All eyes appear to be on political campaigns in 2024, with the United States Presidential election likely to be one of the most unpredictable in recent years as the fallout of the Trump campaign is sure to linger for some years. How are world leaders handling this crisis? This could make or break the next election, and that’s already started to show in the political betting odds.

Latest Politics Betting Online News

With the Democratic nomination drawing near, everyone is on edge, wondering who will be the one to challenge Trump’s presidency, so naturally, all eyes will be on the US Presidential election until November 2024.

But what about the other political odds? There are more elections coming up, whether it’s in the UK, Europe, New Zealand, Germany or Canada. While 2021 is going to be heavily overshadowed by the presence of a new face in the White House, we can still take a look at other upcoming elections and political betting odds for years to come.

Democrats vs Republicans

Betting on Political Odds

There’s only really one betting option available in politics – the futures bet. Political futures are essentially betting odds placed on candidates or a political party to win an election or candidacy. You are predicting the outcome and putting money on political odds for your chosen candidate.

The odds represent how likely the candidate or party is to win the race. If you see negative odds, that means that candidate is favored or likely to win the election, and if you see positive odds, that candidate is less likely to win.

The odds are always changing and usually are listed years before the actual election date. This is why it’s important to lock in your bets when you see some great value for a candidate, or in some cases, waiting can be better in case a politician drops out of the race leading up to the election. You have to have a solid betting strategy to excel in political betting online.

You can bet on a number of different futures, including the winning political party, the most seats by a political party, betting on specific bill outcomes, impeachment odds, etc.

2020 US Presidential election

Mayoral Elections Betting

Mayoral elections betting is one of the hottest markets in political odds. In addition to heads of state, these leaders of our cities also grab lots of media attention, and therefore, traction in betting markets. You do not have to live in the city to engage in betting on mayoral races.

US Political Odds

The 2024 US Presidential Election is fast approaching and news stations will be aggressively covering it until the new president is announced. Currently, against all odds, Donald Trump is leading the pack to get re-elected this fall, with Joe Biden as the most likely Democratic nominee to oppose him.

We expect the next few months to be troublesome for Trump and feel the odds could shift. With Joe Biden leading in the odds race, we can expect he will win the Democratic nomination and oppose Trump in the 2024 Presidential Election. Last updated on November 14, 2023:

US Presidential ElectionBetUS
Donald Trump Sr.+140
Joe Biden+200
Gavin Newsom+575
Nikki Haley+950
Robert Kennedy Jr.+2200
Any Other Party+2000
Ron DeSantis+2600
Michelle Obama+2000
Any Other+2200
Kamala Harris+4000
Vivek Ramaswamy+4500
Hillary Clinton+10000
Tucker Carlson+11000

French Political Odds

The 2022 French Presidential Election took place in April 2022, with the next one not schedule for five years. Emmanuel Macron won as the favorite to return to the office, with Marine le Pen as a close runner-up. There’s still plenty of time before the next election, so we will keep the French Election odds updated as things change. Last updated on November 14, 2023:

Odds to Win the next French Presidential Election betus betnow betonline
Emmanuel Macron TBA TBA TBA
Marine Le Pen TBA TBA TBA
Jean Luc Melenchon TBA TBA TBA
Laurent Wauquiez TBA TBA TBA
Francois Fillon TBA TBA TBA


German Political Odds

The German Presidential Election will take place in 2025. The German Federal election will take place in October 2025. Last updated on November 14, 2023:

German Next Chancellor odds betonline bovada gtbets
Markus Soedur TBA TBA TBA
Friedrich Merz TBA TBA TBA
Armin Laschet TBA TBA TBA
Jens Spahn TBA TBA TBA
Robert Habeck TBA TBA TBA

European Political Odds

Brexit has been on everyone’s minds for the last few years, and the European Union will likely go through some political shifts over the next year or two, where coronavirus has swept their nations. There are European political odds on the next member to leave the European Union, whether there will be an EU referendum before 2021, or whether the UK will rejoin the EU between now and 2026. Last updated on November 14, 2023:

Next Country to Invoke Article 50BetUS
Czech Republic-

Italy to leave the eu

Canadian Political Odds

The Canadian election just took place in 2019, where Trudeau was re-elected as Prime Minister of Canada. The 44th Canadian election will take place October 16, 2023, and while we haven’t seen any new Canadian political odds thus far, we expect to start seeing them roll in within the next year, as candidates start to prepare for their next campaigns.

Top Political Betting Online Sportsbooks

If you’re looking to place a few wagers on the upcoming election, say no more, it can be fun to put a little money on the outcome of your election - as long as your ideal candidate wins! You can find political betting odds on most online sportsbooks, but some have many more options.

Make sure you do your research and read plenty of online sportsbook reviews before you start your political betting journey, and make sure you build a strategy and stay updated on news and political events. Our online sportsbook reviews are exceptionally detailed, and we ensure we outline many important sportsbook criteria that you may have overlooked when doing your political betting research.

Making sure you find a safe and reputable online sportsbook should be your number one priority before betting on politics online. Finding an online sportsbook that offers great signup and deposit bonuses, while also offering the deposit options you need, are a few of the main tips we urge you to look for.

Whichever political party or election you decide to bet on, ensure you strategize, and have fun with your politics betting.

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