With hundreds of years of history, massive cricket leagues in England and India, and Australia leading all countries with the most World Cups, cricket is truly a global sport. Because of its popularity, there are many online sportsbooks offering a plethora of cricket lines, cricket betting odds, and cricket markets.

The Ashes are the most important cricketing event on the calendar. The odds for the T20 World Cup 2024 are now available and subject to change. The odds were last updated on May 2, 2024:

T20 World Cup 2024 BetUS
India +275
England +400
Australia +400
South Africa +700
Pakistan +800
New Zealand +800
West Indies +1200
Afghanistan +3300
Sri Lanka +4000
Bangladesh +6600
Netherlands +12500

Understanding cricket odds and knowing where to bet on cricket is what every bettor wants to know and what this part of our sports guide is dedicated to.

Understanding Crickets Betting Odds

Cricket betting odds offers many different types of bets on the sport. Odds range from the standard types of bets such as moneylines and over/under lines to prop bets unique to the sport such as total fours and sixes in an inning. You will also find cricket futures and live betting available on matches from all over the world.

Cricket Odds

When betting on a cricket match, there is a favorite and an underdog. If you are using American odds, the favorite is the team or country with a negative in front of their odds, while the underdog’s odds have a plus sign. For example, say India is playing South Africa. India is the favorite at -250 and South Africa is the underdog at +200.

The odds mean, you need to bet $250 on India to win $100 ($350 with your stake), and a $100 bet on South Africa pays out $200 ($300 including your stake).

Cricket odds offer greater returns on bets with multiple betting options. For example, betting on the winner of the 2023 Cricket World Cup or what player will be named “Man of the Match” will offer a higher potential payout than a cricket over/under bet.

However, more betting options mean more risk. Like any team sport, you should balance out your betting strategy and do research beforehand.

Cricket Betting Odds Explanation

Below is our sports betting guide on the many types of cricket betting odds and lines.

Cricket Betting – Match Winner

The most popular and common type of bet on a cricket match is the winner – or in some leagues whether the match will end in a tie (teams finish the game with the same score) or a draw (game ends before one of both teams complete all scheduled innings).

Ties are the least common result on traditional cricket matches, while T20 cricket games (the shortened format) allow for both sides to complete all innings (meaning no draws).

Some online sportsbooks will split the betting options up. For example, you may have the winner of the game or draw, game-winner no draw (if the game is a draw, the bet is void), and will the match end in a tie.

Cricket Over/Under Betting

Cricket over/under betting involves betting on whether the combined total score of the game will be higher or lower than the line set by the sportsbook. Cricket over/under lines is determined by the style of cricket and the teams or countries involved.

For example, a test match will have a line of 1000 runs or more. Why is it? Well, a test match is played over five days with both sides having a chance to bet twice in a game. A test match is quite different from a T20 match, the modern version of the game known for speeding up matches. Odds on over/under cricket lines usually open around -110 for both sides, with odds moving as bets come in.

Cricket Betting Odds

Cricket Futures

If you do not know what futures are, here is a simple definition – Futures involve betting on the outcome of a league, tournament, or event, not one a single match/game.

The most popular cricket betting futures are on the Cricket World Cup. Cricket World Cup odds open well before the start of the tournament and offer a very wide range in odds – from the traditional favorites to huge underdogs vying to make the tournament for the first time. You can check out our Cricket World Cup betting odds page for more details and odds on the 2023 Cricket World Cup.

Other cricket futures including picking the champion of different cricket leagues, picking the top batsmen and the top bowler in different leagues and tournaments

Cricket Betting Props

Where most sports get the most complicated, and cricket is no exception, is prop betting. Prop betting is a mixture of bets on a cricket match involving either one player, multiple players, one team, or both teams. There is a wide mixture of prop bets available on cricket, with some truly unique ones to the sport.

Cricket Team Betting Props

Team betting props involve betting on some outcome, score, or event during the game. They usually involve the combined performance of one team or both teams. We explain many of the most popular below.

Who Will Win the Toss?

The first, and easiest prop bet on cricket to understand is what side will win the coin flip at the start of the game. The odds on this bet are simply -110 for one side and -110 for the other.

First Wicket Method

This is a bet on how the first wicket is taken. There are six options – Caught, Bowled, Leg Before Wicket, Run Out, Stumped, and Others. Caught is the most common first wicket method. Cricket betting odds on each option will vary, but the most common wicket methods offer the safest bets but lowest returns.

Runs at Fall of First Wicket

This is straightforward an under/over wager on how many runs a team will have scored at the fall of the first wicket. If there are no wickets in the match, then the bet is void and refunded.

Total Fours and Total Sixes

One of the most popular prop bets on a cricket match is the total number of fours and sixes or which side will score more fours and sixes. For those unfamiliar, a four in cricket is when the ball bounces before touching or going over the edge of the field. A six is when the ball passes the boundary in the air. (If you are a baseball fan, a four is like a ground-rule double and a six is a home run).

IPL Cricket Betting

Cricket Player Props

Cricket player props involve betting on the performance of a player or who will be the top player (top batsman, top bowler, and Man of the Match).

The Man of the Match

This is a wager on what player will win the Man of the Match award at the end of the game. Players from both sides are open for wagering and only one player can win the award.

Top Batsman

This is a bet on the top-scoring batsman for a team or the entire game. If you are betting on the game, that means your betting options will include players from both sides. The odds on these wagers offer good value, but take some research to know whos bat to trust.

Top Bowler

Like a bet on the top batsman, a bet on the top bowler involves betting on the bowler with the most wickets taken for his team or for the game. Bowlers do not produce as many wickets as they did, as the game has moved to more batsmen friendly. But the top guys in the game are key parts to winning teams.

Batsman Total Runs

This wager involves betting on whether a specific player in the game will score over or under a total number of runs in the first inning, a different inning, or the entire game.

Will a Fifty a Hundred to be Scored in the First Inning?

This is a wager on whether a single batsman will score 50 or 100 runs in the first inning. These odds are most common on test matches, as the length of the match increases the likelihood a batsman will top 50 or 100 in the first inning.

Will a Fifty a Hundred to be Scored in the Match?

This is a wager on whether a batsman will score 50 or 100 runs over the entirety of the match. This cricket player prop bet is available on all formats of cricket. However, the longer the format of cricket played increases the chances a player will score 50 or 100 runs or more.

Cricket Live Betting

Miss the start of a match? That is fine with live cricket betting odds. Live cricket betting is available on matches from all over the world, including the IPL, the County Championship, and the Cricket World Cup.

Live betting on cricket is fairly robust, especially earlier in the game. You will find odds on who will win the match and over/under lines on the final score. You will also find some great props, including how the next wicket will fall.

Top Online Sportsbooks for Cricket Odds

There are many cricket betting sites out there offering odds and accepting American bettors. Of course, not all are worth checking out and using.

We have checked out the sites offering odds and accepting American bettors and compiled a list of the best options below. You can check out our comprehensive sportsbook reviews to learn more about each site and why you will enjoy using it. When signing up, make sure you grab the welcome bonus. You can get free money to bet on cricket and other sports when you join and make your first deposit!

You can also use multiple online sportsbooks to bet on cricket. Using different sites allows for quick cricket odds comparisons, allowing you to grab the best cricket odds on upcoming matches. Live cricket betting, and futures markets.

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