IndyCar Series is an open-wheel race series based in the United States, that tests drivers on speedways, ovals, and street circuits. Indy series provides an all-star lineup of drivers, who they accumulate points throughout the series, and the driver with the most points is crowned champion.

The IndyCar Series hasn’t kicked off yet. We’ll have the latest Indycar betting odds once the sportsbooks release them. The Indycar Drivers Championship odds were last updated on January 3, 2024:

Indycar Drivers Championship Bovada MyBookie BetOnline
Scott Dixon TBA TBA TBA
Alex Palou TBA TBA TBA
Patricio O’Ward TBA TBA TBA
Josef Newgarden TBA TBA TBA
Rinus Veekay TBA TBA TBA
Colton Herta TBA TBA TBA
Scott McLaughlin TBA TBA TBA
Will Power TBA TBA TBA
Takuma Sato TBA TBA TBA

Congratulations to Takuma Sato who becomes just the 20th driver in history to win two Indy 500 races. He completed the race with an excellent time and was right in amongst the front of the pack the whole time.



IndyCar Series was founded in 1994, under the name Indy Racing League by the same company that owned the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, and had its inaugural season in 1996. The name was changed to IndyCar Series in 2011.

IndyCar is commonly compared to Formula 1, which many consider to be the fastest sport on the planet. IndyCars have the potential to reach up to 235mph at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway specifically, The Indy 500 is the main event of the whole series, taking place each Memorial Day weekend.

The excitement and pure adrenaline of the 500 draws in viewers from across the globe. As such, there are a broad range of betting lines, including some great Indianapolis 500 proposition bets. But, where to bet on the Indianapolis 500 online? Well, read on and we’ll explain.

Leading up to the Indy 500, the series consists of 17 races that take place between March and September. Other championships are the IndyLight and IndyPro 2000. All of these events are popular in the sports betting industry, as betting on these high-speed races is highly exciting.

You can find a variety of IndyCar betting options available during any IndyCar series, and we are here to help you understand all of your options and the best places to bet on IndyCar.

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IndyCar Betting Options

The betting options for IndyCar aren’t complex, there are only a few different options but there are plenty of drivers so choosing who to bet on can be the biggest challenge when betting on IndyCar racing.

Outright Winner

The most popular and straight forward IndyCar betting type is the outright winner bet. You are betting on which driver you think will win a certain race or even a championship series. Outright winner bets are very similar to a futures bet, but you don’t have to place a wager far in advance to get great value. You will have a list of drivers participating in the race, and each driver will have odds based on past performances and how likely they are to win the race.

If you like Alexander Rossi to win the Indy 500, and his odds are set at +200, you would need to bet $100 to win $200.

The best part about these betting types is that you can place wagers on multiple drivers, so if you’re not 100% set on a certain driver, you can have a contingency bet if needed.

Pole Position (Fastest Qualifier)

Where a driver starts the race can be very important to how they place during the race. Before the main event, qualifiers are held and drivers will need to bring their A-game because their fastest lap will determine where they start the race.

The pole position is the front position, earned by the driver with the fastest lap in the qualifiers. Sportsbooks are fairly keen on offering betting odds on the qualifiers as it can be just as important as the main race. It’s similar to the outright winner bet, where you are selecting the driver you think will have the fastest qualifier.

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Podium Finish

When it comes to IndyCar racing, there are so many talented drivers competing at such an elite level at great speeds. It can be hard to determine which driver to choose to win the race, so sportsbooks alleviated some of the stress at adjusted odds by offering a podium finish betting option.

If you’re familiar with podiums at the Olympics, or any racing or placing sport, the top three competitors are celebrated. You can bet on a driver to have a podium finish – which essentially means that driver can place first, second, or third and your bet will cash. It doesn’t matter which position, just as long as it’s in the top three.

If Alexander Rossi had -250 to win outright, his odds for a podium finish could be -650. If his odds were +300 to win, his odds for a podium finish could be even or -105.

The Fastest Lap

Another pretty self-explanatory betting type, the fastest lap is exactly as it’s described: the IndyCar driver who has the fastest lap in a race. The driver doesn’t have to win or even finish the race for that matter. They could make their lap, spin out and disqualify, and that bet could still cash. It’s best to do your research with this betting type, as it can be hard to predict.

Prop Bets

Proposition bets are popular in any sport, and IndyCar racing is no exception. These betting types are meant to be fun and unique bets that you can place for fun, like the driver to lead the most laps, the first driver to DNF, or the over/under of laps completed by a certain driver.

The bigger the race, the more props available – the Indy 500 have countless props available each year.

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Top Online Sportsbooks for Betting on IndyCar

Fast cars can be a huge adrenaline rush, and sports bettors love an opportunity to place money on a racing sport that travels at high speeds. If you choose to bet on IndyCar, your first step would be to sign up at an online sportsbook.


We know all sportsbooks are different and while many c

an be questionable, there are some great online sportsbooks that have a lot to offer. We recommend the top sportsbooks for US citizens, that ensure great bonuses, plenty of deposit options, and the best odds in the market.

Ensuring you find a sportsbook that offers plenty of Indy betting odds is the most important criteria you need to be aware of, as not all sportsbooks offer all of the betting types listed above. Finding a sportsbook that offers Indy 500 props and specials should be a key indicator of a great online sportsbook for Indy betting.

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Sportsbook reviews can help you make the right decision when choosing an online sportsbook. We have a great selection of the top sportsbooks in our reviews section, that experts have vetted and evaluated.

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