Kentucky is a sneaky big state for sports betting. They've always been known for throwing money on the famed Kentucky Derby race, but that same joy for gambling has spread to all other sports too. So if you find yourself in the Bluegrass State, you'll need a handy Kentucky sports betting app to "navigate the waters" per se. But which one? Let us help you out!

Best 5 Sports Betting Apps For Kentucky

It's not easy deciding who the best betting app in Kentucky is — not when there are so many damn Kentucky betting apps out there. You have to legitimately try out all these Kentucky gambling apps to compare and contrast them. Welp, that's exactly what we've done. After spending hours on the leading Kentucky sports betting apps, these five stood out as the very best:

1. Bovada

Bovada might be the most-used offshore sports betting app around. Since the site’s creation in 2011, it has grown its mindshare with bettors and recent legalization has only increased that two-fold. Of course, the Bovada app wouldn’t be this successful for this long if it wasn’t actually a good experience for bettors.

Bovada-sportsbook--betting -app

Where Bovada shines the most to us is the ease of use. It starts with accessing it. Rather than forcing you to download yet another app on your phone, Bovada works straight from your phone’s web browser. It’ll scale to the size of any device (even a tablet) and works across different manufacturers like Apple or Android.

Elsewhere, the Bovada app is pretty easy to pick up on. That’s because it doesn’t shove any unneeded gimmicks down player’s throats. It’s all about betting — packed into a neatly-organized app. For first-time bettors who may have never wagered online before, we’d venture to guess Bovada is the easiest to learn off the bat.

Helping matters is how fast the Bovada app works. Load times are fast without any useless features. Lag is nonexistent. There’s just a noticeable bump in performance when thumbing around the Bovada app from your phone — whether on Wi-Fi or cellular data. It’s all these ingredients that have kept Bovada at the forefront of this competitive industry.

App Pros & Cons

  • Reputable brand
  • Easy-to-use app
  • Bonuses pay out cheaply

Final verdict: 9.4/10

2. BetUS

The BetUS market differentiator is clear as day — lucrative free-play potential. Simply put, no one gives out free play in bunches quite like the BetUS app. Bettors of this app routinely have opportunities to bank thousands of dollars in free play. Thousands!


Here are a few of those opportunities for reference. The sign-up bonus, when maxed out, reaches $3125 in free play. Think that’s a killer deal? Welp, referring friend to BetUS can score bettors a stunning $6000 in free play — that’s per referral too, so it can stack up even more after that. We’re not cherry-picking deals either, those are just two offers that first come to mind on BetUS.

Better yet, it’s quite easy to earn those bonuses right from the BetUS app. That’s because most free-play deals come down to two things — having an account set up on BetUS and depositing money into it. Both are doable using the BetUS app. In fact, it might take a maximum of 10 minutes of clicking with your thumbs to finish both steps.

This means you can go from reading this sentence to cashing in free play by the thousands in a few short minutes. Want to do just that? Click the link below to get set up with a brand new BetUS account.

App Pros & Cons

  • Huge bonuses
  • Deep sportsbook menu to explore
  • High rollover requirements
  • Bonus winnings expire in a week

Final verdict: 9.3/10

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3. BetOnline

The BetOnline app has no equal when it comes to the sportsbook menu. It’s loaded to the brim with betting options. At the end of the day, that’s what we’re all here, right? To bet on sports and bet on it plenty.


Welp, that’s completely doable on BetOnline. You’ll be hard-pressed to NOT find the betting line you’re looking for. Of course, the lion’s share of the odds are dedicated to the top sports leagues like the NFL, NBA, or MLB. But even obscure sports like snooker or rugby can be found inside the BetOnline sportsbook. It’s really an all-in-one destination for sports bets.

Not only that but the odds themselves are priced quite well. For the most part, BetOnline and other apps have pretty equal odds across the board. But occasionally, there are some discounts to be had and you’re more likely to find that on BetOnline as compared to other apps. Those are the opportunities, over a long enough time horizon, that give bettors an edge so it’s not a small thing.

One last thing we’ll mention about the BetOnline app: its user interface is super clean. When you have as many wagers available as BetOnline, an intuitive interface is mission-critical or else it becomes hard to actually find the bet you’re looking for. Thankfully, that’s a non-issue on BetOnline. Wagers are nearly organized by sport, league, and bet type for convenience.

