The National Hockey League consists of 32 teams that are divided into two conferences, The Eastern Conference and the Western Conference. NHL Conferences are then divided into two divisions. The Western Conference was originally called the Clarence Campbell Division from 1974 to 1993, and now boasts the Pacific and Central divisions in the west.

The 2024 NHL Playoffs are fast approaching, and NHL Western Conference betting odds have been out for months. NHL Western Conference odds haven’t changed much since the stoppage of play, but we expect the unexpected since teams haven’t played in months, and elements like injury recovery and training could be a factor.

Odds to Win the 2024 NHL Western Conference

The odds to win the Western Conference are not yet available. The odds are subject to change. The odds were last updated on October 19, 2023:

NHL - Western Conference 2023/2024 MyBookie
Colorado Avalanche +300
Edmonton Oilers +430
Vegas Golden Knights +510
Dallas Stars +680
Los Angeles Kings +880
Calgary Flames +1125
Minnesota Wild +1175
Seattle Kraken +2300
Vancouver Canucks +2300
St. Louis Blues +2400

How to Bet on 2023/24 NHL Western Conference Odds

When betting on the Western Conference of the NHL, you will be betting on something called a futures bet. Futures are an extremely popular betting option for most professional sports as you can predict the winner of a game, tournament, or league months in advance – and make some serious cash – if you’re right.

Many futures have much higher odds than any NHL regular-season game or wager type, as it is harder to predict the winner of event months or even a year in advance. When you place your futures bet, you can cash it out before your selected team’s odds are dashed, meaning the more time between your bet and the event, the more money you’d make.

The odds will change possibly hundreds of times throughout the regular season, depending on how each team performs and how their standings project their potential to make it to the playoffs – let alone the Western Conference finals. Keeping an eye on the futures odds board is important throughout the season, in case you need to pull the plug and cash out.

If you understand NHL odds, you are already well on your way to betting on the Western Conference Champions.

The Central division was formed in 1993 as a part of the league’s realignment. The division had seven teams until 2021 when the Seattle Kraken joined the Pacific Division and the Arizona Coyotes relocated to Central. The current Stanley Cup champions, the Colorado Avalanche, are in the Central division.

How to Bet on 2023 NHL Western Conference Odds

Pacific Division

The Pacific Division had its inaugural season in 1993 when the league realigned the conferences and divisions. The Pacific Division has seen the most growth – with two teams being added in the past four years. Since the addition of the Vegas Golden Knights in 2017, the Pacific division has had an extra team over the Central division.

Event BetUS
Calgary Flames +150
Edmonton Oilers +275
Vegas Golden Knights +300
Los Angeles Kings +650
Vancouver Canucks +1000
Seattle Kraken +4000
Anaheim Ducks +6600
San Jose Sharks +10000

Past Western Conference Champions

  • 2023 - Vegas Golden Knights
  • 2022 - Colorado Avalanche
  • 2021 - Conference Championship not held
  • 2020 - Tampa Bay Lightning
  • 2019 - St. Louis Blues
  • 2018 - Vegas Golden Knights
  • 2017 - Nashville Predators
  • 2016 - San Jose Sharks
  • 2015 - Chicago Blackhawks
  • 2014 - Los Angeles Kings
  • 2013 - Chicago Blackhawks
  • 2012 - Los Angeles Kings
  • 2011 - Vancouver Canucks
  • 2010 - Chicago Blackhawks

Most Western Conference Championships by Franchise

  • Edmonton Oilers - 7
  • Chicago Blackhawks - 4
  • Los Angeles Kings - 3
  • Vancouver Canucks - 3
  • Calgary Flames -3

Top Online Sportsbooks for Betting on the NHL Western Conference

If you’re planning to bet on the NHL Western Conference odds or any of the Pacific or Central divisional odds, you will need to find an online sportsbook to place your wagers. Online sportsbooks have a stigma around them that they aren’t safe or secure, but that is far from the truth. Many of the top online sportsbooks are far superior to any retail or brick and mortar sportsbook you may find in the United States.

The element of convenience alone is enough reason to sign up to play at an online sportsbook. When you sign up at an online sportsbook, you want to first make sure that they offer the NHL Western Conference odds and other NHL betting options that you’d like to wager on.

It is helpful to shop around at a few different online sportsbooks to find the one with the best NHL odds. We call this line shopping and is a huge part of professional sports bettor’s strategies in the long run. Not all sportsbooks have the same lines, so you can always find the best value possible when shopping for a sportsbook.

Ensuring that your preferred online sportsbook offers the deposit options you want, and special NHL bonuses are always an added incentive. If you plan to bet throughout the NHL Playoffs and Finals, many bonuses have pretty easily attainable rollover requirements that you can achieve in that amount of time or less.

We get it - this sounds like a lot of work to place a few NHL conference bets, and frankly, we don’t want you to have to spend so much time doing the research. We had our experts review all of the top online sportsbooks and we wrote sportsbook reviews to help you find all of this information in one place. You can find all of that information on our sportsbook reviews page.

The most important part of betting on the NHL Western Conference is to have fun and bet responsibly - winning is just an added bonus.

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