New York Giants Reach For An Offensive Lineman In Round 1

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New York Giants Reach For An Offensive Lineman In Round 1

The NFL offseason draws closer and closer to the 2024 NFL Draft. Guess what next week brings us? That's correct. Let's head off to the state of Michigan. At Online Sports Betting, we look at what position teams may draft first. So, now, we examine some of the 2024 NFL Draft Team Bets featuring the best college football players in the land and which teams may pick them. Then, we explain some of the why behind our process.

  • WHAT: 2024 NFL Draft
  • WHEN: Monday, April 25th-27th, 2024, 8:00 pm ET on ABC, ESPN, NFL Network or streamed on ESPN+
  • WHERE: Campus Martius Park and Hart Plaza, Detroit, Michigan
  • WHY: What teams will pick first in this year's NFL Draft?

Bettors love April because of all these excellent draft options. The 2024 NFL Draft Team Bets speculate on what may happen in about ten days. Yes, NFL Draft Online Betting Odds can be lots of fun. After all, everyone likes to bet on what player got where however, there are all those positional options courtesy of Bovada Online Sportsbook.

2024 NFL Team Position NumbersBovadaBetOnlineBetUS
NY Jets
Offensive Lineman+120+140+215
Tight End+140+150+140
Wide Receiver+230+225+225
NY Giants
Wide Receiver-200-175-185
Offensive Lineman+950+1000+1050
Las Vegas Raiders
Offensive Lineman+150+155+165

2024 NFL Draft Team Bets Getting More Noticed

2024 NFL Draft Team Bets keep getting more noticed. So, with many props and bets at the offing, what is a better to do? Simply, take small amounts of money and sprinkle them on the possibilities by position. For example, if you think Team X is going to choose a running back first, it does not matter who it matters what. The lesson is to look at what teams truly need and balance that with the best player available.

Keep in mind, some NFL teams can pull an audible and trade up or down. That changes the dynamic. Now, this is why there lies some more risk when it comes to the se wagers. However, the allure of plus money bets attracts many bettors to the team picks. What does a team like the Giants need balanced with what may be available at draft slot number six? Could the Giants trade up to the third pick or down out of the Top 10? All of these things are plausible.

Again, there is always that long shot surprise no one sees coming more commonly referred to as the reach. Teams every so often do this and often these are those +2500 or greater picks that can make a small fortune for the lucky bettor. However, more commonly than not, one of the three favorites reign supreme. Anyway, let us start with the New York Jets.

The New York Jets Have A Few Needs

2024 NFL Draft team bets know the New York Jets have a few needs. One of the biggest problem with the New York Jets is they might actually need a quarterback. Aren't some at least a bit concerned that Aaron Rodgers will last a full season after 2023 where he basically played four snaps (Torn Achilles). Now, that Quarterback wager comes in at a whopping +10000. Only a running back and special teams carry longer odds.

The split with the Jets is interesting. Some believe they need a Tight End and others feel that Offensive Lineman is more of a priority. So, the Jets draft tenth on Thursday, April 25th. More and more publications like the idea of drafting a pass catcher but particularly a Wide Receiver. For what it is worth, that carries a solid +230 number via Bovada.

The question becomes why. If New York thinks that Rodgers will be fine all year, the need for another Wide Receiver is even greater. New York's receiving corps is good but any unit can always be better. The Jets must stretch the field and a pass catcher is essential to set up their running game. Teams keyed on the run without a viable starting quarterback (see the New York Giants as well).

Again, there will be options at the tenth spot for a wide receiver. For those hesitant, consider that Marvin Harrison Jr. may be gone by then but there is still a nice crop of talent including Malik Nabers. Nabers could be there for the Jets at the tenth spot. The Jets can always get a Tight End or Offensive Lineman later.

New York Jets To draft a Wide Receiver first

2024 NFL Draft Team Bets And Those New York Giants?

So, what about 2024 NFL Draft Team Bets and those New York Giants? The fun part about this position Battle Royale is how the Giants got in this mess. Honestly, this was their own doing the minute Daniel Jones was extended. It was more he could not stay healthy as the lack of true talent became more and more apparent.

However, what might be available at the sixth slot? For as much as the Giants need a wide receiver (passing game ranked 32nd), they must have offensive linemen that can give a quarterback some time. Could Joe Alt be available at the sixth slot? It makes too much sense. New York can go down and get a Wide Receiver whether later in Round 1 or Round 2.

There is this sense that the Giants need to find linemen who can block. Holes never seemed to open up in the running game and the passing game was not much better. A longer shot like an offensive lineman pays out at an eye popping +1050 0n BETUS.

New York Giants To draft an Offensive Lineman

What About The Las Vegas Raiders?

Finally, what about the Las Vegas Raiders and the 2024 NFL Draft Team Bets? This NFL Draft adds its own spice and the Raiders are no exception.

Simply, the signal-caller err Quarterback position is our best bet here. Antonio Pierce and the Raiders' brass have not been that subtle about it either.

Las Vegas Raiders To draft a Quarterback

Online Sportsbook Reviews Come At You

As always, some more online sportsbook reviews come at you as the NFL Draft draws closer. Furthermore, there are the NBA Playoffs this week and the NHL Playoffs beginning over the weekend. Good luck!

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