Moto GP World Championship winners odds

The odds to win the 2022/23 Moto GP World Championship are now available. The odds are subject to change, so it’s worth regularly checking back with this page to ensure you’ve got the most up-to-date information regarding the most exciting motorbike racing competition.

We have assessed the odds from the very best MotoGP betting sites. The MotoGP betting odds were last updated on January 12, 2023:

MotoGP Winners odds Bovada BetOnline GTBets
Francesco Bagnaia -1250 -1250 -1250
Fabio Quartararo +1500 +1500 +1500

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MotoGP online betting is one of the most exciting racing markets, as it’s the premier class of motorcycle racing on road circuits and hosts some of the most impressive professional riders from all over the world. Like any professional sport or racing sport, it can be exhilarating to bet on your favorite driver to win the race, especially if your bet cashes.

Grand Prix motorcycle racing is extremely fast, and the motorcycles used in GP races are generally unavailable to the public due to their high speeds. Anything can happen with these elite motorcycles travelling at top speeds, and putting money on a race outcome can make it all the more exciting.

The Moto Grand Prix season is the oldest motorsport world championship and is divided into four classes: Grand Prix, Moto2, Moto3, and MotoE.

The highest level, the Grand Prix MotoGP class, allows a maximum of 1,000 cc motor limits and four-stroke engines. The Moto2 class has 765 cc displacement with three cylinders and is solely supplied by Triumph Motorcycles Ltd.

The Moto3 class has single-cylinder 250 cc four-stroke engines and is only available to riders between 16 and 28 years old. MotoE is new, just introduced in 2019, and is open to strictly electric motorcycles – using Energica Ego Corsa motorcycles.

Betting on MotoGP is fairly common in the southern and midwest states. The most wagered on Moto event by far is the MotoGP Indianapolis. But with a full slate of MotoGP events throughout the Grand Prix season, you can find plenty of other Moto events to bet on.

The 2022 MotoGP season, officially titled the 2022 FIM MotoGP World Championship, is the 74th edition of the series.

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MotoGP Betting Types

There are a few MotoGP betting options available and while correctly predicting the outcome of the race is extremely exciting and rewarding in terms of odds payout, you can still have some fun with MotoGP betting odds on any of the 19 circuits throughout the season.

Outright Winner

Betting on the outright winner is by far the most popular betting option as it’s easy and straightforward to understand. It’s as simple as it sounds, you can place a bet on which rider you think will win the race.

Each race will have a list of the riders competing, and their individual odds to win, based on their past performances and who they’re competing against. There are clear favorites on the odds board, with the top rider being the most likely to win.

If you have Marc Márquez at +150 to win a race, you would have to wager $100 to win $150.

MotoGP Futures

As there is a season of racing, with many events and an eventual winner, you can wager on who will win the rider’s championship. This award is earned by the racer who accumulates the most points throughout the season. Riders earn points if they place in the top 15 positions in each race, and are very sought after – which makes the races so competitive and lucrative.

Riders participate in teams, and you can also bet on the constructor’s championship, which accumulates points for a whole team after a full racing season.

A futures bet is one you would place earlier in the season, maybe in the first few weeks if you see a rider really start to gain momentum. Futures odds are much higher than regular single game winner odds, as you are making a very specific prediction long before the event occurs.

Podium Finisher

Racing sports of all kinds usually have a podium format, which allows for the top three finalists to have recognition for their achievement. Sportsbooks offer podium finish odds on each racing event, and this means you can bet on a rider to place within the top three. It doesn’t matter which position the rider finishes in, as long as it’s first, second or third. This is common if you know a driver will do well in the race, but you aren’t confident enough that they will win outright.

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Fastest Qualifier (Pole Position)

Each driver has a different starting position, and where you start the race – which is also called a pole position – is important to your performance in the race. Before the main event, the riders participate in qualifying races, whichever driver has the fastest time is awarded the pole position. The qualifiers provide insight into the driver and how they perform on the circuit, which can provide great insight into how the following day’s race will go.

In a similar fashion to the outright winner bet, you can bet on the pole position or fastest qualifier as a warm-up for the Grand Prix.

Top Online Sportsbooks for MotoGP Betting

When it comes to betting on MotoGP, online sportsbooks have the best offering in terms of convenience, betting options, and variety. Few even offer MotoGP betting bonuses that you can use to pad your bankroll to use during the MotoGP season.

Finding an online sportsbook that suits your MotoGP betting needs is important, so the first thing to look for is that the sportsbook even offers motorsport betting odds. The second criterion to look for is whether the sportsbook offers your preferred deposit option. If you want to use a Visa, ensure the sportsbook accepts credit cards, and specifically Visa.

Choosing an online sportsbook shouldn’t be a chore, or extremely time-consuming, so reading sportsbook reviews can greatly help in the selection process.

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  • Are MotoGP betting odds profitable?

    MotoGP betting markets offer a wide range of specific motorbike racing lines, mainly moneylines for each circuit on the Grand Prix world tour. However, bettors can also wager on futures markets, such as the rider to win the world title at the start, or during, the season.

  • Which is the best sportsbook for MotoGP betting?

    There is no one perfect sportsbook, as it largely depends on the individual who’s betting. As such, find the right sportsbook for you. There are many to choose from and each offers its own unique selling point, so be sure to make the right choice for you.

  • Is MotoGP betting profitable?

    Well, that largely depends on the types of wagers the bettor is placing. If someone is playing the MotoGP odds with knowledge of the sport, they are in a good position to make a profit. Moreover, if the stake they place is on favorable odds, they will stand to make even more.

  • Is MotoGP betting a popular market?

    MotoGP is an extremely popular market. As is with motor sports in general, there is a dedicated community that play the odds on things like NASCAR, Formula 1, and MotoGP throughout the season.

  • Is it legal to wager on MotoGP in the U.S.?

    Generally speaking, it’s mostly legal across the country. However, the legality surrounding online wagering varies a lot depending on which state you’re in – while there is certainly a movement towards the legalization of all online wagering in the U.S., it’s worth checking the law in the state you reside in when gambling.

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