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2021 NFL Conference Championships: Latest Betting Odds and Predictions

The NFL Conference Championship Odds 2022 are currently unavailable. The odds were last checked on January 25, 2021:

Vegas' Odds on the NFL Conference Championship matchups will shift in advance of kickoff, so be sure to double-check your sportsbook's lines before deciding on a wager. No matter the final NFL Conference Championship game odds, though, we'll have you primed for a winning bet by covering all of the following:

  • Latest spreads for each game
  • Latest moneyline odds for each game
  • Analysis of every team
  • Super Bowl perspective
  • NFL Conference Championship picks

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AFC: Kansas City Chiefs (-325) vs. Tennessee Titans (+270)

If anyone's telling you they saw the Tennessee Titansplayoff push coming, well, they're lying. Their own head coach, Mike Vrabel, didn't even expect them to get this far.

Now that the Titans are here, though, it's time to take them seriously.

Tennessee's defense is no joke. They are responsible for limiting Tom Brady in the Wild Card round and then keeping Lamar Jackson in check for most of the Divisional Round. While the offense leaves much to be desired through the air, with Ryan Tannehill under center, running back Derrick Henry is an absolute tank—and an offensive system unto himself. He even had a passing touchdown in the Titans' win over the Baltimore Ravens.

Still, we'd be remiss to call for the upset over the Kansas City Chiefs. Maybe it'd be time to worry if they never found their groove against the Houston Texans after falling behind 21-0. But they scored 41 unanswered points to rattle off the 51-31 victory, with Patrick Mahomes playing like his MVP-candidate self.

We won't begrudge if you take the Titans at +7.5 here. Their defense is scary. But we're inclined to pick the Chiefs on all fronts—most of all the moneyline.

OSB Prediction: Chiefs (-325), Chiefs (-7.5)

NFC: San Francisco 49ers (-305) vs. Green Bay Packers (+255)

We are officially putting this San Francisco 49ers-Green Bay Packers matchup on upset alert.

The Packers look like a force to be reckoned with, which is part of the equation. The offense can be a little stuffy, but Aaron Rodgers remains one of the clutchest quarterbacks alive, and running back Aaron Jones is built to shine during slugfests. Green Bay's defense is also stingier than advertised, even when they're playing on the road.

Our main concern, though, lies with the 49ers. Their defense is tenacious—something more than exhaustive. But despite their offensive success this season, they're still keeping quarterback Jimmy Garappolo on a relatively short leash.

Each and every game, it seems like Jimmy G makes one to three catastrophic mistakes. Even in the 49ers' win over the Minnesota Vikings, he threw an early interception that prompted head coach Kyle Shanahan to run the ball like crazy the rest of the way.

Leaning so heavily on the run will only get them so far when they're that cautious of Garappolo's decision-making. The Packers had a bottom-10 defense against the run during the regular season, but the Niners will need to bake more variance into their attack to deserve heavy-favorite billing. We doubt that they can. We're certainly not picking them to cover a seven-point spread.

OSB Prediction: Packers (+255), Packers (+7)

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