As soon as Massachusetts went live with legal sports betting in 2023, apps rushed to hit the market and capitalize on the sports-crazed market. Now that the dust has settled, which Massachusetts sports betting apps are the "cream of the crop"? It's a complicated question, but one we're tackling in this guide. Stick with us to get the full lowdown on Massachusetts betting apps!

Best 5 Sports Betting Apps For Massachusetts

We've picked out the five best sports app Massachusetts has to offer. These five picks came after meticulously first-hand research. See, we tried out a bevy of Massachusetts gambling apps, reviewing each one. After all that, we've settled on these five apps as the best for Massachusetts betting:

1. BetUS

BetUS is one of the top sportsbooks around, offering a distinct mobile sports betting experience. But there's one thing that makes them more distinct than anything else: offering massive bonuses. Seriously, no one matches BetUS in this regard — and we mean no one!


Let’s talk about some of these bonuses. For starters, all new players are eligible for the $3125 welcome bonus. You might get $1000 at competitors, but BetUS blows them out with 3X the value. There’s also a refer-a-friend deal that can max out at $6000 a person (refer more to earn even more total). Both of these offers are just a sample of what’s available at BetUS.


Redeeming these bonuses is easy too. A sketchy app might make getting free money out of them a hassle, but not BetUS. Right on the app, you can create an app and deposit money — both of which will unlock some of these offers. Both steps can be done within minutes and that’s not even a stretch. BetUS designed the redemption process to be as simple as possible.

If free bets are a priority to you — and it probably should be to minimize some of the risks of betting — then the BetUS app has your name written all over it. You can get started on the app by clicking the link below.

App Pros & Cons

  • Big-money bonuses
  • Well-stocked sportsbook
  • High rollover requirements
  • 7-day expiration on free play

Final verdict: 9.5/10

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2. Bovada

If you’re unsure about this whole betting online thing, maybe you’ve heard some bad things about it, well, we recommend starting with the Bovada app. Why? Because this app is as trustworthy as can be — hence why they’ve been industry leaders since 2011.

Bovada-sportsbook--betting -app

Staying in business that long, in an industry as competitive as online betting, doesn’t just happen. That success is earned and Bovada has done so by offering a killer player experience. Bovada does a little bit of everything really well, making for a well-rounded experience.


Everything about the Bovada app is just so simple and easy to use. It starts with accessing the app in the first place. No download is necessary. All you have to do is pull up Bovada on your phone’s web browser and the app works perfectly fine from there. Take it with you anywhere on the go for convenient betting.

Furthermore, Bovada’s app is blazing fast. It never lagged out on us once in our experience, making it ultra-reliable no matter where in the state you’re betting. This speed is a byproduct of their simple design that isn’t bogged down by indeed feature. Bovada is supremely dedicated to offering the best betting experience and it shows.

App Pros & Cons

  • Reputable app
  • Simple and easy user experience
  • Bonuses pay out cheap

Final verdict: 9.3/10

3. XBet

Most apps are playing catch up with XBet on the mobile betting front. Seriously, there’s a big gap between XBet and the rest of the market, and that’s complimentary too.


For one, we found XBet’s live betting feature to be a cut above the rest. In-play odds seem to load the fastest here, keeping up incredibly well with the game playing out in real-time. This matters greatly, especially when live betting on a sport like NBA where scores are so frequent.


XBet's speed is felt elsewhere too. We pulled up the app while at work (in secret, of course), at the bar, at our home, in our car, and it worked blazing fast everywhere. This is convenient for betting anytime and anywhere, the big allure of mobile betting.

Mobile wagering is only going to become more and more commonplace. XBet is already ahead, so for all we know, they’ll only widen the gap with even more features as time goes by. It’s never a bad idea to back the app that’s already winning cause as they say, “winners keep winning.” We’re confident XBet can continue to innovate on this front given what they’ve already done.

App Pros & Cons

  • Great live betting system
  • Slick app design and feel
  • Could use more casino game options

Final verdict: 9.3/10

4. MyBookie

MyBookie is another major player in the sports betting apps industry. And certainly one of the most established bookmakers available to those citizens residing in Massachusetts. They have built much of their reputation on consistently providing top-tier sports betting services.


With a broad range of unique features, the overall betting experience is top-drawer. The MyBookie app ticks all the boxes, delves into less popular markets, and allows users to explore other opportunities.


The sportsbooks first hit the scene back in 2011. With over a decade in the industry now, they’re very established. Much of the services you may have found on the website will feature on the app too. In fact, it's a seamless experience between use MyBookie on your phone to on a computer.

Best of all, there's no need to download an app to use MyBookie on the go. Instead of hogging up space on your phone with yet another download, MyBookie can be accessed straight from a mobile browser on your phone. This accessiblity is the cherry on top of an overall good user experience on MyBookie.

App Pros & Cons

  • No app download needed
  • Good customer support
  • Bonuses and contests lack creativity

Final verdict: 9.2/10

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5. BetOnline

What really sticks out about the BetOnline app is the depth of the sportsbook. Ultimately, that’s what we’re all here for, right? Get bets and at BetOnline, bettors have access to a plethora of them in one spot.


BetOnline’s sportsbook knows no bounds in more ways than one. First of all, just about every sport and league has wagers available here, even across different countries. Second, there are various betting markets for each of these sports and leagues. Moneylines, props, futures — it’s mostly all there for the taking inside the BetOnline app.


One last thing though: the BetOnline app does a top-notch job at organizing this deep sportsbook. The app is well-organized. Bets are categorized by sport, league, or bet type so it’s never an issue to find the line you’re looking for. Kudos to BetOnline for the intuitive experience.

But not only is there a wide variety of bets, the odds offered are also industry-leading. Most apps have near-exact odds across the board. But if you are to find a discounted line, it’s likely at BetOnline. This value adds up in the long run so bettors are getting the most bang for their buck when using BetOnline.

We’d go as far as saying BetOnline is a real all-in-one app. Bettors could realistically just use BetOnline and get all their online betting fix in one place.

App Pros & Cons

  • Massive sportsbook menu
  • Well-priced lines
  • Dated-looking app

Final verdict: 9.1/10

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Legal Status Of Sports Betting Apps In Massachusetts

After much hesitation, Massachusetts finally pushed legal sports betting live in 2023. The state resisted more than neighboring states in the Northeast and in spite of DraftKings being headquartered there. But as they, “every dog has his day” and for Massachusetts bettors, that was March 10, 2023.

So bettors inside the state can bet worry-free. No one is going to arrest you or fine you for wagering online. The only thing you should be worrying about is picking bets correctly!

Which Massachusetts Betting App Is The Best?

All five apps we mentioned above will do the trick for the vast majority of bettors. Picking one is really a choice based on your biggest needs. Is it free play? Then BetUS might make the most sense. Just want a trustworthy app? Then Bovada might be the best option. We did our best to explain what makes each of the five apps so worthwhile so pick one out that aligns with your biggest want.

Why Are BetMGM, Ceasars, FanDuel Betting Apps Not On Our List?

About six or seven sportsbooks are officially licensed in Massachusetts. That includes names like DraftKings and FanDuel. However, we believe these are lesser experiences than offshore betting apps. There are fewer betting markets and no support for crypto at licensed bookmakers.

This is why our top featured apps are offshore only. We think they offer a more free betting experience that bettors will take a liking to.

Sports Betting Apps In Other States

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