Past Eastern Conference Champions

  • 2022 – Boston Celtics
  • 2021 – Milwaukee Bucks
  • 2020 – Los Angeles Lakers
  • 2019 – Toronto Raptors
  • 2018 – Cleveland Cavaliers
  • 2017 – Cleveland Cavaliers
  • 2016 – Cleveland Cavaliers
  • 2015 – Cleveland Cavaliers
  • 2014 – Miami Heat
  • 2013 – Miami Heat
  • 2012 – Miami Heat
  • 2011 – Miami Heat
  • 2010 – Boston Celtics

Most Eastern Conference Championships by Franchise

  • Boston Celtics – 22
  • Philadelphia 76ers/Syracuse Nationals – 9
  • New York Knicks – 8
  • Chicago Bulls – 6
  • Detroit Pistons – 5
  • Miami Heat – 5
  • Cleveland Cavaliers – 5

Top Online Sportsbooks for Betting on the NBA Eastern Conference

If you’re planning to bet on the NBA Eastern Conference odds or any of the divisional odds listed above, you will need to find an online sportsbook to place your wagers. Online sportsbooks have always had a stigma around them that they aren’t safe or trustworthy, but that is far from the truth. Many of the best online sportsbooks are far superior to any other sportsbook you may find in your local casino or bar.

When you sign up at an online sportsbook of your choosing, you want to first make sure that they offer the NBA Eastern Conference odds that you want to bet on; it is helpful to shop around at different online sportsbooks to find the one with the best odds. Not all sportsbooks have the same lines, so you can always find better value somewhere, meaning larger payouts.

Your preferred sportsbook should offer the deposit options you want, and special NBA bonuses are always an added value. If you plan to bet throughout the NBA Playoffs and Finals, many bonuses have very reasonable rollover requirements that you can achieve in a short amount of time.

We understand that this sounds like a lot of research, yet important research. We don’t want you to have to spend hours doing the research before finding a great sportsbook.

We had our experts review all of the top online sportsbooks to help you find all of this information in one place. You can find in-depth reviews and information on our sportsbook reviews page.

The most important part of betting on the NBA Eastern Conference is to have fun and please bet responsibly!

NBA Eastern Conference FAQs

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