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NCAA Football Bowl Games: Latest Betting Odds, Analysis, Predictions

Here are the current odds to win the college football national championship, courtesy of Bovada:

  • LSU (+115)
  • Clemson (+215)
  • Ohio State (+215)
  • Oklahoma (+1000)

These lines will move in the lead-up to college football's bowl games, so be sure to double-check the odds before deciding on a wager. Remember, different sportsbooks have different lines, so if you're using, say, the highly rated BetNow instead of Bovada, you'll need to confirm the BetNow's odds.

Most eyes will be on the Chick-Fil-A Peach Bowl and the Fiesta Bowl. Those are the two matchups that will decide the national championship head-to-head. However, there are still six main bowl games overall. We're going to cover each of them. In all, our preview will cover:

  • Odds for Peach Bowl and Fiesta Bowl
  • Odds for Sugar Bowl, Cotton Bowl, Orange Bowl and Rose Bowl
  • Picks for all six bowl games
  • Updated championship picks
  • More!

Bowl Season Betting Breakdown

Cotton Bowl: Penn State (-105) vs. Memphis (-115)

That Penn State enters the Cotton Bowl as the de facto underdog is kind of wild. 

Memphis is good, but they played a substantially easier schedule during the regular season and barely ranked inside the top 50 of points allowed per game. We like PSU to win in a potential slugfest.

OSB Prediction: Penn State (-105)

Orange Bowl: Florida (-115) vs. Virginia (-105)

Don't let the close-call moneylines fool you. Oddsmakers are super high on Florida.

Right now, the Gators are favored by nearly two touchdowns over Virginia. It's not hard to see why. Florida ranked eighth in points allowed per game during the regular season, while the Cavaliers barely cracked the top 50 in either offense or defense.

OSB Prediction: Florida (-115)

Rose Bowl: Oregon (-105) vs. Wisconsin (-115)

Wisconsin deserves to be the favorite in this one.

They faced the toughest schedule in the nation during the regular season and came out the other end with a 10-3 record and top-10 defense. Don't be surprised if and when Oregon loses this one by double digits.

OSB Prediction: Wisconsin (-115)

Sugar Bowl: Georgia (-105) vs. Baylor (-115)

Sportsbooks are portraying the Sugar Bowl as the most closely contested matchup. The spread is barely a touchdown.

We respectfully disagree. Baylor is one of the few teams to rank in the top 20 of both offense and defense. We see them winning rather easily, Georgia's defense be damned.

OSB Prediction: Baylor (-115)

Peach Bowl: Oklahoma (-110) vs. LSU (-110)

Oklahoma isn't the longest shot to win the National Championship among the four playoff teams on accident.

The Sooners struggled mightily on defense at times this year. Their reward: Facing LSU's hyper-potent offense, which ranks third in the nation in points scored per game.

This pick is easier than the odds imply.

OSB Prediction: LSU (-110)

Fiesta Bowl: Clemson (-105) vs. Ohio State (-115)

Some people are looking at the Fiesta Bowl as the unofficial national championship game. They're not in the wrong.

The winner of this game will probably go on to be crowned national champion. For real. Upsets are always in play, but Clemson and Ohio State are head and shoulders better than Oklahoma and LSU.

That makes picking one of the former two rather difficult. Still, it seems foolish to bet against Ohio State in any competition. They make more big plays on both sides of the ball than any other team in college football.

OSB Prediction: Ohio State (-115)

National Championship Prediction

By our estimation, you should gear up for an Ohio State-LSU national championship showdown. And as we already alluded to, the pick will be easy.

Ohio State is dominant on both offense and defense in ways LSU can't hope to be. Their defense, specifically, falls flat in comparison.

We picked Ohio State to win it all in November. We're sticking with that prediction now.

OSB National Championship Pick: Ohio State (+215)

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