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How to obtain bonus at Bookmaker

Want to make a few hundred to a thousand dollars right off the bat on the Bookmaker app? Welp, you can — and this is before you even lay down a bet on the Bookmaker betting app. This is possibly because of promotional bonuses and here’s the step-by-step process to attaining them:


$400 Bonus 100% up to $400
  1. 1 Create your account on Bookmaker => click here
  2. 2Step 2: Set up a deposit method
  3. 3Step 3: Make your first deposit
  4. 4Step 4: Receive a 100 percent bonus worth up to $400

Bookmaker Mobile Betting App Bonuses

One big thing that stands out about the bonuses available on the Bookmaker sportsbook app is the optionality. There’s a wide net of deals here and bettors of the Bookmaker sports betting app have their pick at them. We’ll get into the details later on, but just know that Bookmaker is not stingy with its free play.



Positive facts about
  • Seamlessly change your preferred currency method
  • Intuitive mobile site design
  • Extensive list of promotions
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Bookmaker Betting App Key Features

Like many of the best betting sites, the Bookmaker mobile sportbook setup is ultra-convenient because it doesn’t require you to actually download anything from the app store. No wasted on your space anymore, folks!

Bookmaker has set up its website to scale to any screen size. That means the experience you get when on a laptop computer is practically the same as when you’re on a phone. We call this an “optimized” website and Bookmaker has gone down this path to give an easy-to-use mobile-playing experience.

Furthermore, the Bookmaker app will also win you over with its aesthetics. Similar to other mobile betting sites, they have done a great job sizing the boxes that require data, making them easy to select and type into. What we really love, however, is the color scheme. They use bright yellow (in most spots) to accentuate especially important fields of information, which can come in handy when creating your account, making deposits, and building your bet slips.

Something else the Bookmaker mobile site offers is easy access to customer support. A real person — not a bot — is always just a few clicks or taps away in case you run into any issues. We personally never did while trialing the app, but it’s nice to have customer service as a backup in case something does go astray.


Bookmaker Mobile Sportsbook

Bookmaker’s mobile sportsbook is organized uniquely. Most apps separate bets based on the sport, league, or bet type, but Bookmaker takes a different approach.

Let’s use the NFL as an example. You’ll be brought to a landing page when you click on it from the main menu. There, you’ll get a full list of their NFL betting odds. Bookmaker has elected not to separate their championship odds from conference odds or even single-game lines. They are all listed in separate boxes, but you have to scroll throughout the page to find the bet type or event in which you’re looking to invest.

In all honesty, this just crowds the betting markets. If there are a lot of bets, which there usually are on Sunday, it can become cumbersome to find the wager you’re looking for when it’s organized like this.

We’re not the biggest fan of this organization, but elsewhere, the Bookmaker app performs well. We tested out the platform for several hours and didn’t run into any noticeable issues or lag. So as long as you can find your bet, it’s smooth sailing after that.

You can expect to find the full gamut of sports betting odds on Bookmaker, including these sports:

  • Football
  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • MMA
  • Boxing
  • Motor Sports
  • Golf
  • Tennis
  • Soccer
  • Hockey
  • Cricket
  • Aussie Rules
  • Entertainment
  • eSports
  • Horse Racing
  • Rugby
  • Table Tennis
  • Politics
  • Volleyball
  • WWE



Bookmaker Mobile Casino

Believe us when we say we’ve looked at many mobile betting casinos. So when we say the Bookmaker mobile betting casino is a hidden gem, we really, truly mean it.

All the usual options are there for your enjoyment: slots (many of them themed), poker, video games, keno and table games like blackjack and roulette. But Bookmaker really starts to differentiate themselves with their casino bonuses and, equally important, specialty gaming options.

Few mobile betting sites offer as many custom games. The list feels endless. There’s the Legends of Hercules, Arthur’s Realm, Railway Riches, Sports Fishing—and that’s just on the preview page. When you actually visit the specialty gaming section, you’ll be treated to a bunch of other options.

Bookmaker even rolls out seasonal specialty games. One such example is Oktoberfest, a specialty game they offer to users every fall that has potential cash multipliers galore.

On the bonus front, the Bookmaker casino has a few different options that are tailored to each individual game. You know, a $250 poker bonus here, a $750 slot bonus there, a $500 roulette bonus over there—all that good stuff. Granted, the rollover terms on Bookmaker bonuses have been known to shift in the casino, but we’re confident you’ll be able to find promotions and games to your liking based on the raw number of options from which to choose.

$400 Bonus

Title Call-to-Action BIG

Button CTA Bookmaker 

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