Betting on The Ryder Cup

When it comes to placing your Ryder Cup bets, there are a few more options than you’d find in the other major championships due to the different format and team play. We have outlined some popular Ryder Cup betting types below, that will help you decide what bets have value for the 2023 tournament.

Odds to Win the 2021 Ryder Cup

This betting type will likely be the most popular, and the most simple to understand or make. It’s an outright winner futures bet, which you likely understand if you’ve chosen to bet any of the majors this summer. However, instead of a long list of golfers to bet on, you have three choices: the USA, Europe or a tie.

As always, when analyzing the markets, be sure to check out some Ryder Cup betting predictions from our experts. Getting an upper hand from seasoned experts for major events is always the best course of action. Our team will also ensure they provide a full range of Ryder Cup betting offer so you get the best value from the oddsmakers.

This futures bet is very similar to a moneyline bet if you’re familiar with those. You can pick either team or if you feel the tournament will end in a tie, which is highly unlikely (it’s only happened twice in 42 tournaments) you can select that at substantially high odds.

The USA is favored to win the 2020 Ryder Cup, so we will use the early odds as an example: USA -137 Europe +150 Tie +1200 If you think the USA will win, you will have to bet $100 to win around $76 plus your initial $100. This bet doesn’t have great value, as you wouldn’t be turning a huge profit.

However, if you feel that 2023 is Europe’s year – a $100 bet would return $130 plus your initial stake. The tie, however, would net you a profit of $1100, plus your initial stake.

One huge Ryder Cup betting tip to keep in mind is that home teams decide the course set up, creating a home team advantage. Six of the last seven championships were won by the home team. The US select courses where they can bomb the ball and make birdies, and the Europeans focus on the precision with an emphasis on par.

Ryder Cup Prop Bets

There are many different specials available at a variety of sportsbooks for the Ryder Cup. Prop bets are essential ‘just for fun’ outlandish bets that can make watching the tournament a little more interesting. These are usually released a little closer to the event, and you can bet on them live, amping up the excitement while watching the golfers hit the course.

Some popular prop bets include:

  1. The Ryder Cup Top Player
  2. Top USA Player
  3. Top European Player
  4. Will there be a Hole in One?

These are just a few of the many, many props available to bet on during the Ryder Cup. Keep an eye on this page as the tournament draws near, as we will be making updates as more lines become available.

Ryder Cup Betting

Top Online Sportsbooks for Ryder Cup Betting

Now that we have a bit of a betting strategy for the Ryder Cup, the next step is to set up an online sportsbook account to place your wagers. Many sports bettors play on multiple different sportsbooks so they can get the best odds available - so signing up at two or three sportsbooks is recommended.

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