The world of darts betting has many facets. You can read darts betting forums, or dive into virtual darts betting. Really, it is up to you. Wherever you decide to take it, read our darts betting guide to get started on darts betting tonight!

Darts Odds

Below you’ll find the latest Darts betting odds. The page was last updated on November 14, 2023:

Player Bovada Bovada Player
Veenstra R. +220 -335 Michael Smith
Chris Landman +250 -400 Gian van Veen
Jim Williams +125 -165 Dimitri van den Bergh
Matt Campbell +220 -335 Danny Noppert

Darts betting odds are a big deal. You really want to have an idea of how darts odds work across different competitions. It even changes by the organization. BDO darts betting will be different from other PDC darts betting odds. Here are the top seven darts championships to keep your eyes on.

PDC World Darts Championship

The William Hill World Championship is organized by the Professional Darts Corporation. It typically goes from December to January and is held in Alexandra Palace in London. It is the highest-profile of all PDC tournaments, with the winner receiving the Sid Waddell Trophy. World Championship darts betting is one of the biggest draws in the sport. Gary Anderson, for example, won this championship twice.

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Premier League of Darts

Sky Sports launched the Premier League tournament on January 20, 2005. Not long after, Premier League darts betting was nipping at its heels. Originally scheduled by a fortnight, it is now a weekly fixture from February to May. It is also part of the PDC, with Phil Taylor being the unquestioned champion of the league thus far.

Grand Slam

Grand Slam dart betting is a big draw at the sportsbooks as well. This event, also organized y the PDC, is also known as the Boylesports Grand Slam of Darts. Something to keep in mind here is that the PDC also invites the top dart throwers from their rival, the BDO. José de Sousa, a Spanish-Portuguese professional dart player, won this tournament in 2020.

Fallon Sherrock darts championship betting

UK Open

The Butlins Minehead Resort hosts the UK Open, an annual ranking darts tournament. Also organized by the PDC, the UK Open is known as the FA Cup of Darts. Something to keep in mind with UK Open darts betting is that it is an “open”, so instead of ranking and seeds determining the order, it is an open draw.

World Matchplay

The World Matchplay tournament is also known as the Betfred World Matchplay. Dimitri Van den Bergh became the first German to win in 2020. Something to keep in mind for World Matchplay betting is that the tournament is organized in a legs format.

World Grand Prix

Each October, Dublin is home to the World Grand Prix of darts. Organized by the PDC, since 1988, this tournament is quite special. World Grand Prix betting is a bit tricky because each player must start and finish each leg on a double, including the bullseye

European Championship

This is the big daddy of darts championships in many ways. Here the top European darts players according to the PDC Order of Merit compete against each other to find out who is the top dog. It was established in 2008, and in recent years has been happening in late October.

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Darts Picks

To get some of the best darts betting tips and strategies, there are a few things you can do. One is to read our guide and check out our recommended sportsbooks. Some of them will have darts betting picks and even darts betting previews for things like the World Championship.

A good place to get free darts betting tips is from social networks. In fact, there is a whole ecosystem for dart betting tips on Twitter. There you can find Premier League darts betting tips, among other special events.

Of course, any advice you find around the internet, you should be supplementing with your own experience. Whether it’s BDO darts betting tips, or just general strategy, you should always be processing it and including it in your overall personal strategy.

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Darts Betting Sites

Darts bettors should never settle for less than the best. Check out these top darts betting sites to make sure you are getting the best odds and most generous bonuses. In fact, it is recommended that you sign up at more than one, just to make sure you are getting the best odds no matter what.


This top American sportsbook is a great place to check out BDO Darts betting and more. Bovada has dedicated 24/7 customer support and has a convenient full-service one wallet betting system.

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  • BetUS

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  • How to Bet on Darts

    In order to make the best darts bets, you will need a darts betting strategy. This involves taking typical horse racing and sports betting strategies and applying them to the world of darts betting. So, make sure you know which deposit method you will be using, so you can have your bankroll management strategy down pat.

    Then you will need to do your research. Know if you’re betting on the PDC or the BOD. They are very different, and your research will be key here. Then, you should also know the different types of dart bets out there.

    Types of Dart Bets

    When betting on darts you can do in-play dart betting. This is where you bet on a darts match that is in progress. This is perhaps the most exciting way to bet on darts.

    In a match treble bet, you are betting on the match-winner, to win the most 180s and highest checkout.

    Another popular bet is the darts each way bet. In this bet, you place two bets: a win and a place. This way, if your player comes in first, you win double, and if they only place, you have hedged your bets, so you can still come out ok.

    You can enjoy handicap darts betting. An example is a bet on Michael Van Gerwen to win with a -3.5 handicap in a match. The bet is won if Michael Van Gerwen wins with a score of 4-0. It is a bit complicated, but once you have handicap darts betting explained, it seems so simple!

    Some other fun dart bets are guessing the correct score, the total 180s, who will have the highest checkout, and who will be the outright winner.

    Darts Betting FAQs

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