Find yourself in Louisiana with an itch to bet on sports? We’ll tell you which Louisiana sports betting apps will allow you to scratch it. This whole page breaks down the “best of the best” Louisiana gambling apps for you so you know exactly where to go!

Best 5 Sports Betting Apps For Louisiana

It wasn’t easy selecting the best sports betting app Louisiana has to offer. Still, someone had to do it. As we’ve reviewed hundreds, we think we know what makes a top-notch Louisiana sports betting app. These next five apps certainly fit that description:

1. BetOnline

Louisiana betting apps don’t get better than BetOnline. That’s because few apps can come close to the wagers that BetOnline offers across all of its platforms — sportsbook, casino, racebook, and poker room. This variety makes BetOnline an all-in-one destination for online betting.


Let’s talk about the sportsbook though since that’s what you’re probably most interested in. Just about every sport and league — NFL, NBA, international soccer, UFC, cricket, and so on — will be available to bet on. Not only that, but these sports will have an abundance of bet types too (moneyline, props, futures, etc.). The BetOnline app has you covered for anything and everything sports-betting related.

Here's the best part though: despite having this array of bets, the BetOnline app makes it so easy to find and place the bet you're looking for. The main menu is categorized by sport, league, and bet type. It all makes for an extremely intuitive user experience.

There's also little confusion with the casino, racebook, and poker room counterparts. Those are separate platforms inside the app, which house their unique menus. A less-experienced betting site could muddle this experience, but BetOnline is definitely not that.

There's very little we can knock about the BetOnline app. It really offers a complete betting experience — tons of wagers and an easy-to-navigate user experience. This is why it ends up No. 1 on our rankings.

App Pros & Cons

  • Huge betting menu
  • Rewards program for loyal bettors
  • Could use more unique bonuses and contests

Final verdict: 9.5/10

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2. BetUS

Want free money to bet with? Then hit up the BetUS app. Simply put, no other app hands out promotions like candy quite like BetUS. There are deals left and right, and not only that, but they’re worth ungodly sums of money too.

BetUs Louisiana

Let’s give you a few examples. BetUS has a sign-up bonus that reaches $3125 in free play. Even better, the refer-a-friend deal reaches $6000 in free play. This type of money is nearly impossible to find elsewhere. This makes BetUS the undisputed leader in free-play promotions.

Most BetUS free-play promotions hinge on two things: having an account on BetUS AND depositing money into the account. Thankfully, both those steps are uber easy to do straight from the app.

For starters, creating a new account on BetUS takes a few short minutes from your phone. Just input the typical user details like name, age, address, and yadda yadda. Transferring money into BetUS via a supported payment method (debit or credit card, bank, or crypto) can also be done on mobile with a few thumbs and scrolls.

Just how convenient and hassle-free these steps are means you can go from reading this sentence to cashing in thousands of dollars in free play in a few short minutes. Seriously, BetUS designed the whole process to be as frictionless as possible, and that's how it should be.

App Pros & Cons

  • Insanely lucrative promotions
  • Well-designed betting app
  • Free-play promotions expire seven days after redemption
  • High rollover requirement on withdrawals

Final verdict: 9.4/10

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3. Bovada

For the longest time, Bovada was the best betting app in Louisiana. That was because it was one of the few reliable ones before anything was legalized. You see, Bovada has been in the game since 2011. It’s an O.G. in the industry, and the fact that it’s still competing with newcomers tells you the quality of the app.

Bovada Lousiana

What we like most about the Bovada app is its sheer simplicity. Bovada doesn’t overcomplicate betting or add any unneeded gimmicks. It’s just a straightforward app — find a bet, put money down, and win or lose. It’s extremely easy to use even if you’ve never wagered online before. Because of this, Bovada is especially attractive to first-time bettors.

The simplicity of the Bovada app has other far-reaching benefits too. Perhaps the biggest is the app's fast load times. We tried out Bovada using both a Wi-Fi and cellular data connection, and neither gave us issues. Lag was practically non-existent.

This means betting on the go with Bovada is always on tap. We could bust out the Bovada app while at home, at the sports bar, at work, heck, while driving (don't be like us and drive responsibly instead), and it always worked like it was supposed to. That's the convenience all mobile bettors should want.

