It is the granddaddy of all sports entertainment events: Wrestlemania. Once every year is WWE’s grandest stage where legends are born and icons are remembered. And such an epic event draws not only fans but sports bettors of all types. Yes, Wrestlemania odds roll out often and is filled with a plethora of markets even for the most exotic matches. Think of this as the Superbowl of entertainment betting.

Wrestlemania betting odds are now available for the Men’s WrestleMania 40 Champion. The odds are subject to change and were last updated on February 14, 2024:

WrestleMania 40 odds Fighter #1 BetUS BetUS Fighter #2
Universal Championship Cody Rhodes -425 +265 Roman Regins
World Heavyweight Championship Drew McIntyre -650 +375 Seth Rollins + Cody Rhodes
Women’s Championship Bayley -700 +400 Iyo Sky
Women’s World Championship Rhea Ripley -500 +300 Becky Lynch
Tag team match Roman Reigns + The Rock -700 +400 Seth Rollins + Cody Rhodes
United States Championship Logan Paul -450 +425 Randy Orton + Kevin Owens
Singles match Jey Uso -250 +170 Jimmy Uso
Intercontinental Championship Gunther -300 +200 Sami Zayn
Singles match LA Knight -600 +350 AJ Styles
6-Woman tag team match Bianca Belair + Jade Cargill Naomi -2000 +700 Dakota Kai Asuka + Kairi Sane
Tag team match Dominik Mysterio + Santos Escobar -250 +170 Rey Mysterio + Dragon Lee
6-Man Philadelphia Street Fight Bobby Lashley + Street Profits -200 +150 The Final Testament


What to Bet on Wrestlemania

It’s not so much what to bet on Wrestlemania but what to not bet on Wrestlemania. The mega-sized WWE event has over dozens of matches and each usually contains their own set of betting odds. “But it’s FAKE!” you say?

Yes, Wrestlemania’s outcomes are decided upon before the match but the WWE has been one of the best at keeping the results a secret. Even the embedded WWE journalists don’t figure out, or leak, the results beforehand. And in the event something does get revealed, the scripted outcome can be changed even during the match.

Wrestlemania betting

This is where Wrestlemania betting becomes complicated. A heavy favorite can completely swing and become a heavy underdog if word gets out that they will lose. And vice versa.

Look at the Wrestlemania line up and then look at the Wrestlemania odds. There are different markets to bet on.

Wrestlemania Moneyline Betting

The bread-and-butter of Wrestlemania betting: choose a wrestler to win the match. It’s that simple. The tricky part comes in reading the odds and determining what they mean.

Odds are implied probability translated for wagering purposes. The more likely a wrestler is to win, the lower their odds, and the less likely they are to win, the higher the odds.

This means that betting on a wrestler that is likely to win will yield lower profit margins and in contrast, betting on a wrestler less likely to win will yield a higher profit. But also, a wrestler more likely to win will more likely cash than a wrestler unlikely to win.

Wrestlers more likely to win are favorites. They’re displayed as minus numbers (-150, -5000, etc.) The wrestlers less likely to win are underdogs. They show up as plus numbers (+200, +1000, etc.).

The minus indicates how much you have to bet to win $100 on the wrestler. So a -150 favorite requires a $150 bet to win $100. A plus indicates how much you win on a $100 bet. So a +200 underdog will pay $200 with a $100 bet.

Most of the Wrestlemania betting markets you will find use this format regardless of the match type and there are many.

Types of Wrestlemania Matches

Singles match

The basic wrestling match. This is a one-on-one match where wrestlers compete for one fall. Matches are won by pinfall, submission, knockout, count-out, or disqualification.

Tag team match

A wrestling match comprised of teams of two or more wrestlers. One wrestler per team competes against the other with their partners standing behind the ropes. They can swap places by “tagging” their partners. Like a singles match, victory is attained through pinfall, submission, knockout, count-out, or disqualification.

Handicap match

A match where one side outnumbers the other. This can be one wrestler competing against two or more wrestlers or two wrestlers against three or more. Like the other matches, victory is claimed by pinfall, submission, knockout, count-out or disqualification.

Steel cage match

A giant cage is placed around the ring with the wrestlers competing to escape the cage first. They can escape either by climbing out of the cage or walking through the front door. Otherwise, they can also win by pinfall or submission. In most cases, there are no disqualifications in steel cage matches.

