Cricket is one of the world’s most popular sports — and the betting appetite is growing for it too. In this guide, we’re giving you a complete breakdown of cricket betting apps, including the best ones for your buck. Stay tuned for must-know information on betting cricket!

Best 5 Cricket Betting Apps

There’s a lot — and we mean a lot — of cricket sportsbook app. But which are the best? Welp, we’ve settled on the following five cricket app to use. This came after doing hundreds of reviews and spending our time AND money using these platforms. After all that, these five separated themselves from the pack:

  1. BetOnline — great selection of cricket odds
  2. XBet — elite mobile-betting experience
  3. BetUS — best free play offers of all
  4. BetNow — unique promotional deals
  5. Bovada — well-rounded betting platform


Which Sportsbook Has The Best Offer For Cricket Bettors?

Without a shadow of a doubt, the best betting app for cricket bonuses is BetUS. This app gives out free play like candy. Seriously, some bettors think BetUS offers are “too good to be true”, but we can assure you, they are 100 percent legit.

While there’s a myriad of BetUS deals, we want to bring the welcome bonus to your attention. This bad boy can reach up to $3125 in free play value — just for creating an account and topping it off with money. That’s it! While every app has a sign-up bonus, none pay cricket bettors as well as BetUS does. Regardless, we've listed some of our other favorite offers below for your convenience:

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BetUS Review
BONUS $2500

150% up to $5,000 (Promo Code SU150CRYPT)

Top 5 Cricket Betting Apps Reviewed

We listed our five best app to bet on cricket earlier, but let’s explain our rationale. Here are details on all five choices:


100% bonus up to $1000
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Let’s face it, cricket is a niche sport outside of India. That’s why some betting apps overlook the sport inside its sportsbook. We can assure you that BetOnline is not one of those apps. This platforms offers the full gamut of cricket odds — whether it’s domestic league or international events. BetOnline’s big thing is offering a wide variety of odds, which is especially noticeable when wagering on cricket.

BetOnline Website Preview


$500 Sign-up Bonus
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Betting on your phone and on the go is becoming the default way to wager on cricket. For that, you’ll need a killer cricket mobile sportsbook. Welp, that’s XBet to a tee. This stylish app is tailor-made for mobile betting. The user interface is easy to pick up (even if you’re a new bettor), bets are easy to find and place, plus transferring money in and out can be done in a jiffy. This seamless experience on mobile isn’t always a given at competitors, but it is at XBet.

Xbet Website Preview


125% up to $2,500
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We had an entire section earlier dedicated to why the best cricket betting app is BetUS. Do we really need to repeat ourselves? Probably not. But just know, lucrative bonuses are only the “tip of the iceberg” at BetUS. This app too has a deep menu full of cricket odds. With that odds availability, plus all the free money this app gives out, bettors are in store for a good time at BetUS.

BetUS Website Preview


100% up to $1,000
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From one cricket bets app known for its promotions to another. BetNow doesn’t offer as much free play as BetUS, but it may have more options for bettors to choose from. Get this, BetNow has four different sign-up bonuses, three reload bonuses, and three rebates. This is far from the norm because most competitors have one deal and one deal only. What’s the fun in that? BetNow’s approach is better for bettors as they have options to pick from.

BetNow Website Preview


50% bonus up to $250
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Bovada’s app can be described as “no frills” — and we mean that in a positive way. It doesn’t have any gimmicks or flashy things because it doesn’t need to. Bovada wins by just offering a good betting experience from top to bottom. Everything works like it’s supposed to, and the app is packaged in a clean way. New bettors especially will take a liking to Bovada’s style which aims to help, not confuse its users.

Bovada Website Preview

Sign Up With Many Betting Apps

Here’s an under-the-radar tip if you’re betting cricket: mix it up between different betting apps — don’t just use one. This is advantageous for bettors in more ways than one. First of all, having multiple apps allows you to redeem more promo bonuses for free play. We probably don’t need to tell you how clutch it is to have extra free play at your disposal.

Secondly, bettors can scout for the best odds when they have multiple app options. There might be times when you see discrepancies in betting prices among apps for the same wager. It would behoove you to bet with the app giving the most bargain. This way, you’re maximizing betting value at all times.


Is It Legal To Use Betting Apps In My State?

We can’t say for sure since every state and country has unique rules around online sports betting. But here’s a simple solution no matter where you’re located: use an offshore app. These work everywhere — even in jurisdictions that disallow sports betting. Forget looking up local rules. Offshore apps allow you to skirt those rules since they operate in foreign countries that DO allow betting. And trust us, local law enforcement probably won't care if you're wagering a few bucks on cricket. You're in good hands using these offshore apps.

Responsible Gambling

One more thing before we let you go: be responsible when betting on cricket. This should be an entertainment endeavor first and foremost — money second. When the scales tip toward the money more, betting can get dangerous in a hurry. It can toy with your experience and make decisions that bleed into your regular life. Being fully transparent, most people aren’t built to handle that well. So never get to that point in the first place and bet responsibility from the get-go.

You might be asking, "well, what constitutes as 'responsible' betting anyway?" Good question. This obviously varies from bettor to bettor. For some, losing a $1000 could be catastrophic, but for another bettor with a bigger wallet, that's part of the game. However, here are some responsibility tips that can apply to any and every gambler:

Never chase losses: if you just lost money, then you're next bet shouldn't be because you lost money and you need to make it up. This is an example of chasing a loss — and it almost always ends up badly over the long run. Once money last factors into your decision-making more than the game itself, you're entering dangerous territory.

Set a strict budget and stick to it: just having a betting budget and set of rules when wagering is half the battle when it comes to responsible gaming. Maybe you set a weekly betting "allowance" of $1000 or higher if your pockets allow it. Moreover, you never risk more than 10 percent of that budget on one wager. These are examples of a set of rules that can keep you in control when betting. Set something up that makes sense for your bankroll and most importantly, don't deviate from it.

Never gamble under the influence: betting and booze seem to go hand-in-hand, right? Most beer advertisements seem to think so and it does — until you get "too far gone." Once the liquor starts talking, it'll be increasingly easy to forget about any betting responsibly rules you've set. Your "best bet" here is to avoid the situation entirely and never bet while under the influence of alcohol, or worse, drugs.

Responsible Gambling Council

Have a problem gambling? Go to the link above for support.

National Council on Problem Gambling Helpline

Struggling with a gambling problem and need someone to talk to? Go to the 24-hour helpline above to get immediate help.

International Centre for Responsible Gaming

The latest research on problem gambling can be found above.

Cricket Betting Apps FAQs

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