Regardless of era, the Miss Universe beauty pageant continues to be an international hit. Miss Universe betting odds are a niche but active category in the entertainment section of online sportsbooks. If you think about it, pageantry is a sport in many countries. These ladies are as competitive as the athletes we regularly bet on and the contest continues to evolve with the times. Though limited, you can find Miss Universe betting markets around.

The odds for Miss Universe 2023 aren’t yet available. However, as soon as they become available we’ll be sure to post the odds online. The odds were last updated on May 2, 2023:

Miss Universe 2023 winners odds

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Miss Colombia TBA TBA TBA
Miss America TBA TBA TBA
Miss South Africa TBA TBA TBA
Miss Canada TBA TBA  TBA
Miss Australia TBA TBA  TBA
Miss France TBA TBA  TBA

What to bet with Miss Universe odds?

Betting on Miss Universe odds tends to be straightforward. There aren’t too many markets on the beauty pageant, which can be a good thing as you’ll make you can put more effort into betting what’s available.

Plenty of your efforts should go to shopping for betting lines and reading into the history of the pageant. Unlike other events to bet on, Miss Universe is wholly subjective. However, by doing some research you can find some trends here.

Certain countries to excel over the others. And even though “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”, there tends to be a specific look or persona that gets noticed by the judges more. But you can’t create data sheets out of things like beauty, charisma, and personality.

This is why you should keep betting Miss Universe odds at a fun level. Or if you’d like, you can gun for as many underdogs as you can find.

Moneyline for Miss Universe betting odds

Betting on Miss Universe goes through the moneyline. This is the standard type of betting where you pick your winner outright.

Moneyline odds are a conversion of each contestant’s probability of winning. The better their chance of winning, the lower their odds, and the lesser their chance, the higher the odds. The lower the odds, the more you will have to stake to earn a profit while the higher the odds, the higher your profit if you win your wager.

These moneyline odds will reflect as minus numbers like -150 or plus odds like +130 to name examples. These are in American format and are commonly used in North America.

Contestants lined with minus odds are favorites. It means they have a probability of over 50% of winning. Plus odds are underdogs and it indicates they have less than 50% chance of winning.

Betting on Miss Universe

Minus and plus numbers are based on a $100 wager. Minus odds indicate how much you have to wager to win $100 while plus odds reveal how much you win when you wager $100.

Let’s look at two examples:

  • Miss USA is lined at -120 to make the final round. This means you need to wager $120 to win $100.
  • Miss Philippines is lined at +350 to win Miss Universe. This means you will win $350 if you stake $100 should she win.

Because of the number of contestants and the unpredictability of judging, you will hardly find contestants who are lined at minus odds. You will find the contestants lined with plus odds.

You can either go big and bet on one contestant or divide your wagers with different ones.

Miss Universe odds: who will win the Miss Universe beauty pageant?

Although the contest isn’t like traditional sports, it does have some similarities. One, it is based on judging just like boxing and figure skating. And two, certain countries do better than others.

Countries from Latin America like Venezuela, Colombia, and Puerto Rico tend to do while Southeast Asian countries (outside the Philippines) usually go home empty-handed.

And as the saying goes, “the rich get richer, the poor get poorer.” Dominant countries like Venezuela and the Philippines have invested heavily in beauty pageants and have an intense grassroots focus on pageantry.

Here’s a quick look into some of the most successful countries of Miss Universe:

Miss Philippines

The Philippines is the most successful Asian country and the fourth-most successful overall. This is thanks to the country’s blend of cultural influences from places like the United States and Spain. Filipino contestants also tend to be mestiza just like their Latina American counterparts and are usually fluent in English.

Miss Puerto Rico

The third-most successful country, Puerto Rico has gone through a bit of a drought as they haven’t won a Miss Universe pageant since 2006. But they have come close in recent years. Puerto Ricans tend to have more affinity with English than other Latin American countries giving them a slight advantage.

Miss South Africa

The new hot country has been South Africa who has crowned two Miss Universes most recently. South Africans are fluent in English and have a commanding stage presence. They also tend to do well in the Q&A round making them a threat once they reach the final stages.

Miss Universe betting

Miss United States

The United States is Miss Universe’s most successful country. They have had eight winners and have won the contest in almost every decade beginning in the 1950s. Americans tend to be one of the most diverse contestants and they have a potent pageant committee. They tend to be popular bets for obvious reasons.

Miss Venezuela

The second-most successful country is Venezuela, home to experienced and proud contestants. Venezuela is the only country to have two consecutive Miss Universe winners (2008 and 2009). Due to their history of success, they tend to be automatic write-ins for the final rounds.

Other Miss Universe betting odds

While not as popular, there are other Miss Universe betting odds you can find. You can choose how far certain countries will go. In some cases, books may open lines similar to horse racing where you bet on how far contestants go e.g. Win, Top 3, Top 5, Top 10, Top 20.

These are how the rounds differ as of 2020:

  • Top 20: opening statement round
  • Top 10: swimsuit and evening gown round
  • Top 5: Q&A round – each contestant gets a different question
  • Top 3: Final Q&A round – contestants get the same question

Lastly, you can also find more wagers distributed as props.

Miss Universe odds

Prop bets and Futures for Miss Universe odds

Prop bets, short for “propositions”, are also called exotic wagers. These are like the bet version of a “Yes” and “No” question. Formally, prop bets deal with the occurrence or non-occurrence of an event. 

Bets like these are also trendy and tend to ride along with current events. Take for example this prop bet:

“Will Steve Harvey announce the wrong winner?”

  • Yes +1000
  • No – 5000

Usually, these props that deal with monumental kerfuffles are one-sided. Oddsmakers sometimes only open this for amusement and they don’t expect too many people to bet on these. The betting limits are also low so don’t expect to come out like a bandit if you somehow predict a crazy outcome properly.

Futures, on the other hand, are just like props but deal with events that are still far away from happening. These could be events like the next Miss Universe pageant when the current one just finished or even a Miss Universe event several years down.

These types of bets tend to be rare and just like props, the betting limits are low. Sportsbooks can also alter or remove the odds whenever they choose. Likewise, you can cancel your bet.

Miss Universe Totals (Over/Under)

Although this is a popular bet type, you may not see this with Miss Universe often due to the format. The totals are when you bet on whether the actual result will go over or under the oddsmaker’s total.

Over/under odds are usually lined with decimals to ensure there will be a winning bet (with a whole number, the result can match the oddsmaker’s total and it will result in a “push – no winner).

Some potential totals you might see for Miss Universe is how many contestants from a continent will qualify for the finals or, in rare and somewhat mean-spirited occasions, how many contestants will trip.

The totals tend to be lined evenly and the lines will go lower or higher depending on how much betting action it receives.

Where to find Miss Universe betting?

You can find Miss Universe betting odds from any of the top online sportsbooks like the ones listed in our partner table. You should find it under the Entertainment section. In some rare cases, some books may even display Miss Universe right at the main page if it is a trending topic.

The partner table here outlines the best available sportsbooks. These books usually offer Miss Universe odds and will even throw in a signup bonus or other similar promotions.

Miss Universe odds can be limited because it is a niche category. But that could work to your advantage as you'll have fewer odds to shop for. Read our sportsbook reviews or compare them at your leisure.

Even better, sign up for more than one book so you can avail of several signup bonuses. Sportsbooks tend to be updated about each other's activities so they usually match the other's betting lines. But this isn't always true.

By keeping tabs on the top sportsbooks, you may swoop in and find the best odds. You may even bet on these varying lines and get the biggest bang for your buck.

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