Take A Flier On A Running Back Going In Round 1

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Take A Flier On A Running Back Going In Round 1

The NFL offseason helps teams hopes spring eternal. Guess what this week brings us? That's right. Let's head to the state of Michigan. At Online Sports Betting, we look at who may go first overall and much more. So, first, we look at 2024 NFL Draft Props featuring the best college football players in the land and where they may get drafted. Then, we dig further into conference over/unders and more.

  • WHAT: 2024 NFL Draft
  • WHEN: Monday, April 25th-27th, 2024, 8:00 pm ET on ABC, ESPN, NFL Network or streamed on ESPN+
  • WHERE: Campus Martius Park and Hart Plaza, Detroit, Michigan
  • WHY: Who will go number one in the NFL Draft and more?

Bettors enjoy digging into numbers like this. The 2024 NFL Draft Props speculate on what may happen in a little over 2 1/2 weeks time. Now, NFL Draft Betting Odds can be quite an adventure. After all, while almost everyone expects Caleb Williams go number one, there are all these other options courtesy of Bovada Online Sportsbook.

2024 NFL Draft PropsBovadaBetOnlineBetUS
CB Picks in Round 1
Over 5.5+225+200+215
Under 5.5-280-250-270
RB Picks in Round 1
Over 0.5+800+600+650
Under 0.5-1600-1250-1300
DEF Picks in Round 1
Over 10.5-120-120-125
Under 10.5-105EVEN+105

2024 NFL Draft Props Mention Caleb Williams

2024 NFL Draft Props mention Caleb Williams. So, the USC quarterback expects to be taken number one by the Chicago Bears. Barring something crazy, Williams will be donning a Bears cap and uniform with the number one on it come Thursday, April 25th.

Despite the high likelihood (-10000 on Bovada), some have gazed elsewhere. Jayden Daniels and Drake Maye are the only players shorter than +3000 on the boards. Even Maye was +3000 on BetOnline at one point. There are some crazier long shots but honestly, J.J. McCarthy is not going first even if Chicago traded their pick for some reason. McCarthy may not go in the Top 5. Some believe the quarterback could fall a little bit and some do not.

Again, Williams remains the closest to an NFL night one draft certainty. After that, the fun begins as teams posture for position via trades and more. Let's have some fun.

We Need A Running Back For Round 1?

2024 NFL Draft Props ask do we need a Running Back for Round 1? One of the crazier props is the idea that a RB could go within the first 32 picks of the NFL Draft on April 25th. Most expect to see a runner go on April 26th. However, there are potentially one or two choices that might hear their name called before 11:00 pm ET on the 25th.

The big number here rolls in at +800. All that has to happen is a Running Back gets called once. That's it! It could be any college football runner. Two went last year as Bijan Robinson went eighth to Atlanta and Jahmyr Gibbs went 12th to Detroit. While this year's class is not the same, it feels like anything could happen during Round 1.

Two players that might, however, are Audric Estime' and Jaylen Wright. Wright has a further outside shot but if a team feels like they cannot wait, there is that chance the Tennessee ball carrier gets picked between 28th and 32nd. There are concerns with his ability to be the man. However, that dynamic slashing style looks great.

Again, the same can be said about Estime'. The New Jersey Player Of The Year got better as the year went on and totaled 11 touchdowns over the final five years. He has first-round talent and is only 20. Teams know that the Irish Running Back may be merely scratching the surface. It is that breakaway ability with pass-catching potential that attracts more than a few playoff teams. Do not be shocked to hear Estime' taken in Round 1. Ride the money here.

A Running Back' To get drafted during Round 1

2024 NFL Draft Props And Those Cornerbacks?

So, what about 2024 NFL Draft Props and those cornerbacks? The fun part about this position is how sexy it is with NFL scouts. While many do fawn over that EDGE or Defensive Lineman position, give us the player who can cover those crazy good wide receivers.

The position may start off slow on Thursday night but expect the picks to come. This will get close to the magic number of six. With the talent in college football this past season, there were plenty from the secondary that can step up on NFL Sundays and make that huge impact. While none of these players expect to go in the Top 10, one or two may be close. Also seven players are projected in the Top 35 from this position.

There is this feeling that the fun position could be cornerback especially in the 20's and early 30's on April 25th. Players like Kamari Lassiter and Cooper DeJean may push this prop over the top later this month.

More than 5.5 Cornerbacks' To get drafted during Round 1

What About Some Other 2024 NFL Draft Props?

Finally, what about some other 2024 NFL Draft Props? This NFL Draft carries some intrigue with that defensive player number (only 10.5 this year). Now, that feels like a low bar. Hey, we got dealt some other options. On the other hand, this draft expects to produce several Round 1 surprises.

Some wonder about taking chances on total quarterbacks taken. While the idea of four quarterbacks chosen would be something, many expect five to be the number. Fortunately, there exist several other longer shot choices to wager on from the props department. One possibility lies in the total wide receivers position. Does one take that shot at seven? Honestly, at +135, there appears to be a chance. In the meantime, take the defensive player prop here.

11 or more Defensive players To be drafted in Round 1

Online Sportsbook Reviews Served Up

Alright, some more online sportsbook reviews get served up as the NFL Draft draws closer. Furthermore, there is Spring Football to consider along with the usual MLB, NHL, and NBA. Good luck!

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