What Are The Current NBA Western Conference Standings

As playoffs near, some teams will be playing for the postseason or trying to better their position, while others might continue to lose to get into a better draft pick. Track of the progress in the wins and loss column right here. [+]

Use the Golden State Warriors and San Antonio Spurs as a measuring stick on the futures front. If teams are within sniffing distance of their record, you're free to look into them as dark-horse big-picture plays. Whatever squads are light years behind them, though, should be considered taboo for your purposes.


Best Of The West

It's good that the Golden State Warriors and San Antonio Spurs are so dominant, because it makes for easy futures betting.

At the same time, though, your mission when betting on the Western Conference should be to maximize your returns by sussing out worthy dark horses. 

This isn't to say you should be throwing money and bets at any old team and hope to be successful. Instead, the goal is to try finding squads that could, quite feasibly, beat either the Warriors or Spurs in a seven-game series, then work their odds accordingly.

Only one team looks like it's a real threat on this front right now: the Houston Rockets. They have built a floor-spacing terror, and if a few things go their way, they'll be equipped to outgun San Antonio or, less likely, Golden State in a playoff date. 

Give some residual consideration to the Utah Jazz here, too. They are scrappy as anyone when they're at full strength and can force the Warriors outside their comfort zone by accentuating half-court pace. That doesn't give them a marked edge over the Spurs, but again, it's equally important to find long-shot Warriors kryptonite options.