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How to obtain bonus at BetDSI

Getting your bonus on the BetDSI sports betting app is no sweat. And not only that, but when using the BetDSI app, you’re actually eligible for a multitude of promotions.

  1. 1 Create your account on BetDSI click the button below.
  2. 2Step 2: Create your own four-digit customer pass code.
  3. 3Step 3: Set up a deposit method.
  4. 4Step 4: Make a deposit, and watch the bonus roll in!
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BetDSI Mobile Betting App Bonuses

One of the most common questions BetDSI betting app users have is whether there’s any difference in the promotions for which they’re eligible. The answer is a resounding, ultra-pleasant no! This bookmaker offers the same bonuses to customers on the BetDSI sportsbook app as those that access the service via desktop.

Positive facts about BetDSI
  • Easy to navigate mobile betting page
  • 100 percent deposit bonus up to $1000
  • Special reload promos for returning customers
100% Bonus Offer BetDSI will match 100 percent of your first deposit.Take me there!Open an Account 

BetDSI Betting App Key Features

As already stated, BetDSI mobile gives customers access to all the features they receive on the desktop version of their site. But the benefits of using the BetDSI app extend beyond their normal transaction and workflow offerings.

The mobile site for BetDSI is actually cleaner and simpler than the desktop edition. The design layout on their homepage is sleek. Every major category—registration, sportsbook, casino, etc.—is clearly labeled, and they’ve coded the page to retrofit the window size and device you’re on.

And yes, that’s a big deal. Talk to any religious bettor. They’ll tell you how they often wind up on mobile betting sites that force them to scroll and scroll and scroll to find what they’re looking for. But while BetDSI will have you scroll extensively when working your way through lists of events once you choose your sport, every one of their other pages fits almost perfectly on your preferred screen. Scrolling, in other words, is minimal.

BetDSI’s mobile site is also built for speed. You can get from page to page in a flash, and both deposit and withdrawal requests are processed lightning fast. Perhaps best of all: The BetDSI mobile sportsbook bonuses are second to none. At sign up, whether you’re on mobile or desktop, your first deposit will be matched by 100 percent, up to $2,500. But wait: It gets better.

For mobile users, this match bonus is also available on recurring deposits—which is to say, existing customers can currently capitalize on it every time they reload their account, as well. This is unique, both in idea and the maximum amount of the bonus. We can’t recommend the promo enough.

It’s worth mentioning that the BetDSI sportsbook app is cross-compatible. This means the BetDSI Android app and iOS app are available.

BetDSI Mobile App Sign-Up

When mobile betting first began growing in popularity, it could be difficult to start new accounts from scratch. Apps and mobile sites were more geared toward existing customers and carrying out more basic functions. This is no longer the case. Most betting apps are equipped to give you the full-service experience, from start to finish. BetDSI is no different—except that it’s better than most others.

Signing up is a breeze. The screen includes big boxes for you to type in, making it easy to select them, and they very clearly outline the instructions for each prompt.

Better still, in addition to having users create a password, BetDSI also has you generate a four-digit pin that acts as authentication for certain sign-ins and when using their customer service options. Make no mistake, this isn’t a specialty offered by every online or mobile sportsbook. The fact that BetDSI has the four-digit pin at all is proof of their commitment to customer service.

When signing up on mobile, you’ll also have the option of inputting a promo code (if you have been given one), and BetDSI clearly outlines all the bonuses available to new users, such as the ones we’ve already outlined. Once you create your account, BetDSI takes you to a page where you can register a deposit method. Approval for payment methods is usually instantaneous, as are the deposits themselves. 

If you aren’t yet ready to make your first deposit, that’s quite alright. Upon making an account, BetDSI allows you to poke around their sportsbook and casino, even building mock betting slips, all without ever forking over a dime. Then, after you’ve gotten a chance to check out all the different sports, bets, options, etc. available, you can go back and make your deposit.

BetDSI Mobile Sportsbook

The BetDSI mobile sportsbook experience is aimed at clarity. They compartmentalize all of their sections, almost to a fault, but we find ourselves appreciating how specific they are when it comes to site navigation.

On BetDSI mobile, when you first click on the sportsbook section, you will be brought to another page that outlines all the different services they offer. You can select pages like frequently asked questions, cashier, live betting, racebook, esports and more. To reach the main part of the sportsbook, you simply need to click on the “sportsbook” tab once more. You will then be brought to a page on which you can navigate to all the available sports.

Similar to BetDSI’s desktop site, their mobile sportsbook has all the sports and competitions you can fathom. The list of things you can wager on includes football, basketball, hockey, baseball, soccer, badminton, boxing, cricket, squash, swimming, cycling, darts, gaelic games, greyhound racing, soccer, handball, hockey, MMA, Formula 1, rugby, snooker, tennis, table tennis, volleyball, e-gaming and more.  

Another cool feature of BetDSI’s mobile sportsbook: They sometimes offer betting specials for specific events and leagues. Let’s say you’re looking to bet on the college football national championship. Depending on the time of year, they might have a special free-play bonus for NCAA football futures. And don’t worry about hunting around the mobile site for these promos. BetDSI will clearly advertise them on the event’s specific page within the main sportsbook.

BetDSI Mobile Bet Types

Finding the right bet type for you on BetDSI’s mobile site is no problem. They offer all of the usual wagers: single game lines, futures, props, live odds and the option to build parlays.

Live betting is considered a staple of BetDSI’s to boot. They’ve done a nice job organizing all active events and showing users which ones are eligible to receive wagers. After monitoring some baseball and dart matches for a bit, it’s pretty clear there’s a lag when it comes to updating lines. The odds on all their live betting options seem to change only after you submit your selection and have to reconfirm.

This isn’t a big deal. On the contrary, BetDSI’s mobile betslip offsets any disappointment tenfold. They not only show you how much you’re projected to win based upon how much you’re prepared to wager, but you can quickly and seamlessly toggle between different betting types. Turning a handful of single wagers into a parlay can be accomplished in a matter of seconds.

BetDSI Mobile Casino

Certain mobile sites will shrink their casino offerings relative to their desktop selection. That’s not BetDSI’s style. Everything you can do on your desktop you can also do on your phone or tablet.

All the usual casino options are featured: slots, video games, poker, keno, roulette, blackjack, etc. BetDSI also runs a bunch of casino-only contests in which you can earn extra free plays or increase your winnings by particular percentages at various table games and slots.

That said, BetDSI does have one area in which it can approve. Other mobile sportsbooks have a better selection of video gambling games. BetDSI caps their options, for the most part, with specialty slots. They’d do well to expand their portfolio with a larger slate of interactive, character-based adventure games.

Still, there’s no beating the convenience of BetDSI’s casino overall. That you can play poker on your mobile device is a big deal. BetDSI allows you to join public tables, tournaments or just play video poker against a computer—all without having to download the BetDSI app.

Do not underestimate the value of the latter. Some mobile betting sites aren’t actually mobile betting sites. They’re just the desktop site sandwiched onto your phone or tablet. Other sportsbooks will instead require you to download an app. And though that’s not the end of the world, it does add an extra step to the workflow and is more dependent on smaller servers responding to your request. BetDSI’s setup is better for ensuring that you can complete transactions at the sportsbook, casino and cashier almost immediately.

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