Want to bet on sports in Kansas but not exactly sure? You’ve come to the right place then. We’re going to tell you what the best betting app in Kansas is so you can get started right away. Stick with us for this must-know information!

Best 5 Sports Betting Apps For Kansas

There’s no shortage of Kansas sports betting apps, which makes picking out the best ones difficult. But after careful review, we’ve honed in the following five Kansas betting apps:

1. BetUS

At the end of the day, we’re all using these Kansas gambling apps to make money, right? Well, at BetUS, the money is yours guaranteed — win or lose any single bet. Why? Because BetUS has the most lucrative free-play bonuses. Bettors stand to gain hundreds to thousands of dollars in free play from them BEFORE any bet is even placed.

BetUs Kansas

Here’s a small taste of what the BetUS app offers: a $3125 sign-up bonus. You’ll be lucky to get $1000 from competitors, little less three times that. How about BetUS $6000 referral bonus? That’s on the table too. Simply put, BetUS is the place to go for free money.

Almost all of BetUS promotions are unlocked after depositing money into your account. BetUS accepts many payment methods — namely bank wires, credit or debit cards, and crypto. The good thing is you can transfer money in and out of your account mostly on the Bovada app with a few clicks on your phone. These bonuses were designed to be friction-free so earning the money is quite easy.

Crypto is the only one that's a hassle to use from the app. It's not impossible, but the experience is NOT optimized for phones thanks to long crypto addresses that have to be copy and pasted. This is more a knock on the cryptocurrency industry, not necessarily BetUS.

For bettors that want to maximize their free-bet potential, there's simply not better option than BetUS. The deals are off the charts, and better yet, earning the deals is cake. You can go from reading this sentence to betting for free within minutes — seriously!

App Pros & Cons

  • Insanely lucrative bonuses
  • Deep betting menu
  • Bonus earnings expire in seven short days
  • Steep rollover requirements

Final verdict: 9.5/10

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2. Bovada

Bovada is an extremely well-rounded app. It doesn’t necessarily do one thing insanely well, but it does everything pretty good. Collectively, this creates a top-notch betting experience when thumbing through the Bovada app.

Bovada Kansas

For starters, the Bovada app is really easy to use. That's because Bovada doesn't rely on any gimmicks. It's a "what you see is what you get" vibe when interacting with the app. And what you see and get is an intuitive playing experience that removes the friction of placing a wager online.

Most of all, it's so, so easy to track down a bet. The main menu is neatly organized by sport, league, wager type, or platform type (casino or poker or sportsbook). Despite offering hundreds of bets on any given day, BetOnline has found the best way to categorize everything on its menus.

If you’re new to online betting, Bovada is where you want to start. That’s because of the simplicity which we just covered. Bovada keeps it simple no matter if you’re betting sports or casino. It’s a no-frills experience, and we mean that in the most complimentary way possible.

App Pros & Cons

  • Quick sign-up process
  • Extremely trustworthy brand
  • Bonuses pay out pennies compared to competitors
  • Could use more contests

Final verdict: 9.4/10

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3. XBet

The XBet app is noticeably excellent when on the go. For one, it’s easy to pull up. All a bettor needs to do is access XBet from their phone’s web browser. No need to download an app from the iOS or Android store. This frictionless experience to get set up helps out big time.

Xbet Kansas

Once on the app, placing bets via your phone is cake. Like we just mentioned about Bovada, the menus are self-explanatory. So long as you know what you want to bet (e.g. the sport or bet type), you'll be able to easily scour the betting menu and find it.

However, where the app shines the most is in the live betting feature. XBet’s app does an incredibly good job at refreshing lines on the spot. Lag was nonexistent in our experience — which you can’t say for many XBet competitors when it comes to in-play.

Furthermore, XBet was early to the in-play betting boom. This feature is everywhere nowadays, but you couldn't say the same a few years ago. However, XBet was not early to the trend, it led the trend with a savvy system that's still among the best industry-wide.

Aligning yourself with an app that's on the "bleeding edge" of innovation is a smart bet. Inevitably, there will be another trend across the online betting space. Chances are strong that XBet will once again be early to it, which is to your benefit obviously.