App Pros & Cons

  • Deepest sportsbook menu around
  • Clean user experience in the app
  • Bonuses and contests lack creativity

Final verdict: 9.2/10

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4. EveryGame

A lot of the top qualities we've mentioned about the previous apps also apply to Everygame. Bonuses? Check. Deep sportsbook? Oh, yeah. Long-standing reputation? Most definitely. It's a well-rounded service.


The service extends to its Everygame mobile betting app, which offers a complete sports betting package. Not only do bettors have access to first-class odds and betting lines, but they can also take advantage of some of the great features EveryGame provides, such as:

  • Unique promotions and bonuses
  • Top-end customer service
  • Deep support for Kentucky-based betting lines (from the Derby to the Wildcats collegiate team and so on)

No downloads are needed to access Everygame on the go either. Rather than force you to download an app, Everygame works from a mobile phone's browser — no matter the device or screen size. It's that hassle-free to access Everygame while you're on the move.

EveryGame is one of the most reliable bookies around, take our word for it or see for yourself by clicking the underneath link to get started.

App Pros & Cons

  • Well-rounded betting experience
  • Solid customer support
  • App looks dated

Final verdict: 9.1/10

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5. BetNow

BetNow is one of the young blood in the industry, having first hit the market in 2015. They are one of the fastest-growing bookmakers in the U.S., bettors will be rewarded with some of the most renowned betting services in the industry. The bookie is pioneered by its sports betting app, which has been consistently good for years.


Since the launch of the BetNow app, it’s grown and evolved into the high-quality service we see today. While they may not be the number one bookmaker in operation, they have managed to make a name for themselves amongst a near seemingly endless list of top-tier providers.

How they've done so is multifaceted. For one, the mobile app is adaptive and works on any screen size — a phone, tablet, computer, and so on. No one is left out of the fun. Speaking of which, BetNow offers four different sign-up bonuses, three reload deals, and another three rebate programs. What's not fun about free money, right?

Keep close tabs on BetNow. At the rate it's growing its user base and improving its product, BetNow has a shot at becoming THE go-to betting app in Kentucky.

App Pros & Cons

  • Fast-growing app
  • Multiple promotions
  • Bonus payouts could be better

Final verdict: 9/10

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Legal Status Of Sports Betting Apps In Kentucky

Betting inside Churchill Downs — the home of the Kentucky Derby — has been a thing for generations, reflecting America's long-standing connection between horse racing and sports wagering. However, the betting landscape in Kentucky has undergone a significant transformation since late 2023.

It was in September 2023 that Kentucky first allowed in-person sports betting at designated gambling establishments across the state. This was quickly followed by the launch of online betting platforms, introducing a variety of apps for digital wagering. Now, well into 2024, the sports betting industry in Kentucky has had time to establish itself and mature.

As a result, it's 100 percent legal to bet on sports while inside Kentucky borders, whether you're at a physical sportsbook or using a mobile app. This development has broadened the scope of legal gambling in the state far beyond the confines of its famous racetracks, bringing Kentucky in line with many other states that have embraced comprehensive sports betting legislation.

Which Kentucky Betting App Is The Best?

We can’t bring ourselves to call any single app “the best.” Rather, we chose five as some of the best. This is not us copping out. This is us being honest and saying that best is subjective. What you deem the best might not be what we deem so and vice-versa.

This is why when selecting a sportsbook to bet on, it’s best to just choose one that aligns with your needs and wants. Care about well-priced odds the most? BetOnline has your name written all over it. Or are you more into bonuses? In that case, BetUS is likely the better choice. It’s up to you, but use our reviews above to figure out what each app does best then pick accordingly.

Why Are BetMGM, Ceasars, FanDuel Betting Apps Not On Our List?

All three of those sportsbooks have official licenses to operate inside Kentucky. They are good options, no doubt, but they’re not your best options. We’re convinced Kentucky bettors are best off using offshore apps instead.

It comes down to one major reason: offshore apps don’t restrict bettors like licensed apps do. There are more betting markets on offshore platforms — things like politics, entertainment outcomes or even WWE can only be wagered on offshore apps. Moreover, only offshore sites allow bettors to gamble with crypto. These are just two examples, but there are more reasons why offshore bettors can play handcuff-free and that matters greatly.

Sports Betting Apps In Other States

Kentucky isn't the only state all-in on betting apps these days. Most of the United States is now on the same boat. That's why we have similar app betting guides elsewhere. Here are quick links to our most popular states: