Most sports bettors cannot envision a world in which they’re not gambling on college football. It is that popular, second only to NFL wagering in North America. That’s why you are reading a page on College Football betting odds.

As we head towards the end of the season, the Alabama Crimson Tide is favorites across all the top-tier bookmakers’ NCAAF odds. With the start of the season so close, college football betting lines and odds are becoming a hot top. Check out the futures and various NCAAF betting lines for the 2025 season.

The odds for the NCAAF are available. The odds are subject to change, so be sure to check back with this page as often as possible. For our readers, we ensure we post the best NCAA football odds this week, as we cover every game this season. The NCAA football Vegas odds were last updated on May 2, 2024:

2024/2025 NCAAF Winners Odds BetOnline Bovada MyBookie
Georgia +330 +330 +350
Ohio State +480 +480 +500
Texas +700 +720 +700
Oregon +900 +900 +950
Alabama +1400 +1400 +1400
LSU +1400 +1500 +1400
Ole Miss +1500 +1500 +1500
Michigan +1600 +1600 +1600
Florida State +2000 +2000 +2000
Penn State +2600 +2600 +2600
Notre Dame +2800 +2800 +2800
Missouri +3000 +3000 +3000

The semi-recent introduction of the college football playoffs has only upped that interest. Saturdays in the fall are now almost entirely devoted to tracking the outcomes of vast many teams as they try to march toward a National Championship.

Needless to say, with something this popular, all gamblers need to know everything they can. College football betting trends, college football betting tips, college football betting strategies, the best college football sportsbooks—you name it, it’s important. And we’re here to make sure you have it.

Best College Football Betting Odds

Knowing where to scoop the latest and greatest college football betting odds is half the battle for most gamblers. Luckily, we’ve got you covered. Each of our recommended online sportsbooks carries an extensive list of college football spreads, moneylines, futures, props and so much more, and NCAA football championship odds are always posted in a timely fashion.

Each NCAAF season has several Bowls and we have dedicated pages for every single one of them:

About College Football Betting Odds

Okay, so you've got the best college football betting sites down. Now what? Everything else. How do you bet on college football? What do all the different NCAA football betting odds mean? What are the major Bowl Games? What sorts of props are available? The list of topics to discuss is almost endless, and it can be a little overwhelming. Not here, though. Consider this your how-to on mastering NCAA football betting.

Types of NCAAF Betting Odds

Betting on college football is not a one-step process. You have a wealth of options at your disposal. Are you gambling on single games? Does the Championship tilt? Are you looking to place a bigger-picture wager? Let's roll through all your most important possibilities.

College Football Single-Game Moneylines

No college football bet is easier to place than the moneyline option. Your only job is to pick the winner of a given game. That's it.

Interpreting these NCAA football odds is your greatest challenge, and even that's not hard. If you're selecting the Clemson Tigers to win at -150, this means you need to bet $150 in order to win $100. Conversely, if you choose the LSU Tigers at +250, this means that you'll win $250 for every $100 you gamble.

Don't go investing in these lines blindly—particularly when you stand to make more than you're wagering. Any team that pays out more than 1-to-1 is an underdog, and they're deemed such for a reason. Make sure you're reading up on why a certain school is favored over another before trying to maximize your payout.

College Football Spreads

Understanding college football spreads are a little harder, but still not all that difficult. They, too, will reflect whether a team is an underdog or favorite.

If you're taking the University of North Carolina at +7, they are an underdog and must lose the game by fewer than seven points or emerge victorious for your wager to hit. If you take Duke at -7, this tells you that they're the favorite and must win the game by more than seven points.

College Football Over/Under

Betting the over/under in college football is all about determining the threshold on the combined final score between the two participating schools. For instance, if a game featuring Ohio State and Penn State has an over/under of 52.5, investing in the over would mean both sides must score 53 or more points between them while choosing the under would—you guessed it—mandate the final score check-in at 52 or lower.

College Football Props

Prop bets for college football can be a little drab on a game-by-game basis. With so many teams to keep track of, sportsbooks reserve the most comprehensive selections for a select few primetime matchups each week. You won't get the full prop-betting experience until the college football playoff and the National Championship.

What are props, you ask? Well, they're essentially anything that isn't a straight outcome wager—be it moneyline, spread, or over/under—on a game. They are instead more specialized and usually have to do with statistical achievements and events that can happen within a game.