App Pros & Cons

  • Easily accessible mobile app
  • Superb live betting system
  • Could use a rewards program
  • Casino game options are short

Final verdict: 9.3/10

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4. BetOnline

BetOnline is a top Kansas sports betting app because it offers an abundance of betting options. Obviously, the sportsbook is the main draw with betting action across a litany of sports and leagues — that crisscross the world. However, the BetOnline app also has a pretty stacked casino and racebook platform too.

Betonline Kansas

What’s great is there is a rewards program that incentivizes betting activity on all these platforms. So that means loyal BetOnline bettors could make a killing — reward points can be traded for cashback — if they bet over the long run. The reward program really does come in clutch in that regard.

The best part? All these bets and platforms can be had on the go using the BetOnline app. No downloads needed, just access BetOnline from your phone's web browser and voila, you can bet anytime and anywhere.

Moreover, the app works really fast — so long as your Internet connection isn't in complete shambles. We used the BetOnline app both using Wi-Fi and cellular data. The result? Lightning-quick speeds all around, creating a smooth playing experience.

The biggest thing you can say about the BetOnline app is it's reliable. It works, it's fast, and it has all the bets you need in one place. What else could you ask for as a bettor?

App Pros & Cons

  • Huge array of betting options
  • VIP rewards program
  • Bonuses and contests lack creativity
  • App looks rather dated

Final verdict: 9.3/10

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5. BetNow

We give kudos to the BetNow app for its variety. Variety in both promotions and bet types. Let's start with the promos, which come in bunches. Get this, BetNow offers four different sign-up bonuses, three more reload deals, and three rebate programs — including a rare sportsbook rebate. Rarely do you see apps with this many options for bettors to pick from.

Betnow Kansas

Next, you see a similar variety in the BetNow platform itself. Sports, casino, poker, horse racing — all those betting options exist inside the BetNow app. It's hard to get bored when there are this many things to throw money on.

As for the app itself, it too bucks the trend of having a stand-alone app that needs to be downloaded. Thankfully, most of the top platforms dropped that 2010s trend and went all-in on mobile betting straight from the web browser.

We've used BetNow both on a desktop computer and a mobile phone. The seamless experience between the two really took us back. You'd expect most desktop features to carry over to mobile, but at BetNow, literally everything translates. No features are lost or downgraded in the slightest — it's the same experience, just on a smaller screen.

BetNow probably wouldn't have cracked this top-5 app list a year or two ago. But the app is trending upward and we wouldn't put it entering the top-3 next year if they continue this pace. Check out BetNow if you want to ride this rocketship further.

App Pros & Cons

  • Variety of promo deals
  • Well-priced betting odds
  • Bonuses could pay a tad better
  • Rewards program would be nice-to-have feature

Final verdict: 9.2/10

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Legal Status Of Sports Betting Apps In Kansas

September 1, 2022 — that’s the day online sports betting went live in the state of Kansas. Since then, sportsbook operators have flooded the state and new ones continue to this day. All this is to say you can bet inside Kansas worry-free. No one’s going to knock on your door to arrest you or fine you. Everything is fair game.

Which Kansas Betting App Is The Best?

If we had to pick one Kansas betting app to use, it would be BetUS. That doesn’t mean we don’t recommend the other apps we listed (we do), but BetUS will get the job done for the vast majority of bettors. Why? Because of those lucrative deals. We don’t care if you’ve never bet before or you’re a high roller, every bettor can agree that free money is good.

Why Are BetMGM, Ceasars, FanDuel Betting Apps Not On Our List?

Those betting apps are what we call regulated. They are licensed by the state of Kansas, which means, they have to play by certain rules. Rules like not accepting crypto and no betting markets on non-sports outcomes like award shows, elections, or WWE.

Offshore apps — the five we listed — don’t have to play by those same rules. This means bettors have a more free experience gambling on these offshore sites. It’s for that reason why kept our top-5 list to offshore apps only.

Sports Betting Apps In Other States

You just got the full low down on Kansas betting apps. But what about other states? We have separate guides too. Here’s a directory of them: