Want to gamble at Arkansas sports betting apps but not sure where to start? You’ve come to the right place then because we have expert opinion on it. Opinion that was gathered after trying out hundreds of Arkansas betting apps. Keep reading and we’ll tell you the top ones to try out!

Best 5 Sports Betting Apps For Arkansas

Bettors should have options — for bets, for payment methods, and yes, for the betting apps themselves. That’s why we wanted to give you five of the best Arkansas sports betting apps, plus our rationale why. This will help you choose which Arkansas gambling app is best for you.

1. BetUS

The biggest draw of the BetUS app is the bonuses. They read like they’re “too good to be true” but we’re here to tell you they are 100 percent legit AND easy to attain.

BetUs Arkansas

Let’s reference a few just to give you an idea of the free play that awaits mobile bettors at BetUS. There’s the welcome bonus, which tops out at $3125 in free play. The refer-a-friend deal is almost double that at $6000 in max value. Folks, no betting app even comes close to the numbers that BetUS is throwing around on promotions.

Most of these bonuses hinge on users making a deposit into BetUS. The good thing is the site supports various payment methods — bank wires, debit or credit cards, and crypto, among others. Right on your phone, it's easy to make deposits, maybe sans crypto (but that's because of crypto itself, not BetUS). So all these bonuses can be had with a few taps of your cell phone.

Once the free play is in your account, you're free to spend it as you wish. BetUS has a deep — and we mean deep — betting menu. Via the app, the menu is easy to navigate. All bets are neatly sorted by sport and league, and we never struggled to find the wager we were looking for when using mobile.

Between the lucrative bonuses, depth of betting options, and the easy-to-use app, BetUS gets the job done for the vast majority of bettors. It's the main reasons why they ended up No. 1 on our list.

App Pros & Cons

  • Biggest bonuses in the industry
  • Deep betting menu in sports and casino
  • Free play bonuses expire after seven days
  • Steep rollover requirements before withdrawals allowed

Final verdict: 9.5/10

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2. XBet

When it comes to the mobile betting experience, XBet deserves enormous kudos. It’s very obvious they’ve built a platform with mobile in mind first, not desktop computers. That's a rarity compared to competitors, which started as desktop sites then built out mobile experiences.

For starters, the mobile site can be accessed from your phone’s web browser. No need to download anything from an App Store. This is both a time-saver AND space-saver for online bettors.

Xbet sportsbook Arkansas

Once pulled up, the app works great on the go. Bets can be made anywhere, anytime from your phone. We tried XBet both on a Wi-Fi and cellular connection, and had zero issues. So long as your Internet connection isn't horrendous, we assume you'll have the same speedy experience.

This works especially well when live betting. XBet’s app refreshes odds quickly and never lags. That’s mission-critical when trying to lock in a live wager before the lines change. XBet outdoes many other competitors in this regard.

Given how ahead of the game XBet is at live betting and mobile wagering in general, we strongly vouch for them. Online betting will continue to evolve, and XBet probably will too. We're confident they'll be first to include new features that end up trending in the online betting space.

App Pros & Cons

  • Well-designed mobile app
  • Excellent live betting system
  • More lucrative bonuses would be nice

Final verdict: 9.3/10

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3. BetOnline

Ultimately, the main reason we need an Arkansas sports betting app is to wager, right? And ideally, we want an app that offers a myriad of bets for us to take, right? If so, then it’s hard to go wrong with the BetOnline app. This sportsbook is famous for offering the most betting markets of all. Any sport, any wager type (moneyline, props, etc.), it’s all here for the taking.


Furthermore, BetOnline has a pretty stacked casino too. This is a perfect compliment to the sportsbook. Here, you’ll find an abundance of slot machines and table games. Having both a sportsbook and casino this deep makes BetOnline a real all-in-one betting solution.

Here's the thing: less well-done apps might struggle to build a user interface that easily arragnes all these sports and casino bets. The BetOnline app though? The opposite is true. They've designed the app well enough to help bettors browse the app without issues.

One thing that impressed us, in particular, about BetOnline's app is the speed. Pages load uber quickly, assuming you have a stable Internet connection. Heck, playing casino games online can be laggy at certain places, but not BetOnline.

BetOnline is an incredibly well-rounded betting experience. Having so many bets at your fingertips and housed in a slick app? It's no wonder why BetOnline is so well-used by online bettors — it just gets the job done on most fronts.

App Pros & Cons

  • Huge menu of bets in both the sportsbook and casino
  • Rewards program for loyal bettors
  • Contests are pretty plain
  • Needs more banking options

Final verdict: 9.2/10

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4. Bovada

Bovada is the place to be if you’re still unsure about the safety of betting online. Maybe you’ve heard it’s scammy or just plain ‘ol robbery. It’s natural to feel this way if you’re new to this, but we can assure you that the Bovada app is one of the “good guys.” They’ve been around since 2011, longer than the likes of DraftKings for instance. Over almost a decade and a half, Bovada has built a stellar reputation for itself.

Bovada Arkansas

Why such a good reputation? It becomes apparent as soon as you scroll around the Bovada app. Almost immediately, you can sense the app is a no-frills experience, and we mean that in a complimentary way. There are no gimmicks, just an old-fashioned sportsbook that’s incredibly easy to use (there's a casino too).

This starts with the sign-up process. It took us a few short minutes to get started on Bovada — just input all your basic details (name, address, age, etc.) and you're pretty much in there. Funding our account with money was also a pain-free and short process.

After account creation and depositing, you're all set to bet. You should have no issue selecting the wager you want from Bovada's sportsbook as everything is neatly organized by sport, league, and bet type. Find the wager, risk some money, and boom, the bet is placed. It can all be done with the snap of a finger it feels like.

This is why we typically recommend the Bovada app to first-time players. It’s the perfect introduction to online betting because it's so hassle-free.

App Pros & Cons

  • Extremely trustworthy
  • Easy sign-up process
  • Bonuses pay peanuts compared to competitors
  • App could use a more modern look

Final verdict: 9.1/10

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5. BetNow

BetNow rounds out our list of the top Arkansas sports betting app. Most sportsbooks are pretty similar and differentiation is rare. That’s why we respect BetNow for managing to separate themselves.

Betnow Arkansas

The BetNow app is different in the promo department. It doesn’t offer lucrative deals per se, but it has options, and unique ones at that. For instance, there are four different welcome bonuses, three reload deals, and another three rebates. One of those rebates is for sports wagering, which is a rarity. Seriously, you probably won’t find a sportsbook rebate anywhere else.

Not only does BetNow offers a variety of promotions, but the same goes for bet types. Across its sportsbook and casino, there's hundreds of things to throw money — your money or free play earned — at any given day. Bettors could use BetNow exclusively and not miss out on any bets cause everything is probably in here.

An area where BetNow is honing-in on is live betting, particularly when on mobile. They've invested more into the feature and you can see that. Compared to other competitors, BetNow's odds update pretty darn close to real-time. There's always a slight lag because live TV is technically a few seconds behind, but seemingly nothing more at BetNow.

If BetNow could improve so quickly at live betting, we sense the same goes for other app features. It's never a bad idea to "ride the hot hand" as a bettor, and right now, that's BetNow which is on the up and up.

App Pros & Cons

  • Unique promotional offerings
  • Multiple bonuses to choose from
  • Could use a better live betting feature
  • Multiple casinos are more confusing than good

Final verdict: 9.0/10

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Legal Status Of Sports Betting Apps In Arkansas

In a rarity, Arkansas is one of the few Southern states that has legalized sports betting. It went live in early 2022 and the state hasn’t looked back since. Arkansas gambling apps have sprung up by the dozens since then, and more continue to as time goes on.

Still, offshore betting apps continue to command our attention. The five apps we mentioned are all offshore, meaning they don’t have official licenses inside Arkansas. But that doesn’t mean you can’t use them to bet. We have and we’ve learned these offshore apps offer a betting experience. More on why later on this page when we discuss regulated apps.

Which Arkansas Betting App Is The Best?

The best betting app in Arkansas would have to be BetUS. We mean, you saw them high in our rankings, right? In case you forget, this app is giving out thousands upon thousands of dollars in free play. How could they not be the best sportsbook when they’re that charitable? Go see for yourself and don’t just take our word for it though.

Why Are BetMGM, Ceasars, FanDuel Betting Apps Not On Our List?

The apps in the headline are what we call regulated apps. Unlike offshore sites, they do have licenses from the state of Arkansas. That license, though, comes with some “handcuffs.” Regulated bookies aren’t as free as offshore betting apps. Free to accept crypto or non-sports betting marketers like esports or politics. However, all of that can be done on offshore apps. This is why we chose offshore apps in our rankings. Bettors have much less restrictions when going offshore.

Sports Betting Apps In Other States

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