Recognized as the most successful reality TV format in the world, Got Talent is the talent competition for everything. The brainchild of Simon Cowell, Got Talent began in both America and Britain and has given rise to international entertainers like Canadian-American magician, Shin Lim. With its immense popularity, Got Talent betting odds are predominant through the sportsbook world. Whatever your sportsbook, you can find Got Talent odds at the drop of a hat.

What are the Got Talent betting odds?

As the top dog in the reality TV competition, Got Talent betting odds are widespread across various sportsbooks. Both America’s Got Talent odds and Britain’s Got Talent betting odds receive a fair amount of betting markets.

The opening betting odds tend to be about what type of act will win the competition. Acts can vary from singing to magic tricks to dancing and even to bizarre and dangerous acts. Despite the name of the show, musical acts tend to dominate as the last set of odds for America’s Got Talent identifies. The odds were last updated on March 7, 2024: 

Latest GOT betting odds betonline
Malakai Bayoh +240
Ghetto Kids +400
Olivia Lynes +550

America’s Got Talent odds tend to get the edge over Britain due to its international acclaim. Most recently, an international version called The Champions was launched in 2019. It was won by Shin Lim, the winner of the 13th season of America’s Got Talent.

Before getting into the Got Talent betting odds, let’s start with the basic moneyline bet:

Got Talent odds: the Moneyline

The moneyline is the basic bet: you pick who wins outright, no extra conditions. In the case of Got Talent odds, you will be betting who will win the competition, advance to the next round, or any combination of.

Moneyline odds are typically displayed in American format as minus odds like -170 or plus odds like +150. These odds signify multiple things namely the implied probability of winning of the contestants.

The higher a contestant’s probability of winning, the lower their odds. The lower their chances, the higher the odds. The lower the odds, the more you will have to bet to get a return while the higher the odds, the more you will win if your bet wins.

Minus odds indicate a contestant has a better than 51% chance of winning. If the contestant is lined at -170 for example, you will need to bet $170 to win $100.

Got Talent

Plus odds, on the other hand, mean the contestant has less than 50% chance of winning. For example, a +150 contestant means you will win $150 if you bet $100 on them.

This format is designed to reward risk with return. Higher odds mean a greater risk so the greater your return while lower odds mean a lower risk so the less your return.

These types of odds are also used for other types of bets like props, futures, and totals.

Got Talent odds: Props and Futures

Got Talent odds feature a rich list of prop bets whether it’s America’s Got Talent odds or Britain’s Got Talent betting odds. Props, short for “propositions” are types of bets that deal with a “Yes” or “No” result. You’re betting on whether something will or won’t happen. 

Popular examples of prop bets include:

  • Will a child win the competition?
  • Will there be an act that involves animals?
  • Will a senior win the competition?
  • Will (popular contestant) win the competition?

Props tend to change from season to season although some props can be a seasonal thing. With how arbitrary these types of bets can be, the betting limits are lower.

Futures bets are bets that deal with events that are still in the distance. These can mean events that are still weeks, months, or even years away. In many cases, the event hasn’t even been made and is only in news reports and rumors.

Some futures bets may be something like:

  • Type of act for next year’s contest
  • Will (popular contestant) win prospective contest

Just like props, futures bets usually have lower betting limits. Oddsmakers can also take bets off the board. You can also cancel your bets at any time.

Got Talent Totals (Over/Under)

Totals are bets you make on whether the result of an event will go over or under the oddsmaker’s totals. Traditionally, these are the total combined score of two teams or athletes facing each other. In the case of the Got Talent shows, it can include a number of different things:

  • The number of a type of acts that will advance to the finals
  • Viewership rating
  • Attendance figures
  • How many Gold buzzers type of act will get

Got Talent odds

Some totals are lined evenly. These tend to be totals that are total guesses. But some totals like viewership and attendance figures tend to be based on hard data and show history so expect odds here to be lopsided (just like some prop bets).

