Once every four years, the best cricket countries in the world get together to compete for the Cricket World Cup. The event is considered one of the largest sporting events in the world, drawing in billions of viewers from all over the world. And as is the case with any massive global sporting events, you can bet there is plenty of Cricket World Cup betting.

Cricket World Cup Betting Odds

Although the tournament is a few years away, you can start learning about betting on the Cricket World Cup odds now, as some online sportsbooks are always offering odds on who will win the tournament. There are also qualification games for the World Cup that will offer most, if not all the same cricket betting markets.

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2023 World Cup of Cricket Odds

While the event is not anytime soon, some online cricket betting sites have released some early futures on the event. You can bet on who will win now or wait until closer to the start of the next World Cup. The choice is all yours. Here are some of the best early Cricket World Cup 2023 odds to win the tournament. The odds were last updated on November 17, 2023:

Cricket World Cup Odds 2023 Bovada BetOnline BetUS
India -225 -240 -220
Australia +200 +250 +200

These odds are subject to change as the event approaches. Some countries will also disappear from this list after the qualifications have finished.

You will also find the option to place an EW (each way) bet on the Cricket World Cup. These are wagers on a country winning and the same country coming in second at 1/3 of the odds. For example, betting on England at +300 on an EW would pay out at +100 if England comes second. You win both bets if England wins the tournament.

*Also remember on each-way bets, you are placing two separate wagers, meaning if you enter $50 in your betting slip, you are placing a $50 wager on the country to win and a $50 wager on them to finish top two.

How to Bet on the ICC Cricket World Cup

Starting in 1975, the Cricket World Cup is the sports premier event. The event has evolved since then, with more countries vying for a spot in the tournament. However, despite the rise of the sport around the world, the Cricket World Cup event is typically dominated by the 12 countries holding a full membership in the International Cricket Council. The best of these countries are the favorites entering the tournament.

The tournament lasts roughly six weeks, from the last days of May to the middle of July. The last tournament had a total of 48 games, which is lower than previous years – when the tournament peaked at 16 countries and over 50 games. The qualifications are a bigger part now, reducing the total countries in the World Cup.

Cricket World Cup Betting on Matches

With 48 matches scheduled over six weeks plus qualification matches, there is no shortage of betting options on cricket matches during the World Cup. We go over the most popular bets on the Cricket World Cup games. You can also check out our Cricket's Odds Betting Page for further details on all the different types of cricket bets.

Cricket World Cup Match Betting

Match betting on cricket is a general term that encompasses the most popular standard bets on cricket before the match starts – meaning game-winner (or outcome) and game score. Picking a winner, in the group stage of the tournament offers more options as the games can end in a tie. Although picking a tie is very risky, as only four have happened in the history of the World Cup.

Cricket World Cup Betting

Another immensely popular bet on cricket is the over/under on the final total score of the game. These wagers involving betting on whether both teams will score over or under the total score betting line set by the sportsbook. Knowing about the bowlers and batsman, plus the weather (a cold late-May day in England compared to a sweltering July afternoon in India can lead to very different results) will help you make better over/under bets on cricket.

Cricket Prop Betting

During the Cricket World Cup, bettors in the United States and Canada will find plenty of prop betting options. A prop bet, for those unfamiliar with the term, is a bet on something outside of an outright winner, game total, and or a point spread.

You will find many different types of prop bets on the Cricket World Cup. The simplest of bets is what side will win the coin flip. Most prop bets on the World Cup involve betting on the performance of a team and player.

Popular prop bets on a Cricket World Cup game could be the top batsman in the first inning (highest scorer) or Man of the Match (player named MVP of the game). Popular team prop bet on a World Cup cricket game is total fours and sixes or the total number of runs they will score in a specific inning. You may find extra prop bets once it reaches the Finals. World Cup cricket odds on prop bets offer some great value.

Cricket World Cup Live Betting

As betting technology has advanced over the years, live betting on sports – including cricket – is available. Live betting starts as soon as the game. Live betting options available on a Cricket World Cup game include who will win the match, method of dismissal for a batsman, and total runs in the inning.

You can jump into the action any time with live betting but you should at least have some idea what is going on in the game.

Previous Results at Cricket World Cup

Knowing about previous Cricket World Cups is important if you want to have success betting on the next one. Below is some helpful information on previous World Cups.

Cricket World Cup Host Nations

  • 1975 England
  • 1979 England
  • 1983 England and Wales
  • 1987 India and Pakistan
  • 1992 Australia and New Zealand
  • 1996 India, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka
  • 1999 England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, and The Netherlands
  • 2003 South Africa, Zimbabwe, and Kenya
  • 2007 The West Indies
  • 2011 India, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh
  • 2015 Australia and New Zealand
  • 2019 England and Wales
  • 2023 India

India takes on solo hosting duties for the first time in 2023 (the first time since 1983, a single nation is scheduled to host the entire World Cup). The creation of the India Premier League allows India to have multiple quality venues to host games. India now sits one behind England for the country hosting the Cricket World Cup the most times.

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Cricket World Cup Winners

  • 1975 West Indies
  • 1979 West Indies
  • 1983 India
  • 1987 Australia
  • 1992 Pakistan
  • 1996 Sri Lanka
  • 1999 Australia
  • 2003 Australia
  • 2007 Australia
  • 2011 India
  • 2015 Australia
  • 2019 England (and Wales)

As you can tell, Australia is the most successful country in the history of the Cricket World Cup. Along with their five wins, they have finished runner-up twice (in 1975 and 1996). Australia is one of seven countries to appear in all 12 Cricket World Cup. They are joined by India, The West Indies, England & Wales, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and New Zealand.

2019 Favourites at the Cricket World Cup

  • England +200
  • India +375
  • Australia +400

It took five times hosting the Cricket World Cup before England and Wales finally captured their first World Cup, beating New Zealand in the finals. England became the third consecutive and technically third only* host country to win the World Cup on home soil.

*While Sri Lank was a host in 1996, the World Cup Finals were played in India against Australia.

Finding the Best Cricket World Cup Odds

There are many online sportsbooks to pick from when you want to bet on the World Cup of Cricket, so you need to know which ones to pick from. The best options have superb Cricket World Cup betting odds and plenty of markets to make betting on the event fun! They may even offer some excellent promotions to users when the event is approaching.

You can check out some of our favorite cricket betting sites below or check out our comprehensive online sportsbook reviews to learn more about the online betting sites what each betting offers.

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