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Welcome to OnlineSportsBetting’s guide to betting on non-marquee sports. Betting on smaller or alternative sports, you can take advantage of new opportunities. Here are some of the non-marquee sports that can bring you the best bets and how exactly to make the most of them!

Best Sportsbooks for Alternative Sports Betting

The most important tip for betting on alternative sports is to find top online sportsbooks. We recommend these sportsbooks not just because their markets will be large enough to include betting options on more obscure sports like lacrosse and surfing, but also because they will have a variety of bets on these sports. We also want curling props, not just moneylines.

Plus, we look at welcome bonuses, customer support, and other features. The state of legal sports betting varies by state, but in general, these are our most successful sportsbook reviews. Here are our top five online sportsbooks for betting on alternative sports. 


Bovada is number one in terms of name recognition. This is especially true in the United States. Having this type of name recognition gives a level of security and a community that is tough to match in other sportsbooks.

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  • MyBookie

    MyBookie processes your deposits and payouts lightning fast. They have one of the most streamlined banking systems available in alternative sports betting.

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  • BetOnline

    Use cryptocurrencies in your first deposit with BetOnline and you will get a larger welcome bonus. Here, you can claim a 100% match as a sign-up bonus on your first deposit, which comes with a 14x rollover rate.

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  • BetUS

    BetUS has competitive lines on all its betting markets. If you are obsessed with finding the best deal, then you will be at home with BetUS and its great betting odds.

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  • GTBets

    GTBets is one handsome site! Whether on the mobile app or desktop version, the site layout is smooth and easy to navigate. This is essential to having a great time while betting on non-marquee sports.

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  • What Are Non-Marquee Sports?

    There is no fast and clear definition of a non-marquee sport. Rather, it is a concept relative to major sports. If it is not one of the big sports leagues, you can consider it to be a non-marquee sport.

    One thing for sure is that the top four sports leagues in the US are not alternative sports. Normally other sports that are also popular, especially among sports bettors, do not qualify as marquee sports either. Because they attract so many sports bettors, things like horse racing do not really qualify as non-marquee sports betting.

    Normally these sports are ones you do not think about very often, but that you know to exist.- We have all heard of water polo and handball, but most would not be staying up all night to get the latest results from the hottest games.

    Top Non-Marquee Sports for Betting

    While the exact definition is slippery, and we can say a little about what non-marquee sports are not, it can be useful to make a list of the top non-marquee sports for betting. 

    • Curling
    • Winer Sports
    • CFL
    • Lacrosse
    • Surfing
    • Badminton
    • Beach Volleyball
    • Water Polo
    • Handball
    • Volleyball.

    Advantages of Betting on Non-Marquee Sports

    These sports betting markets do not attract as many bettors as the larger sports. However, do not take that to mean that there is no reason to bet on these sports. Here are some of the advantages of betting on non-marquee sports. 

    Betting Sites May Miss the Latest News

    Because oddsmakers have so many markets, they are always raking through the latest sports betting news. But, of course, they cannot be perfect, and with so many details affecting every game, it is more possible for them to miss an important detail in winter sports than it is in the major leagues.

    Keep an eye out for odds that have not been updated to reflect the latest news. Even great sportsbooks can miss things from time to time. You can find great deals this way.

    You can Outsmart Other Bettors

    Other gamblers may miss out on the best wagers. That is to say that because these are small sports betting markets, the betting odds can change with the release of a big news piece. Remember, part of why lines move is the bookmaker and party is what the bettors are doing. Make sure to keep up with the latest news, but do not go overboard either.

    In fact, if online gambling is a new area for you, this is a great way to find your niche. New bettors will be able to outmaneuver in ways that could not in NBA betting.

    Become a Fan of Smaller Leagues

    When you start betting on non-marquee sports, you can become a fan of smaller leagues. We all probably know top NFL and MLB stars, but how coolñ is it to be able to talk about the best beach volleyball athletes?! Betting on alternative sports makes you a more interesting person because of the research you will do.


    Difficulties of Betting on Non-Marquee Sports

    While all of that sounds great, it is not as if alternative sports betting is a guaranteed slam dunk. While we love dreaming, it is also important to keep our feet on the ground. Here are some of the disadvantages of betting on alternative sports when compared to larger sports.

    Fewer Betting Options

    The legal betting sites will all have alternative sports betting markets. Even though they are offshore sportsbooks, they cover US and global sports widely. However, inevitably, they will have more betting options in larger leagues like the NHL.  Whether in mobile sports betting or on the desktop, the options will be fewer, even if we have recommended you the best ones available.

    Research Could be More Difficult

    Online gamblers looking to research non-marquee sports markets will have fewer resources and analyses. The larger professional sports have more news written about them. This can be especially a problem if you want to parlay a few sporting events together. However, it is also your advantage! If you can find a great news source, then you are good to go.

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