The NBA Finals is the annual championship series of the National Basketball Association, and each year pits the Eastern and Western Conference champions against each other to crown the NBA Champions in a best-of-seven game series.

Every sportsbook will offer a slew of betting options on the NBA Finals. It’s the premier basketball event of the season and the oddsmakers go the extra mile to create even more betting options for sports bettors to place wagers on.

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When it comes to betting on the NBA Finals, many times, it can be stressful, with the two top teams battling for the Championship. There usually aren’t clear underdogs, and the odds can sometimes be a bit on the safe side, as oddsmakers are protecting themselves.

However, many sports bettors choose to make several different bets on the NBA Finals, many place a wager on each option – moneyline, totals and point spreads, to make their bet a little more exciting and have back up plans in case their initial bet doesn’t cash.

What sets NBA Finals betting apart from regular season betting is that there are so many more betting markets, and much lower odds. You really have to know what you’re doing to profit during the NBA Finals. You won’t see longshot odds of +400 during the NBA Finals, the odds usually sit in the negative, and even the underdog usually only has +120 or so.

While the 2021 NBA Finals will return to the usual date we remain in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, the playoffs will attempt to resemble some sort of normalcy, but nothing is normal about it. Players are getting into the flow of the regular season, as the NBA Final contenders begin to stake their claim.

The 2022 NBA Finals are set to begin on June 2nd and conclude on June 19th, 2022.

The 2022 NBA Playoffs could prove to be very interesting to say the least, as no one really knows what to expect from any team – meaning you could get some great value on an underdog team.

If you’re looking to bet on the 2022 NBA Finals, you’re in the right place as we have a comprehensive sports betting guide that will help you make the most of your NBA betting dollars this May.

how to bet on nba finals

How to Bet on the NBA Finals

There are plenty of betting options available for those who want to place a few bucks on the NBA Finals. It’s the Super Bowl of Basketball, and it doesn’t occur on one evening – the series allows for many more bets to be placed.

It’s recommended to familiarize yourself with the betting options available to prime yourself for betting on the NBA Finals.

NBA Finals Moneyline Betting

As the most common betting type in any sport, betting the moneyline during the NBA Finals can prove to be a little riskier – but will likely show a better payout in the end. Your job when betting the moneyline is to choose which team will win the game. It doesn’t get much more simple than that. There will be moneyline odds on all games in the series, so you can place a moneyline wager on all NBA Finals games.

NBA Finals Point Spreads

While point spreads are a little more complex, betting the point spreads during the NBA Finals is vastly popular. The competition is much tougher during the series, and the point spread allows for a slight error. When betting the point spreads on an NBA Final game, there will be a favorite and an underdog, and the oddsmaker will release the lines showing what the projected spread will be.

If the spread is +7.5/-7.5, that means that the underdog will have to win the game or lose by less than 7. If you pick the favorite, they will have to win by more than 8 points.

NBA Finals Totals Betting

Totals are popular when it comes to betting on the NBA Finals because some bettors can’t decide who will win the game. For the totals, or over/under as it’s commonly called, you will need to decide if the total combined points for both teams in a single game will be over or under the oddsmaker’s line. If the total is 206, you will need to decide if you think both teams will score more or less than that amount collectively.

NBA Finals Prop Betting

Since we have a full guide on NBA props, we won’t go into too much detail here, but you can always bet on many different unique instances in the game. Many of the NBA Finals prop bets available have to do with player performance, so you may want to do some research into the teams playing in the NBA Final.

You can bet on things like, whether a player will get a certain amount of points, or who will win the opening tip-off.

NBA Finals betting odds

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NBA Finals Futures Betting

Futures are a popular betting option when it comes to the NBA Finals, and for good reason. Sports bettors can get great value betting on the odds to win the NBA Championship.

Odds to Win the 2022 NBA Finals

The below odds are for the NBA title in 2022. The odds are subject to change so ensure to check back with this page for the most up-to-date markets. This page was last updated on June 16, 2022:

NBA Outright Winners Odds 2023 Bovada GTBets MyBookie
Golden State Warriors +450 +450 +450
Boston Celtics +625 +600 +600
Brooklyn Nets +700 +700 +800
Los Angeles Clippers +800 +800 +800
Milwaukee Bucks +850 +850 +900
Phoenix Suns +900 +900 +900

Many prefer to bet on NBA Futures, which allows you to place a vastly risky wager on the team you believe will win the NBA Finals – well in advance of the series. NBA Finals Futures are released almost immediately after the previous season concludes, and are adjusted as necessary throughout the offseason, and change drastically during the regular season.

nba finals futures

You will want to keep an eye on injury reports, suspensions, and trades throughout the season, as they will have a big impact on the outcome of the NBA season. If Lebron James got injured, you can bet that your LA Lakers odds of winning the NBA Finals will plummet.

When you finally enter the NBA Playoffs, you will see that the NBA Finals odds have much less value than they did at the beginning of the season, because the outcome is much easier to predict as teams get knocked out.

Top Online Sportsbooks for Betting on the NBA Finals

Now that we’re nearing the end of the season, you may want to get in on the NBA betting action, and what better time than the NBA Finals. You can sign up at one of our trusted online sportsbooks, create an account quickly and easily, and you’re off!

We have plenty of online sportsbook reviews, which are crucial to reading before signing up for a sportsbook. There can be some sportsbooks that are less than perfect, and we only want you to use the top online sportsbooks when it comes to betting on something as important as the NBA Finals. Doing plenty of research will help you decide if a sportsbook is right for you – be sure to check out what deposit options are available and if there are any specific NBA Finals bonuses available.

nba finals odds

NBA Finals FAQs

  • Which team is favourite to win the NBA Championship this year?

    As it stands, according to the latest NBA Finals betting odds, it’s Steph Curry and his Warriors that are slated to win the Championship.

  • What is the best sportsbook for NBA Finals odds?

    NBA Finals bets differ depending on the sportsbook you’re at. Each sportsbook has it’s own unique selling points-whether it be bonuses, promotions, payment methods, the list goes on-that appeal to bettors differently.

  • Will the NBA Finals be best of 7 this year?

    Each game during the postseason is played over a best of 7 series, making for far more interesting NBA Finals betting.

  • Are there in-play betting lines for the NBA Finals?

    Betting on the NBA Finals can be done via mobile, through in-play betting, or the classic lines such as the money line or point spread. In fact, the demand for in-play lines means events like the NBA Finals offer some of the most extensive live betting options.

  • Which teams are most likely to make it to the NBA Finals in 2022?

    The teams likely to make it really depends on what happens now in the quarter finals. To bet on the NBA Finals before the final teams are decided is always a risk, so bear that in mind.