games apiece for both. 

This round is the rare exception where the site never changes. Since its inception, Dayton, Ohio has played hosts to every First Four contest inside the University of Dayton Arena.

In 2024, the First Four will take place on March 19 and 20. The start date is, per usual, two days after Selection Sunday on March 17.

The First And Second Round

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The madness ensues on March 21 when the 2024 opening round begins. That day, plus the following one, there are NCAA Tournament matchups from morning to night — 32 in total. Just don’t blink because you might miss something. 

The advancing teams get all of one rest day before returning to the same arena later in the weekend for the second-round matchup. This round is slotted to happen on March 23 and 24 for the 2024 competition.

Ten different venues share hosting duties during the always-unforgettable weekend. Here’s who is on deck in 2024:  

  • Spectrum Center, Charlotte
  • CHI Health Center, Omaha
  • PPG Paints Arena, Pittsburgh
  • Vivint Smart Home Arena, Salt Lake City
  • Barclays Center, Brooklyn
  • Gainbridge Fieldhouse, Indianapolis
  • FedExForum, Memphis
  • Spokane Veterans Memorial Arena, Spokane
  • Spectrum Center, Charlotte
  • CHI Health Center, Omaha

Regional Semi-Finals (Sweet Sixteen) & Finals (Elite Eight)

Annually, March Madness is broken up into four regions — East, Midwest, South, and West. Each is seeded with schools one through 16 from the get-go. Those that survive the opening two rounds earn bids to the regional rounds.

This is really where the stakes start getting higher — not only in the chase for a national title, but the arena itself, too. By and large, you’ll see host venues for this round that also have a regular NBA resident during the playing season. But for this one weekend in March, NCAA takes the center stage.

This round takes place the following weekend after the opening two. In 2024, the dates scheduled are March 28 through 31. The tournament will be held in the following stadiums during the regional Semi-Finals and Finals:

  • TD Garden, Boston
  • Arena, Los Angeles
  • American Airlines Center, Dallas
  • Little Caesars Arena, Detroit
  • TD Garden, Boston
  • Arena, Los Angeles
  • American Airlines Center, Dallas
  • Little Caesars Arena, Detroit

March Madness Locations

The Final Four

Welp, it doesn’t get much bigger than this. As the name implies, this round pits the “final four” teams that all won their respective regions against one another. It’s three games to decide the national championship. The March Madness Final Four odds are some of the best, as these are the last few teams to make it to the Championship title and are often some of the most supported teams that season.

Given the grand moment, these games are actually moved out of normal basketball arenas and into giant football stadiums. Suddenly, the capacity crowd size swells from 20,000 or so people to upwards of 60,000 a game. And yes, that affects the crowd noise level immensely.

Unlike the previous rounds, the Final Four hosts are set well in advance. Here’s where the national title will be decided in the next year:

  • Final Four 2024 (national semifinals & national championship): April 6th- April 8th
  • State Farm Stadium, Glendale


March Madness 2024 Teams

The 68 teams selected to compete in the 2024 NCAA March Madness tournament will be publicly announced on Selection Sunday, March 10, 2024. Once the selection committee finalizes the full list of automatic qualifiers and at-large bids, the tournament brackets will be revealed. We’ll post the official list as soon as it’s released, right on this page.

How March Madness Sites Affect Betting

Through the lens of a bettor, why does the March Madness location even matter? After all, they're all neutral sites anyway, thus no school has an outright advantage, right? Well, not exactly.

Where the NCAA Tournament game is being contested does affect betting in a roundabout way. Here are the prime examples:

Almost Home-Court Advantage

Given there are 14 different hosts during the March Madness tournament, the chances a school ends up playing at home or dangerously close to it isn't all that uncommon. When it does transpire, it gives that team's home fans a chance to eat up the ticket count, travel to the matchup much easier, and create an unofficial home-court advantage during the game.

You'll see home-court advantage come into play usually later in the rounds. The NCAA actually does have a rule that prevents a school from playing in a site where it played more than three regular-season games, though this only applies to the first two weekends (and not the Final Four). Still, a school can end up hooping within an hours drive from their usual home base and this circumvents those NCAA restrictions.

Under these unique scenarios, bookies definitely factor the home element into the betting line — though, this sometimes goes unnoticed by bettors. So yes, take the home-court advantage under consideration like you would a normal game. Is the extra point or two added to the spread worth betting on the proverbial "home" team?

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Travel Fatigue Is And Isn't A Thing

By and large, bettors are well aware of the effects of travel on teams and players. In basketball, long road trips become dangerous by the end of it. Similarly, traveling from one coast to another (e.g. an east-coast team playing out west under a three-hour time zone difference) can prove to be hazardous.

With the cross-crossing-around-the-country nature of March Madness locations, some of these same effects might carry over come tournament time. Particularly, the switching time zones variable. There's actual scientific evidence that doing this can disrupt circadian rhythms. So watch out for these cases in particular.

As for fatigue in general, it's definitely prevalent in the NCAA Tournament, but not unique to one team. Every team that's left standing after a four-month-long regular season is already worn down. In the same token, most teams must travel far distances for their round-by-round games and play ultra-competitive games just to advance. Therefore, this shared fatigue cancels each other out when betting games.

Welp, that does it for us. If you want to get betting action on all the March Madness games, then take a gander at the table below. We've included the very best sportsbooks for NCAA March Madness odds. You're in good hands at any one of these bookies!

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