Past British Open Winners

  • 2020 – —-
  • 2019 – Shane Lowry (IRE)
  • 2018 – Francesco Molinari (ITA)
  • 2017 – Jordan Spieth (USA)
  • 2016 – Henrik Stenson (SWE)
  • 2015 – Zach Johnson (USA)

2021 British Open Course

The British Open is always held on a coastal links golf course, thought of as the ‘purest’ form of golf and the closest to the 15th century Scottish roots. The courses aren’t man-made, usually sculpted by the elements, versus constructed. Golfers need to always take the coastal winds into account, and adjust their play for a slower course.

It’s always a great idea to familiarize yourself with the golf course if you’re planning to bet on the British Open. The course can make or break some golfer’s performances, so let’s look at the Royal St. George’s Golf Club. Located in Sandwich, Kent, England, the Royal St. George’s Golf Club is a steady favorite in the British Open’s course rotation, hosting 13 championships since 1894.

It is the only golf course in the Open’s rotation in Southern England, and the first course outside of Scotland to host the championship. Each hole is unique and beautiful, with the white cliffs of Dover in the landscape. While the scenery is stunning, the tournament is easily one of the most challenging tests in golf.

The fairways are severely undulated, with the tee shot commonly coming to rest on a slope, requiring a long iron or wood into the green. Golfers with the great short games will likely excel at the British Open.

Betting on the British Open

Betting on British Open betting odds is fairly straightforward, you don’t have as many options as other professional sports, but there are great British Open futures and prop bets available for bettors.

British Open Bets

British Open Futures/Outright Winner

The most common betting type by far is betting on the British Open odds to win the tournament. This is widely considered to be a futures bet, as the odds are out well in advance of the tournament, and can change frequently leading up to the tournament, as well as during. Essentially each player is assigned odds of winning by the oddsmakers, and your sportsbook will edit those to reflect how the golfer performs at qualifiers, or how the public is betting.

If you have Rory McIlroy at +900 on betting odds to win the British Open, if you place a $100 bet, you will win $900 plus your initial stake.

British Open Match Betting

When it comes to match betting on the British Open, bettors are tasked with choosing a player within a smaller group of two or three. After the first and second day of the tournament, they are divided into groups of three, where bettors will decide out of those three will score the lowest (also known as 3-ball betting).

The groups are then narrowed down to two, and you will choose a more ‘head-to-head’ style of betting, choosing who will score better between the pair.

British Open Group Betting

This British Open betting type is similar to match betting, but not limited to the group of golfers they’re playing against in the round. Group types include Top Nationality, as in Top European player or Top US Player, or Top left-handed player, grouping all of the southpaws together.

There can be some really interesting groups - depending on the sportsbook you’re playing at.

British Open Prop Bets

The prop bets for the British Open are a favorite for some, especially for live betting. Prop bets are unusual bets such as specific player bets, whether there will be a hole in one or a double eagle, or wire-to-wire winner. If you sign up at an online sportsbook like Bovada, you will have a great assortment of British Open betting props at your fingertips throughout the tournament.

Top British Open Betting Sites

Now that you are primed for the 2021 British Open, you’ll need a sportsbook to bet on. We want to help with that too - at OnlineSportsBetting, we have experts who test and analyze sportsbooks so you don’t have to.

We recommend the top sportsbooks for betting on the British Open that provide the best odds, best props and futures, and most importantly, safety and security. Our sportsbook reviews go in-depth, to ensure you understand all important factors before you sign up.

Our top sportsbooks for betting on the British Open betting odds include:

Betting on the British Open will surely be exciting for sports bettors, so be sure to check out our other golf betting pages.

British Open FAQs

  • Where is the best place to find betting odds for the British Open golf tournament?

    This is a difficult question, as each year the various top-tier sportsbooks offer different promotions and competitive odds. As such, it's best to shop around the various sportsbooks and find the right one to suit your preferences. 

  • When is the 2021 British Open?

    The 2021 British Open will take place between July 15 and July 18.

  • What is the purse at the 2021 British Open?

    The British Open always holds a huge purse with the winner taking home the lion's share of the money. In 2021 the purse will be $10,750,000.

  • Where is the British Open taking place?

    The event will take place at the Royal St. George's Golf Course in Kent.

  • Who won the 2020 British Open?

    Sadly for golf fans, the 2020 British Open didn't go ahead due to the COVID-19 restrictions. 

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