Wrestlemania line up

Ladder match

The objective of this match is to climb a ladder and grab the prize that is hanging over the ring usually a championship belt, briefcase, or any other item. This is the only way to win the match and there are no disqualifications. Ladders are also often used as weapons in this match.

Tables match

To win this match, the wrestler/s must break a table by throwing their opponent into it. This can be done by slamming, pushing, or tossing the opponent into the table. Other ways to do it is by laying the wrestler flat on the table and then diving on them. As long as the opponent’s body is put through the table, the match is won.

Lumberjack match

This is just like a singles or tag team match but with wrestlers and/or people surrounding the outside of the ring. These are the “lumberjacks”. As a result, count-outs rarely happen. Lumberjacks can freely attack the wrestlers as they please. The match is won through pinfall, submission, or knockout.

Iron Man match

A multiple-fall match, the wrestler who has recorded the most falls during a set time period wins the match. Iron Man matches are usually 30 or 60 minutes in length. Falls are won through pinfall, submission, knockout, count-out, or disqualification.

Last Man Standing match

A match where wrestlers compete until one of them cannot stand up to a ten count. These matches are usually long and grueling and function like a No Disqualification match where anything goes. An alternate version of this is the “I Quit Match” where wrestlers compete until one of them cries says, “I quit.”

Hardcore match or No Disqualification match

The hardcore match, a fan favorite, is a type of match where disqualifications, count-outs, and all other rules don’t apply. Alternatively, it is known as a “No Disqualification” match. Matches like these usually involve weapons, props, and even vehicles and other gimmicks.

Battle Royal

A Battle Royal is a jumbo-sized King of the Hill match and usually contains anywhere from 10 to 20 or even 30 wrestlers. The objective is to become the only wrestler remaining inside the ring by eliminating all the opposition. Wrestlers are eliminated by being thrown over the top rope with both feet touching the floor.

Large wrestlers tend to dominate this match although smaller wrestlers can also use their agility to stave off elimination.

Wrestlemania Totals (Over/Under)

An alternative to the moneyline where you pick the winner of the match, you can bet on whether a condition will go over or under a number the oddsmaker makes. 

The odds will also reflect similarly to the moneyline but the conditions are different. And unlike the moneyline where you may choose from more than two results, the over/under is always just between the two bets.

Here are some sample totals you may see in a Wrestlemania line up:

  • The number of times a finisher is used
  • The number of times a wrestler/manager uses a phrase
  • The number of falls in an Iron Man match
  • The number of eliminations a wrestler makes
  • The total attendance in the arena

Wrestlemania odds

Also unlike the moneyline, the totals tend to open at even odds as the purpose of this is to provide a 50/50 option whereas some matches weigh heavily towards one side.

Wrestlemania Prop bets

A prop bet or an exotic bet is a type of bet that goes beyond the outcome of a match. It is a type of bet based on a “what if” scenario and deals with predicting a specific event taking place or not taking place.

Prop bets include predicting whether a wrestler will show up at Wrestlemania, if a wrestler will retire, or if the total attendance will break records.

Like the moneyline and totals, this is lined as minus and plus numbers.

Where to find Wrestlemania betting odds

The best thing about Wrestlemania betting odds is they are on almost every major betting site you can think of. Usually betting sites do not carry WWE or pro wrestling odds but Wrestlemania is such a big event that they will be under the "Entertainment" section or even their own section.

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The table here outlines the top online sportsbooks in the market. They have their own strengths, perks, and nuances. The best way to determine which books offer the best odds is to check each one out. You can also read our comprehensive reviews on each site.

Unlike other traditional sports, WWE odds tend to be all over the place. You may notice some major discrepancies from one book to the other making it a great strategy to sign up for more than one book to get the best betting odds.

Signing up to multiple books also offers many perks including availing of multiple signup offers and betting promotions.

Depending on your knowledge of the WWE, Wrestlemania can be a straightforward event with a few surprises. With the amount of scrutiny it receives, some matches have been changed at the last minute throwing everyone off.

Pick your spots. You don't need to bet on every match. Size up the odds and determine if they are worth the risk. It's one thing to be a fan and want a wrestler to win. It's another to stake your hard-earned money. Although hey, Wrestlemania only happens once a year. Might as well go big!

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