Online Sports Betting Statistics

Understanding stats is what separates the men form the boys in betting. While not always the case, most of our recommended online sportsbooks offer you a review of their matchup tools, data and sports betting trends to provide you with betting statistics on how things may unfold in the game you’re looking to bet on. Basically, the name of the game is to be able to predict whether past trends and stats will apply to a future game. Betting stats are really straight forward and are essential to understand for professional bettors.

Sports Betting Stats: 5 Tips

Sports betting Trends

Sports betting trends are usually a great way of predicting what is going to happen in the game you want to bet on. The online sportsbook offers players a great trend sheet that provides the most detailed betting trends for the specific game you are looking at. For example, let’s say the San Antonio Spurs were playing the New Jersey Nets in New Jersey. The trend sheet would provide you with the Nets record in home games against non-conference teams, the Nets record against teams with a winning record this season, the Spurs record as favorites for the last 2 seasons, and the Spurs record against a team with a losing record since 1996. As you can tell, sports betting trends can get very, very specific and very interesting.

Sports Betting Data

Sports betting data is very useful when placing your bets. Most sports betting sites will provide players with data such as the weather, where the game is being played, injury reports along with current season records. It’s very important to have a quick glance at the current sports betting data when placing your picks. Of course you should always take this data with a grain of salt; it is still a great tool to give players a sense of the current conditions going into the game. The last thing you want to do is bet on the Miami Heat not knowing if Lebron James, Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh are not playing!

Sports Betting Records

Sports betting records are the most crucial data to consider when placing your picks. Just because a team is heavily favored to win, doesn’t mean you should overlook betting against them on the point spread. When reviewing sports betting records, you will come across terms such as ATS (Against the Spread) and SU (Straight Up). ATS refers to how the team performs against the spread; the number of times they have covered the spread. SU refers to the win/loss outcome of the team in past performances leading up to the game you are betting on. If the New York Jets were to go 9-7 ATS and 12-4 SU in a season, that means that the Jets covered the spread in 9 games, in 7 games they failed to cover the point spread, and they outright won 12 games that season.

Sports Betting Picks

Sports betting picks are like butts, everybody has them, but nobody really wants to see theirs in the morning’s newspaper unless of course you are an expert online sports handicapper. If you’ve made the decision that you want to outsource your sports betting picks, then finding an online sports handicapper is not difficult, however finding a good one is. Whether you are getting your picks for free or paying for them, you should always second guess them and only place them if you feel confident. Any good online sports handicapper will provide you with their record of predicting winning picks. Also you should always remember that just because you are paying for a pick, doesn’t make it right, and just because a pick is free, doesn’t mean that it’s not good!


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