Each year in February, the top 24 players from around the NBA are selected for an All-Star exhibition game. The teams are all composed of players within their respective conferences. The starting line-ups for each team are selected by a combination of fan, player, and media voting. Since 2018, the top player on each team is deemed team captain and gets to select the reserve players for their respective team.

The odds were last updated on April 23, 2021: 

All Star MVP 2021 OddsBovadaBetOnlineBetUS
Giannis AntetokounmpoTBATBATBA
Stephen CurryTBATBATBA
NBA Skills Contest Odds 2022BovadaBetOnlineBetUS
Domantas SabonisTBATBATBA
Robert CovingtonTBATBATBA
Julius RandleTBATBATBA
Nikola VucevicTBATBATBA
NBA Slam Dunk Contest Odds 2022BovadaBetOnlineBetUS
Cassius StanleyTBATBATBA
Anfernee SimonsTBATBATBA

The head coaches from the teams with the best records are selected to represent the all-star teams. Though there is a rule that prevents coaches from participating in consecutive years, named the Riley Rule after Pat Riley from the Lakers who coached the team eight times in nine years. The coach with the second-best record would coach instead if the chosen coach participated the year before.

The NBA All-Star game is played under normal NBA rules, but is much more extravagant, with more slam dunks and alley-oops than usual - with a much higher final score. The NBA All-Star game also incorporates the Elam Ending, where the game clock turns off for the last four minutes of the game, and a target score is set - whoever reaches the target wins the game.

While the NBA All-Star game has no impact on the NBA season or NBA Finals, it’s still a fun event to place a bet on - and they always have some fun props and plenty of All-Star games betting odds available.

In addition to the NBA All-Star game each year, there are other events that draw in viewers like the Rising Stars Challenge and the Skills Challenge, Three-point Contest, and Slam Dunk Competition.

The first All-Star Weekend was held in 1951 in Boston Garden and the first All-Star Game MVP was the Boston Celtics’ Ed Macauley. Each year, the competition is held in different cities, and the 2020 edition of the NBA All-Star Game was held in Chicago, Illinois.

NBA All Star Game

How to Bet on the NBA All Star Game

The first step when it comes to betting on the NBA All Star Game involves recognizing that this game is just for fun - the players are obviously trying, but they are trying to showcase their skills and many times they can goof off a little bit. The NBA All Star game allows players a game that isn’t going to affect their season, reducing pressure.

Oddsmakers do offer a great selection of NBA All Star betting odds that you can take advantage of, that will pad your bank roll and bet on the top talent in the league - all in the same game. The format of the NBA All Star game means there will be even more NBA prop bets to place a wager on, as there are so many games within a game.

Let’s take a look at popular NBA All Star Game betting types:

NBA All Star Game Moneyline Betting

If you already bet on the NBA regular season and NBA odds, you are probably familiar with the moneyline wager. This bet is simple: pick which team you think will win the game.

NBA All Star Game Point Spread Betting

Similar to the moneyline wager, except the point spread allows the underdog team a slight advantage before the game even starts. Usually, with this elite competition, the point spread won’t be very high. The favored team will need to win the game by that amount, or the underdog will need to win the game or lose by less than the spread.

Keep in mind the last five years have had scoring margins of 3-26 points, so there is definitely some value in spread betting - not every game is that close.

NBA All Star Game Totals or Over/Under Betting

This is another easy wager, and there will be more than one total in the game. The totals wager asks you to decide if the score will be higher or lower than the projected total by the oddsmaker. They have a variety of totals, including a total for each quarter of the NBA All Star Game.

Keep in mind, these scores will be much higher than a regular game (which averages around 200 points), so don’t get spooked when you see a 300+ point total.

NBA All Star Game Prop Betting

You do not want to miss out on the NBA All Star game prop bets. The All Star game provides more opportunities for a variety of prop bets that you wouldn’t normally see on any average regular-season game. There will be NBA All Star odds on anything that happens within the game that is noteworthy, like the first player or team to score each quarter, whether a player will get a slam dunk, predicting the final target score, and more.

Another popular prop bet is predicting the All Star Most Valuable Player. Each year, media personnel votes on the MVP for the NBA All Star game. This can pose to be challenging as you are selecting an MVP from the best of the best of the NBA. Statistically, the MVP has been won by 18 guards, 10 forwards and four centers.

Another interesting statistic is that hometown players tend to get a bit of bias when selecting the MVP. Most recently, in 2017, Anthony Davis of the Pelicans was selected as MVP in New Orleans.

NBA All Star Game betting odds

Past NBA All Star Game Results

  • 2020 - Team Lebron over Team Giannis (157-155)
  • 2019 - Team Lebron over Team Giannis (178-164)
  • 2018 - Team Lebron over Team Stephen (148-145)
  • 2017 - West (192-182)
  • 2016 - West (196-173)
  • 2015 - West (163-158)
  • 2014 - East (163-155)
  • 2013 - West (143-138)
  • 2012 - West (152-149)
  • 2011 - West (148-143)
  • 2010 - East (141-139)

NBA All Star Game Wagering

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