Some examples will include: Will the coin toss land on heads or tails? Which team will be the first to score a touchdown? Will the Boise State quarterback throw for over or under 250 yards?

Certain sportsbooks will even provide props by quarter. Like, you can actually bet on which team will win a quarter (a prop moneyline) and by how much (a prop spread). And this is but a taste of props. Poke around your favorite sportsbook. You'll find more.

If it turns our prop wagers are your thing, then bowl season will be your heaven. Sportsbooks don't just roll out the red carpet of props for the college football playoff and the National Championship. They unload the clip for every major bowl game— Peach Bowl, Sugar Bowl, Orange Bowl, Fiesta BowlCotton Bowl, even the Belk Bowl.

NCAAF Parlays

Are you interested in drumming up the potential return on your college football bets? Well, then, parlays might be the wagers for you.

These bets consist of combining multiple different lines for one big wager. By stacking outcomes with different NCAA football betting odds on top of one another you can exponentially increase the potential payout. The catch: Every single bet you choose must be a success for your parlay to hit.

Consider this hypothetical. You build a four-bet parlay with the following lines: Boston University (-7), Utah (+110), Rutgers University (+6) and over 56.5 on Florida State-University of Miami. All four of these predictions must prove true for you to win. Even if you correctly pick three and miss on one, you'll be leaving empty-handed.

College Football If/Then Betting

If you're interested in getting a little more nuanced, sportsbooks also allow you to bet on multiple outcomes without subjecting yourself to the fragile nature of a particular parlay. These are called if/then wagers, and they permit you to submit multiple gambles that are dependent on separate outcomes.

You're not alone if you're confused. These are the most complex of all college football odds. But they're easy enough to understand when you think about them.

Take the following if/then scenario: If Alamba (-7) hits, then bet Georgia (+225). In this case, you're on the hook for the Alabama wager. However, your Georgia bet won't actually submit unless Alabama wins their game by more than seven points. Should they win by seven or fewer—or even lose—you'll never place the wager on Georgia.

These if/then wagers can include as many levels as you like. You can even build if/then parlays should you be feeling especially lucky. Though we don't recommend subsisting on these bets exclusively, they are a great way to minimize your up-front risk while maximizing your payout upside.

NCAAF Live Betting

Live college football betting encapsulates all the other gambling elements we've just discussed and allows you to submit your wagers after the game has already kicked off. Pretty much every sportsbook offers this feature, though the extent to which they do varies. Not everyone will allow you bet on live props or build parlays off live-game odds.

Still, live betting is a great tool for those looking to spot market inefficiencies. Investing in a team that's trailing is the most popular form this strategy takes. Let's say Mississippi State University is heavily favored going into a game against the University of Missouri.

And yet, at halftime, they trail by a touchdown. There's a chance that betting their live moneyline to win will payout better than 1-to-1—or close to it—because probability models suggest they'll lose. If you know Mississippi State and how it plays, you might be comfortable going against that statistical grain. And if you win, you'll wind up with a larger take-home than you would have secured from a pregame moneyline wager.

To be sure, these odds aren't limited to just "Who will win?" scenarios. Live lines include spreads by quarter and half, updated over/under numbers, and all that good stuff. If nothing else, live betting is useful because it gives you a reason to remain locked in throughout the course of an entire football game without losing focus.

College Football Futures Betting

College football futures can be some of the most profitable wagers you place, in large part because they come with a higher degree of difficulty. Rather than predicting a certain outcome of a given game, you're trying to choose something that will happen in the future, usually in the form of win totals or championship predictions.

Win-total futures work like a gigantic over/under bet. Sportsbooks will list them thusly: University of Michigan - 9.5. The over on this line would mandate Michigan to finish their regular season with 10 or more victories. The under would demand they end up with nine or fewer wins.

Championship futures are more straightforward. They're basically long-haul moneylines. For example, before the start of the next college football season, you might take the University of Nebraska to win the National Championship. If they in fact win the national title, you're golden. If they don't, you've lost.

These championship futures are inherently risky. The field is always the safer bet no matter how dominant a team might be. But people invest in these lines anyway because they're so lucrative. Even the heaviest favorites usually payout 1-of-1 or better. Slight underdogs, meanwhile, often provide rich returns. Perhaps the University of Arkansas projects as a top-five team in the country entering a certain season. They still might payout at +500 for a preseason national title bet.

College Football FAQs

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