MGM Sportsbook Review

When you visit Las Vegas, there is a near-endless possibility of notorious places at which to stay and play. Among that throng of options, though, is a handful of truly historically and ultra-popular joints. One of them is the MGM Grand, home to the world-famous MGM Sportsbook and Casino.

Bettors of all types will find themselves beyond entertained. The sportsbook in particular is its own experience. It is not the biggest one in Vegas; a place like Mandalay Bay is going to have a much larger setup. But the MGM Grand sportsbook is still among the enjoyable—and its intimate size is part of that charm.

And this is all just the beginning of the experience. Our MGM sportsbook review covers not only things like the MGM sportsbook hours and MGM sportsbook odds, but it also touches upon the gargantuan casino, the lavish rooms, dining and shopping options, special events and all the nitty-gritty details you could ever think of.

The MGM Grand Sportsbook Experience

When we say the MGM Grand offers a full-service experience, we really mean it. And it's time to parse all the aspects of it, both good and bad, from top to bottom.

Pros of MGM Grand Hotel & Casino

  • Luxury booths to rent at the sportsbook
  • MGM sportsbook lines post by 9 a.m.
  • One of Las Vegas' biggest hotels

Cons of MGM Grand Hotel & and Casino

  • Sportsbook only seats 100
  • Hours of operation change by sports schedule
  • Fairly high daily resort fees

MGM Grand Sportsbook Hours of Operation

  • Monday-Thursday: 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.
  • Friday-Saturday: 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.
  • Sunday: 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Please note these hours are limited and subject to change. The MGM company has limited the hours for some of its sportsbooks during the coronavirus pandemic, and the MGM Grand is one of them. This is their baseline schedule as of January 2021.

MGM Grand Sportsbook Location

Getting to the MGM Grand is incredibly easy. It is located at 3799 Las Vegas Boulevard South—just a five-minute drive to and from McCarran International Airport outside of rush hour.

Looking to park at the MGM Sportsbook? It's going to cost you. Whether you're a guest or not, self-park runs roughly $15 per day. They do offer valet services, albeit not to start 2021, but those will run you even more money.

We recommend using taxis or rideshare apps if you're visiting the MGM Grand. It's centrally located enough that you'll never be traveling too far. Renting a car or driving to Vegas and then parking there figures to be more expensive.

MGM Sportbook

Place Your Bets at the MGM Grand Sportsbook

Any thorough study of the MGM Grand sportsbook will reveal an operation that's rooted in optimizing the number of offerings and bets that they take in. And relative to those standards, they're doing a great job.

All of their odds are made independently, so you can be sure they will be available right when they open. Need MGM NFL lines? You'll have them when the doors are unlocked. How about MGM Grand NBA odds? Those will also be immediately available. It is the same story for MGM college football odds and even futures like MGM odds to win the Super Bowl. They will update these lines every single morning.

Though you will be dealing with truncated hours of operation to start 2021, it won't always be like this. The MGM Grand sportsbook changes its schedule on a rolling basis, but there will usually be extended hours in the days leading up to huge events, like one of the hallmark horse races or the college football national championship. They will probably be back to this system by 2022 (hopefully).

Once inside the sportsbook, you will be treated to spiffy aesthetics and all the latest tech. The MGM sportsbook lines are clearly displayed and updated in real-time, and they have more screens than you'll know what to do with. There are 36 60-inch TVs, 24 42-inch plasmas, and 49 seats equipped with individual 15-inch screens that are most often used for horse racing.

While the sportsbook only seats around 100 people overall, they do have four skyboxes available for reservation that hold an additional eight to 10 people each. Like other Vegas sportsbooks, you must be 21 to enter and play, and you will also probably want to avoid the room on championship game days, as that's when it's most likely to reach max capacity.

The MGM Grand sportsbook also runs plenty of seasonal events and contests depending on the time of year. These are available most often during the NFL and college football seasons, though they will break them out for the NBA Finals, Stanley Cup Finals, World Series, etc.

For a different type of betting experience, you also have the option of visiting the BetMGM Sportsbook and Bar. It is located on the MGM Grand property, right next to Juniper, and it gives you the chance to gamble on games and futures in a contemporary dining room setting that's non-smoking, features plenty of screens, extensive food and drink menu, and even a miniature bowling alley.

Essentially, this is like a sportsbook restaurant. On steroids. The hours of operation will once again vary, but they often mirror those from the main sportsbook during regular times. Overall, you can expect it to remain open until at least 10 p.m. This is yet again a place you'll want to avoid during peak contests, as its 250 to 300 guest capacity is reached often during championship tilts.

As yet another form of betting, MGM has the BetMGM app that permits you to place wagers from your mobile device. Winnings can then be transferred to your account digitally or claimed at the physical sportsbook. Just note that you must be in the state of Nevada for the app to work.

Can't make it to Vegas at all, let alone the MGM Grand sportsbooks? Don't worry about it. We've put together a list of the best online sportsbooks that you can use almost anywhere so you don't have to worry about missing out on any of the action:

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When you are back from Vegas, how do you play your favorite casino games? Well, the sportsbooks listed above usually offer a racebook and a casino on their platform. Therefore, from your cozy home, you can continue to play the slots, roulette, poker, blackjack, bingo, keno, craps, and many others.

The MGM Grand Casino

Holy moly is the MGM Grand casino huge.

At 171,500 square feet, it is one of the biggest floors around. And you better believe they've maximized their space.

All the typical gambling options are available: slots, video poker, and table games such as poker, blackjack, roulette, craps, and more. The MGM Grand casino is likewise well equipped to field any type of bet. Like most, it caters to the average-spending clientele, but there are robust high-rollers slots and table sections. They also run poker tournaments and have been known to reserve tables for groups if you agree to reach a betting minimum.

Players have the option of signing up for the M Life rewards program in which you will earn points for bets you place at the casino that can then be redeemed for cash prizes, excursion options, or discounted rooms and meals. Unfortunately, though, any money you spend in the sportsbook does not count toward this tally.

Although there is a bar where you can purchase cocktails, drinks on the casino floor are technically free. Emphasis on technically. The MGM Grand uses a voucher system where you have to spend $20 before you qualify for a complimentary drink. You must continue placing wagers thereafter to keep receiving these beverages. Still, that's not a bad deal!

mgm hotel

Staying at the MGM Grand

The MGM Grand is among the Vegas hotels that run themselves like a vacation resort.

With over 5,000 rooms, they are built to give you a full-service vacation experience. They have over 10 restaurants on property, plus a handful of more casual eateries that resemble cafes and delis. There are also a handful of high-end clothing and apparel shops you can visit; it isn't the same as going to one of the larger mall-style setups elsewhere, but it gets the job done if you're looking for something to do.

The non-suites are a good size relative to the rest of the market. Rates start at as little as $70 during certain times of the year, but be prepared to pay a $40 resort fee per day (plus taxes) to cover amenities such as a gym, wifi, access to a business center, use of a pool, the ability to call for 24/7 room service and all that good stuff.

Night-life entertainment is also always just a few steps away at the MGM Grand. They have clubs and bars on-site, plus a Cirque Du Soleil show you can purchase tickets to attend. And for the record, the latest version has received plenty of rave reviews and remains a big-time tourist draw. You'll want to check for ticket availability online before you even book your trip.

Does all of this mean you won't want to leave the MGM Grand and go explore the rest of The Strip? Not all. But if you wanted to, you could absolutely spend all your time here without ever growing bored.