Not all college football bowl games are created equally. Some have no bearing on the college football playoff. Others do. The Peach Bowl is among the “championship” tilts that do. And even in years when it doesn’t impact the main event, the college football National Championship, it is still among the most coveted bowl games schools wish to participate in. The stakes are just different, which makes the annual contest that much popular and so much more of a betting draw. Peach Bowl odds, in fact, can be staples in even a less-than-casual gambler’s yearly arsenal.

The Peach Bowl has now been renamed the Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl!

The Peach Bowl will occur at the end of the year on Saturday, December 30, 2023, at 7:00 pm.

That’s the degree to which it’s watched and, ultimately, matters. So if you’re already investing in college football odds, the Peach Bowl is better on your radar. If they’re not, well, let’ change chat. The odds were last updated on August 17, 2022:

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Peach Bowl Betting Sportsbooks

Identifying a sportsbook fit to float your Peach Bowl betting is obviously important. It isn’t just about finding a place that carries odds. It’s about choosing a good sportsbook that publishes Peach Bowl lines in a timely fashion, can be trusted to process deposits and withdrawals quickly and offers you the customer service you deserve.

Selecting one can be tough—a long, arduous process. We’ve simplified it for you. Below are some of the best places we’ve found for you to make college football picks, not just on Peach Bowl betting lines, but all the events and matchups the NCAA football has to offer:

2023 College Football Peach Bowl Betting Odds

College Football National Championship odds

What you’ll notice about all Peach Bowl betting is that there aren’t ways to wager on futures. The two participating teams aren’t chosen from a definitive list of players. Technically speaking, every school has the chance to make the Peach Bowl at the start of every season. Those who make the cut will vary on where they stand relative to everyone else, and whether the Peach Bowl will be part of the college football playoff that particular year.

In lieu of Peach Bowl futures, you do have college football playoff futures or, more popular than that, college football National Championship futures. The latter entails correctly selecting the winner of a given year’s title, which means it’s not easy.

This coming college football season is especially difficult because frankly, no one knows whether it’s going to happen. The Pac-12 and Big 10 conferences have already postponed their season until the spring, and others could soon follow suit. Sportsbooks have pulled their National Championship odds as a result, while they wait for some sort of finality to the situation.

However, we still have opening lines for the projected top 25 schools to work with from the beginning of the spring, courtesy of the folks over at BetOnline. The odds were last updated on August 17, 2023:

2023 Peach Bowl winners odds

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Still, for the most part, this should provide an accurate glance of what the 2023/24 college football season pecking order will look like. And while there’s no way of parlaying that into a specific Peach Bowl, the assumption should always be that it’ll be among the top 12 squads who will compete for the right to make an appearance.

Every college football bettor should make sure to recheck these lines once there’s a verdict on the 2021/22 season. If it’s not postponed until the spring, certain schools that have pulled out of the fall schedule will be removed from consideration. If it is postponed until the spring, you will similarly see select teams fall off the radar because they might have key juniors and seniors who will opt out of a season that late in advance of the NFL draft.

Betting on the Peach Bowl Compared to Other Bowls

Betting on the Peach Bowl includes a special kind of prep because you first need to figure out whether it's part of the college playoff or acting as a standalone championship.

See, the college football playoff is played by selecting the top four teams and pitting them against each other in two separate bowl games. The bowls they participate in, though, change on a rolling basis among the six major tilts. Aside from the Peach Bowl, the other five include:

If the Peach Bowl is part of the college football playoff, you'll be betting on one of the four best schools in the nation. And for what it's worth, there's no way of knowing which four that might be, even when parsing college football futures.

The top-25 rankings are determined by a committee that meets a few times throughout the season, and there's no definitive correlation between how they order teams. Everything from the strength of schedule to advanced analytics come into play. One commonality all college football playoff participants have included to date: They've each finished the regular season with an undefeated record. That might give you an early clue on who's appearing in the Peach Bowl during a certain season.

Anyway, when the Peach Bowl is a part of the college football playoff, you'll be making wagers knowing that for one of the two teams, this won't be their last game. That doesn't change the betting approach all that much, aside from the fact that it changes kickoff time. All college football playoff tilts are given priority and likely to appear at night, giving you plenty of opportunities to squeeze in some last-minute betting.

What If the Peach Bowl Isn't Part of the College Football Playoff?

Peach Bowl Futures

Many bettors might not think the Peach Bowl standing as its own title game means anything different. Alas, that's not true.

Winning the Peach Bowl remains a huge deal even when it doesn't precede a National Championship appearance. The two participating teams are usually ranked within the top 12 and have won the title in their respective conferences. It's obviously not quite a National Championship, but in tandem with victories in any of the other five major bowls, it's the next best thing.

Fortunately for sports bettors, this also means the Peach Bowl's betting options won't be curtailed by slightly lowered stakes. Where other bowl games won't be given National Championship treatment, the Peach Bowl absolutely will be.

We're not just talking about Peach Bowl spreads, moneylines, and the over/under. The prop-betting and live-wagering options will rival what's available for the National Championship.

And yes, there is a difference, especially when it comes to prop selections. Regular prop lines will include the typical first half spreads, coin-toss results, kick-off decisions, etc. No matter what year it is, the Peach Bowl will offer more nuanced lines. Some examples include The over/under on the number of yards LSU combines to thrown and run for; a multi-range bet on the longest field goal that will be converted by the kicker for Ohio State; which team's receiver will lead the game in receptions; the over/under on the number of penalty yards Clemson and Georgia combine for; and plenty of more cool offerings.

Other bowl games don't carry as much clout. Just look at all the major non-college-playoff ones below;

Indeed, all of these bowl games are valuable in their own right. But the stakes come on a much smaller scale.

Take the Celebration Bowl, for instance. Every year, it's played by the champions from the Mid-Eastern Athletic and Southwestern Athletic conferences. Those teams are good, but interest and talent levels are topping out at around Florida A&M caliber.

For the Peach Bowl, even when it doesn't count toward the college football playoff, you're still watching an Alabama- or Utah-caliber program—an elite school that had a fighting chance at the National Championship either right up until the final game or at least closer until the end of the season. So, for an event like the Celebration Bowl, you'll look at very basic props and live-betting options and not much more.

Peach Bowl Betting Strategies

Peach Bowl Betting Strategies

On the flip side, that heightened interest in the Peach Bowl means that bettors need to be more strategic with how they're placing their wagers. Plenty of Peach Bowl betting strategies are touted in the mainstream, from tips that use analytics and predictive models to those that weight strength of schedule and regular-season performance.

Our recommendation is less scientific and more straightforward: Get your bets in as soon as possible.

Unlike the National Championship spread, you won't have a week or more to munch on it. More than that because the Peach Bowl is one of the largest betting events of the year, odds matchmakers will be itching to adjust the original lines based on the opening action. It happens every season. The public flocks toward what they deem a market inefficiency and linemakers move the numbers to make them more palatable for sportsbooks.

These shifts don't always seem huge. The Peach Bowl moneyline for Iowa in one year might move from +150 to +110. But that still represents a $40 difference in potential winnings for every $100 you might wager. The margin movement is even more impactful on the spread. If in one Peach Bowl USC goes from a -3.5 to a -4.5, you now have to bank on them winning by almost a touchdown rather than just by over field goal to hit on your wager. And in some years, the spread will move even more than that. So don't lag in your decision-making. Unless you're waiting on a pivotal injury report, try to place all of your wagers—parlays and props included—as quickly as possible once the lines are released.

Peach Bowl FAQs

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