The World Cup of Hockey is an international ice hockey tournament that is originally supposed to be held every three to five years by the National Hockey League and the National Hockey League Players’ Association but has seemed to have a fairly irregular occurrence. The tournament is played before the NHL preseason so that NHL players are eligible and available to participate.

The odds for the World Cup of Hockey aren’t yet available. As soon as they are, we’ll be sure to post them here. This page was last updated on October 24, 2023:

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The first World Cup of Hockey was held in 1996, replacing the Canada Cup, which was held from 1976 to 1991. There have only been three World Cup Tournaments to date, with the second being in 2004, right before the NHL lockout. The last World Cup of Hockey was in 2016 in Toronto with a modified format.

The 2020 edition was supposed to include a European qualification tournament but was ultimately canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic. There were brief talks of a mini-tournament around the time of the All-Star break, but those were dashed because of the Olympics. The next hope for a World Cup of Hockey tournament will be in 2026.

With events of this caliber, brings opportunities for the World Cup of Hockey betting odds. Sportsbooks ensure they post lines on major sporting events that get plenty of airtime, especially when stars from the NHL are involved. You can bet on a variety of hockey wagers each game, and even bet which team you think will win the Championship.


How to Bet on the World Cup of Hockey

There are a few betting options available for those who want to place a few betting dollars on the World Cup of Hockey. We recommend familiarizing yourself with the hockey betting options available to prepare yourself for betting on the World Cup of Hockey

World Cup of Hockey Moneyline Betting

The moneyline wager will likely be the more popular betting option for the World Cup of Hockey. There won’t be as many betting options as you’d see in the Stanley Cup Finals, but still a few great options. To bet the moneyline, you simply predict which team will win the game – that’s all you have to do!

World Cup of Hockey Puckline Betting

While puck lines or point spreads as they’re commonly called, are just a little more complex than the moneyline, betting the point spreads is still vastly popular. The puck line allows for a slight margin of error on your wagers because you don’t have to pick a definitive winner of the game.

When betting the puck line on a World Cup of Hockey game, there will be a favorite and an underdog, and the oddsmaker will release the lines showing what the projected spread will be.

If the spread is +2.5/-2.5, that means that the underdog will have to win the game or lose by less than 2. If you pick the favored team, they will have to win by more than 2 goals.

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World Cup of Hockey Totals Betting

Totals are popular when it comes to betting on the World Cup of Hockey because it can be so difficult to decide which team will win because you’ve never seen this group of athletes play together before. Some teams gel nicely, but others can have hiccups as they are all so skilled.

For the totals, or over/under as it’s commonly called, you will need to decide if the total combined points for both teams in a single game will be over or under the oddsmaker’s line. If the total is 5, you will need to decide if you think both teams will score more or less than that amount collectively.

World Cup of Hockey Futures Betting

Futures are a popular betting option when it comes to the World Cup of Hockey, and for good reason. The odds are out much longer than the regular game bets – as soon as the teams are announced, there are usually odds to win posted on the sportsbooks. The game odds don’t really come out until after the schedule is posted and the tournament is much closer.

Many prefer to bet on NHL Stanley Cup Futures, which allows you to place a highly risky wager on the team you believe will win the World Cup of Hockey – well in advance of the actual Final Championship series.

You will want to keep an eye on the players selected for each team, as they are indeed going to be from the NHL, and you can see who their teammates are. If you’ve seen players in the All-Star game that just don’t play well together, you can predict some flaws on that roster.

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Past World Cup of Hockey Champions

  • 1996 - United States over Canada in a best-of-three final series
  • 2004 - Canada over Finland 3-2
  • 2016 - Canada over Europe in best-of-three final series
  • 2023 - Canada over Germany 5-2

Hockey World Cup Betting Sites

We don’t expect every single sportsbook to offer World Cup of Hockey betting odds, even though we think they should all have them listed, due to the rarity that this tournament is actually held. If we see a tournament in 2024, it will be eight years since the last World Cup of Hockey and we could see some big changes in the format.

It’s important to find a sportsbook that has great NHL betting odds, as they will likely have a firm grasp on the World Cup of Hockey odds. Ensuring you find a sportsbook with the deposit and withdrawal options you want to use is also an important criterion that is commonly overlooked. Speaking of criteria, we have some great online sportsbook reviews to help you find the perfect sportsbook for betting on the NHL and World Cup of Hockey.

There can be some sportsbooks that are less than perfect, and we only want you to use the top online sportsbooks for betting on the World Cup of Hockey. You have plenty of time to research sportsbooks and place a few NHL regular season bets before you dive into the World Cup of Hockey odds.

Be sure to bet responsibly, but also have fun betting on the 2026 World Cup of Hockey.

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