Sports betting has its origins with horse racing — and the fun hasn’t stopped all these years later. It remains one of the most bet-on sports with a ton of horse racing betting apps out there trying to capitalize. We’re here to tell you which of those horse racing bets app is MOST worth your time AND money. Let’s get into it:

Best 5 Horse Racing Betting Apps

We took the task of selecting the top horse racing app dead seriously. As we said, there’s a ton of competition in the horse racing sportsbook app space. So we carefully trialed hundreds of these apps. In the end, the following five platforms earned their stripes as the best horse racing betting app:

  1. Bovada — straightforward bookmaker that’s all about the betting experience
  2. BetUS — biggest promotional bonuses in the business
  3. BetOnline — deep racebook betting menu
  4. XBet — top-notch mobile betting app
  5. WagerWeb — really well-priced odds



Which Sportsbook Has The Best Offer For Horse Racing Bettors?

Every one of the best betting app for horse racing offers a bonus of some kind. But few can compete with the type of offers BetUS routinely hands out. Just about every single one of BetUS deals elicits a head turn cause they’re almost too good to be true — don’t worry, they’re 100 percent legit.

Here’s one to give you a frame of reference: a $3125 welcome bonus. New users of the site can earn that much free play upon depositing money into their accounts. Now just imagine how many horse-racing wagers that could fund? That’s why BetUS deserves a mention here. You won’t find $3125 deals elsewhere, believe us.

Top 5 Horse Racing Betting Apps Reviewed

Let’s detail how we came to choose the best app to bet on horse racing. Here’s our rationale:


Bovada just checks every box you’d want out of a betting companion. High selection of bets? Check. Frictionless betting experience? Double check. Promos and contests? You betcha. Trustworthy brand? Oh hell yeah. All of this makes the Bovada app a real all-in-one app, a jack of all trades if you will.

Bovada Website Preview


We’ve already talked about what we love about BetUS — the bonuses. Rather than repeat ourselves, we’ll mention another reason worth scoping out BetUS: it has a sneaky good horse racing mobile sportsbook. From our phones, we were able to easily place our bets in the racebook. Errors or lag was nonexistent, the way it should be.

BetUS Website Preview


Horse racing spans the whole globe. Of course, you have America with its world-famous Triple Crown events, but there are tons of smaller races. Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, and the United Kingdom are also big markets for horse racing. At BetOnline, you’ll find odds available for every single one of these events it feels like. Seriously, just how deep the racebook menu at BetOnline goes is something to marvel at. BetOnline blows out competitors in this regard.

BetOnline Website Preview


XBet has really nailed the mobile betting experience. Just absolutely crushed it. Sometimes, going from a computer to a phone can cause issues for sportsbooks, but not XBet. We don’t notice a single difference between the two. In fact, the mobile app might be faster and more friction-less than desktop. You’ll need this when betting on horses, which offer a wide variety of bets on any given race (thanks to prop markets). Using the XBet app, it’s super easy to place bets all from a tiny phone. No bugginess, nothing, just a seamless experience.

XBet Website Preview


Most betting apps will have almost the same odds on every event they share. However, if there is going to be a discrepancy, you’ll see it at WagerWeb. And more times than not, that discrepancy will be to the bettors' benefit. That’s because WagerWeb routinely offers the best odds on horse events. Doing so helps bettors maximize their betting value. Over the long run, this equals more profits — and what's not to like about that?

WagerWeb Website Preview

Sign Up With Many Betting Apps

Here’s a pro tip that comes from years of experience: don’t just bet on one app. No, no bet on multiple apps concurrently. This will help you lock in the best betting prices at all times. See, most of the time, the betting odds will be the same across the board. Still, there are opportunities when one app has the same line as another slightly discounted.

This is what we call a golden opportunity. Your best bet is to take the cheaper odds, and if you win, the payout is better. Over a long enough time horizon, this makes a difference to your profits and losses. So if you want to maximize your profits, you’d be smart to compare betting odds between different apps you use.

Is It Legal To Use Betting Apps In My State?

We can’t answer this question since we have readers from all over the country, and the world at large. There are unique rules around horse race betting in all of these places. But here’s what we will tell you: using an offshore betting app effectively bypasses those local rules.

See, offshore betting apps don’t have to play by the rules of your local state or country. This is because offshore apps have set up shop in countries where betting is fair game. For you, the bettor, you can access those apps from wherever you may be and they’ll work just fine. This is especially clutch for bettors living in areas where betting is barred (wink wink).

Responsible Gambling

We must remind you of one thing when betting on horses: keep your head on a swivel. Meaning, don’t make unnecessary bad decisions. You could say “well, that is subjective” but c’mon, you know what we mean. Don’t bet money you can’t afford to lose and never put yourself in a position where you HAVE to win a horse race bet. Doing these things is a dangerous gray area.


Gambling is mostly fun and games, but there is an ugly side to it. Gambling addiction is real and we do not wish it upon anyone. Before you ever cross that line, remember you’re here to have fun — not pay your mortgage. This mentality will keep you grounded.

Putting limits on your gambling is one sure-fire way to stay responsible. This can manifest in many ways — say a cap on how much fresh money you deposit or a "stop loss" where you stop gambling after losing a certain amount. Limits can and should vary from bettor to bettor, but the important thing is to have a limit in the first place.

If betting limits aren't enough, you can take one step further and utilize a time-out. As the name hints, this means a complete break from gambling. Many apps we suggest on this page have a time-out feature where they'll lock your account for a period of time (typically you choose how long). This is a last-gasp attempt, but boy, is it effective.

Responsible gaming is a complicated topic. While we can't cover everything on this page, we can at least point you in the right direction if you need extra information. Check out the quick links below:

Responsible Gambling Council
Have a problem gambling? Go to the link above for support.

National Council on Problem Gambling Helpline
Struggling with a gambling problem and need someone to talk to? Go to the 24-hour helpline above to get immediate help.

International Centre for Responsible Gaming
The latest research on problem gambling can be found above.

Horse Racing Betting Apps FAQs

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