To avoid a “push” bet or a draw (when the results are exactly like the oddsmaker’s totals), the numbers are lined with decimals e.g. +1.5, +501.5 thus guaranteeing a winner.

Got Talent betting odds: the different acts to bet on

As its name suggests, Got Talent is a reality TV show pitting different types of acts against each other. An opera singer or a dance group can go head-to-head against a stuntwoman or a ventriloquist. This can be a bit more challenging to “judge” than a purely singing or dancing show.

But in terms of Got Talent betting, you will mainly be betting on the different acts and how far they can go. Let’s review the most common types of acts grace the stage:

Music Act

Some of the most popular reality TV show contests are singing shows: American Idol, X-Factor, and The Voice. And for good reason. Audiences are just drawn to a powerful singer or a band that whisks them off their feet.

Britain's got talent odds

Musical acts have dominated the Got Talent shows. The majority of America’s Got Talent winners have been singers or music artists. It is almost guaranteed that a musical act will advance to the finals. For these reasons, music acts are deserving favorites.

Magic Act

As Mat Franco (America’s Got Talent season 9 winner) and Shin Lim (season 13 winner) have demonstrated, magic acts are a hit with the audience. Music acts are still the “safe” acts to pick from, but a talented magician can steal the show on any given week. See what we did here?

Magic acts are not as common as music acts and a superstar magician is even rarer. However, on the event one shows up, you should have them pegged as a contender.

Dance Act

Dancing is supposedly the “B” to singing’s “A” but it’s not quite on that level. While many talented dancers and groups have stepped up on Got Talent, very few have come out on top. The most prominent would be Kenichi Ebina, a “mime dancer” who won America’s Got Talent’s eighth season.

Although dancers have a bit more success in Britain’s Got Talent (Diversity, a dance group won season 3), consider dance acts to be longshots in every season.

Ventriloquist Act

Got Talent has successfully made ventriloquism a mainstream hit. Next to music acts, ventriloquists have most Got Talent victories. Led by Terry Fator, America’s Got Talent’s season 2’s winner, ventriloquists have won a quarter of the American edition.

Terry Fator is also considered by many to be the show’s most successful contestant as he has gone on to become a Las Vegas superstar earning nine figures.

Comedy Act

A comedian has not won America’s Got Talent although Lee Ridley, better known as “Lost Voice Guy”, triumphed in Britain’s Got Talent season 12. Comedians have come close many times with a few runner-up finishes in both shows.

Like dance acts, consider comedy acts as underdogs as music, magic, and even ventriloquist acts tend to make a bigger impact on the audience and judges.

Any other type of Act

There are plenty of other types of acts with the Got Talent series. Some even end up winning it all, especially the acts that feature dogs. Two trainers & dog acts won Britain’s Got Talent and one won America’s Got Talent. But other than that, the winners have come from one of the main acts above.

Where to find Got Talent lines

Got Talent lines can be found from the top online sportsbooks as we've listed in our widget below. Find them in the Entertainment section. In some books, Got Talent has its own section in the entertainment category. And in some books, it can be highlighted on the landing page if it's in season.

We recommend checking out the sportsbooks to find if they offer Got Talent lines and to what extent they offer them. Not all books are the same and while most of them feature competitive odds, deposit bonuses, and promotions, not everyone shares the same betting markets.

This means that one sportsbook may offer dozens of Got Talent lines but one will only open one or two. Some books also offer Got Talent lines that are late to being updated while some have, conspicuously, better lines than everyone else.

The best way to find the best Got Talent lines is to look through the books. Alternatively, you can read our comprehensive reviews.

When reviewing books, find the book that checks off your priorities. The sportsbooks are great and offer many things, but they are not perfect. If you enjoy betting on shows like Got Talent, find a book that offers plenty of entertainment and non-sports lines.

Bet on Got Talent, but keep in mind it is still just a reality TV show featuring crazy, fun, and talented individuals and groups. It's almost like a circus. Have fun!

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