Overall, big props to Bovada. Many betting sites could rest on the laurels of their success after being in the game as long as Bovada has. However, that's not the case here. Bovada is pushing itself and improving its app experience despite holding a comfy position in the marketplace.

App Pros & Cons

  • Solid VIP rewards program
  • Trustworthy betting platform
  • Bonuses feel cheap compared to competitors

Final verdict: 9.3/10

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4. XBet

Betting on mobile doesn’t get much better than at XBet. This app was tailor-made for mobile. So much so that it’s completely accessible from a phone’s web browser. There's zero need to download anything from the iOS or Android app stores.

We've used XBet on both a laptop computer and our phones. Let us tell you, the XBet betting experience is seamless on both — the way it should be. No features are lost or downgraded. It's the same thing, just on different screen sizes.

Xbet Lousiana

Most of all, we were impressed by how the XBet app handles live betting. Almost immediately what stands out is just how lightning-fast the system is. Odds update right with the game, allowing bettors to lock in fair prices. Errors were also nonexistent while we were in-play wagering. This is not something you can say about every other app, many of which struggle with lag.

XBet also has a modern-esque app design. Unlike many other leaders in the space, XBet is on the newer side. That's reflected in how the app looks and feels — very 2024, not 2014.

To us, using XBet just feels like being on the cutting edge. Again, its live wagering feature is light years ahead of the competition. That gives us confidence that XBet can continue to innovate on the mobile playing experience no matter what becomes the next big trend in online betting.

App Pros & Cons

  • Really well-built mobile app
  • Top-notch life betting feature
  • Casino game options felt lacking
  • Could use more contests to "spice things up"

Final verdict: 9.2/10

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5. BetNow

Last but not least is the BetNow app. We give them kudos for finding a way to make its promotional offerings unique against the rest of the marketplace. Unique because BetNow offers so many different options. As a frame of reference, there are four different welcome bonuses, three reload bonuses, and three rebate programs (including a rare sportsbook one).

Betnow Arizona

This level of variety is rare. We mean, most other apps offer one promotion and one only. BetNow goes against the grain, which earns our respect here.

Another area where BetNow separates itself from the competition is in-play betting. Like XBet, they too have invested in the feature and it shows. BetNow's real-time odds kept up with the ongoing game quite well and rarely lagged too far behind.

At the moment, live betting on BetNow is mostly reserved for the top sports leagues. That's NFL, NBA, MLB, and college football or basketball. Smaller sports (cricket or rugby, for instance) don't have in-play support but we hope that changes in due time as the feature continues to mature and attract bettors.

Keep close tabs on BetNow. They've made giant leaps in their mobile app in a short period of time. If it continues on this trajectory, it might be one of the leaders at mobile betting in a hurry.

App Pros & Cons

  • Wide variety of promotional deals
  • Unique sportsbook rebate program
  • Multiple casinos which just creates confusion
  • Could use a visual makeover

Final verdict: 9/10

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Legal Status Of Sports Betting Apps In Louisiana

The state of Louisiana bucked the regional trend by legalizing sports betting in 2021. The state is very much in the “Deep South” — an area of the country where betting largely remains illegal. Not at Louisiana though. In this state, legalization is up to every parish or county. Not all of them have legalized, but the vast majority certainly have. Big ups to Louisiana lawmakers for being so ahead of the curve in this regard.

Which Louisiana Betting App Is The Best?

Best might not be the, ironically, best word to use here. That’s because best assumes one app can be the end-all, be-all betting platform for every kind of bettor. That’s just foolish because preferences vary from bettor to bettor.

Here’s what we will say though: BetOnline is one of the most well-rounded betting apps in Louisiana. It has a little bit of everything, which will appeal to a large swath of bettors around the state.

Why Are BetMGM, Ceasars, FanDuel Betting Apps Not On Our List?

These apps mentioned in the headline are what we call licensed operators. They are regulated by the state of Louisiana and can operate inside state borders. However, they do have restrictions placed on them when it comes to betting markets offered and payment types allowed.

Offshore apps, which make up our entire top-5 list, are much less restricted. This is why you’ll see them accept crypto for payments or allow betting on political elections or award show outcomes. There's just so much more freedom for bettors wagering on offshore platforms, hence why we vouch for them over licensed apps.

Sports Betting Apps In Other States

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