With a global presence, a World Cup that draws in billions of viewers, and competitive leagues on multiple continents, cricket truly is one of the world’s most global sports. Cricket is growing in popularity in North America. With access to more information, a diverse population, and few betting options available for late night/early morning bettors, the demand for quality cricket betting sites is reaching a fever pitch.

Latest Cricket Betting Online News

The odds for the World Cup 2023 are now available and subject to change. The odds were last updated on November 17, 2023:
Cricket World Cup Odds 2023 Bovada BetOnline BetUS
India -225 -240 -220
Australia +200 +250 +200

How to Bet on Cricket

On this page, you will find comprehensive sports betting guide to help you bet on cricket online. Here at OnlineSportsBetting.net, we are committed to providing information on every topic bettors need to know about before they start betting on cricket.

Cricket is a team sport, with competitions either regionally-based or tournaments featuring a handful or nation – usually no more than 16, as crickets foothold in the world is not large as say a sport such as soccer.

Betting is available on matches and the overall competition. Cricket betting options are similar to most team sports, with odds on match winners, the total score, and prop bets. There are also cricket futures on winners of tournaments and awards. You go into more in-depth information below on cricket betting odds, before touching on the biggest cricket events and where you should direct your cricket betting in the USA and Canada.

Cricket Betting

Cricket Odds Explained

With long games, differing styles, professional leagues, and international tournaments, cricket betting odds are plentiful. We touch on the most common cricket betting odds below, but if you are looking for a more in-depth analysis of the many types of cricket odds available, head over to our cricket odds page to find out more.

Cricket Game Odds

The most popular odds on cricket are on the outright winner of the match - which in cricket has four possible results. A team or country either wins the match, loses the match, ties the match (meaning the match is completed and ends with a tie) or draws the match (meaning the match ends before both sides complete all innings).

Sometimes sportsbooks will lump together draw and tie, but just like soccer, the fact ties/draws are relatively common, the juice on standard cricket betting lines is pretty good.

The other most popular bet on cricket matches is the over/under on the score. Over/under bets on the total score or total score of just one side are generally a 50/50 type of bet, with odds on both the over and the under usually opening around -110.

Cricket Betting Props

Cricket prop betting offers a wide range of bets available that do not include betting on the winner or score of a match. Prop bets on crickets range from betting on what team or country will win the coin flip, to how many fours and sixes there will be in an inning, to who will be named man or woman of the match.

Prop betting on cricket can offer some good value, especially when the standard betting options on the match have one side heavily favoured.

IPL Cricket Betting


Cricket Live Betting

Miss the start of the match? No problem with live cricket betting. Live betting on cricket offers similar betting options to pre-match odds. However, odds on live cricket games are in constant flux, to reflect what is happening on the pitch.

Cricket Futures

Betting on the winner of the biggest cricket leagues and most popular cricket tournaments are available on many online sportsbooks. Online cricket betting sites will open odds on tournaments well before they start. Early odds allow bettors to jump in on the action early, maybe snagging some better juice on a country or club you really like to win it all.

You can also bet on if a team will make the finals of a tournament and whether a team will be relegated (available on the County Championship in the United Kingdom). Cricket betting futures are also available on winners of tournament awards and leaders in stat categories.

The Biggest Cricket Events

From the World Cup to the IPL, there are several cricket events to draw in viewers and bettors from all over the world. If you are unfamiliar with the biggest events, you can learn more about them by reading below.

ICC Cricket World Cup

Held every four years in a single nation, the ICC Cricket World Cup is the biggest event the sport has to offer. The event takes place from late May to the middle of July, with cricket betting odds on every single match. You can also find cricket futures on what country will win the tournament.

If you want to learn more about the ICC Cricket World Cup and many of the other betting options on cricket’s biggest event, check out our Cricket World Cup page for more information.

World Cup Qualifiers

While the World Cup itself only lasts six weeks, the build-up to the event takes years. The biggest part of the leadup is the qualifiers. Qualifiers are held in all sorts of different locations with different countries trying to make the tournament. As the qualifier games are important, you can be sure to find great odds on them.

Cricket World Cup Betting

India Premier League

The biggest cricket league in the world is the India Premier League or the IPL. As it is the dominant sports league in India, there is a wealth of IPL cricket betting sites accepting players from America. The T20 style of cricket tournament runs for about two months every year and features eight clubs. The tournament is typically held in Spring but in 2020 was delayed from September to November in 2020.

There are plenty of great cricket odds on the matches themselves and the overall results of the tournament. The most popular is the who will win the match. You can also find cricket props on matches as well such as the number of sixes and fours in each inning.

Betting on the IPL tournament involves picking the overall winner, the top bowlers, and the top batsmen. These odds are subject to move as the tournament progresses and players and clubs emerge as the new frontrunners.

The County Championship

With well over 100 years in operations, the County Championship (currently called the Specsavers County Championship) in England and Wales is Europe's top cricket competition. The first-class league features 18 clubs and runs from April to September.

Cricket betting on the league involves picking who will win the game (as well as draws and ties), the score of the game and the overall winner of the league (no one is close to as successful as Yorkshire is with 32 titles plus one shared). You will also find some prop bets on matches, especially odds on the number of fours and sixes in each inning.

ICC T20 World Cup

Starting in 2007 (at the same time as the IPL which plays T20 cricket as well) the T20 World Cup is an international cricket tournament with 16 participants and held every two to four years. There is both a men’s and women’s tournament held, with the tournament held in different locations.

Betting on the T20 tournament is similar to betting on the traditional Cricket World Cup. You will find cricket futures on the country to win, to make the finals, the player with the most wickets, and the player with the most runs. There are also plenty of game odds on what team will win the game, the score of the match, and some prop bets.

Best Cricket Betting Sites

Cricket betting in the USA and Canada used to be somewhere between difficult to impossible before access to online cricket betting sites. Now finding cricket odds in Canada and the USA is almost too easy. Many cricket betting sites are available in the 50 states and 13 provinces and territories, meaning the challenge now for North American bettors is choosing the right online sports betting site.

But you should not fret, as we have done considerable research on the betting sites available in North American. We have checked out the cricket markets and cricket odds they offer to make sure they are high quality.

We have researched more than just the cricket odds and markets they offer. We have checked out what each online sports betting site offers such as their welcome bonus, the quality of their website, how reliable they are, and the other sports they offer odds on. If you pick any of the sports betting sites below, you are getting not just a cricket sportsbook but a complete online sportsbook. You can read our full online sportsbook reviews here.

Make sure you grab a welcome bonus when you join. You can use your bonus to bet on cricket matches, plus many other sports and markets they offer.

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