Past US Open Winners

  • 2022 – Matt Fitzpatrick
  • 2021 – Jon Rahm
  • 2020 – Bryson DeChambeau
  • 2019 – Gary Woodland
  • 2018 – Brooks Koepka
  • 2017 – Brooks Koepka
  • 2016 – Dustin Johnson
  • 2015 – Jordan Spieth

2023 US Open Course

When it comes to betting on the US Open, you should get to know the course before you place your wagers, as the difficulty and characteristics of the course are a huge factor when it comes to betting on the winner of the US Open.

The US Open selects courses that usually display the promise of tight scoring and even par. It’s extremely rare for a golfer to be severely over-par. A US Open course is usually categorized as ‘open rough’ with undulating greens, pinched fairways, and a few short par fives in place of some par fours. The Winged Foot Golf Club has been in the regular rotation for the US Open since 1929, hosting six times. In 2023, Los Angeles Country Club, known for its prestigious status, is finally hosting a tournament such as the US Open, which matches its reputation after 126 years.

The par 72 course is set up as a par 70 for the US Open and other professional tours. They convert their 514 par-five ninth hole into a par four - making it the longest in championship history and the 640-yard par-five 12th hole is the second-longest in any major.

Betting on the US Open

When it comes to betting on golf, it’s one of the easier sports to bet on due to there only a few betting options, and those options are simple to understand. Just because the US Open betting options are simple, doesn’t mean they won’t make the tournament a little bit more fun to watch!

US Open Betting Lines

US Open Futures/Outright Winner

The most popular betting type when betting on the odds to win the US Open golf tournament. This is commonly referred to as a futures bet - which is exactly as it sounds: a bet that takes place in the future. Odds to win the US Open are released months before the event and change week to week, tournament to tournament until the victor is crowned.

As golfers play qualifiers and go on tours leading up to the major events, odds will fluctuate based on how likely that golfer is to perform well enough to win the US Open. If you like a bet on Dustin Johnson with +850 to win the US Open, you can place a $100 bet, and if Dustin Johnson wins, you will be looking at a $850 payout, plus your initial stake, so $950 back in your bankroll.

US Open Each Way Bets

If you like a certain golfer to win, but you’re torn if they can actually win the US Open, you can place an each-way bet. To place an each-way bet, you will pick a player to win, but this betting type doubles down your bet so that if they still place top five in the tournament, you will still win cash. US Open golf betting odds can vary from one bookmaker to the next, so be sure to shop around.

You have to think of it essentially as two separate bets: a bet to win, then another bet to place top 5. ‘Each Way’, you’re a winner - get it? Mind you, if your selected golfer doesn’t win, but still places in the top five, and your bet cashes, you will only receive a fraction of the winnings you’d receive if you picked the winner correctly.

For example, if you like Jordan Spieth at +1000, and you want to bet $20 on him to win, you can place each way, which will double your stake to $40. If Spieth wins, you would win $290, but if he only places in the top five, you would receive a quarter of that - around $72.

US Open Group Betting

Naturally, golfers at the US Open will have things in common, and whether their commonality is being from the same country, or a group that is left-handed shots - you better believe you can bet on it at the US Open.

Oddsmakers set lines based on groups of players within the tournament - like the top European golfer, or the top American golfer. This makes things a little less daunting than trying to select one golfer out of the top 30 to win the tournament. If the golfers are all fairly matched in skill, these unique superlatives can be a fun way to bet outside of the tournament outcome.

There can be some really interesting groups, so keep an eye on your online sportsbook for updated odds and specials. Bovada online sportsbook is a great option for interesting US Open betting lines. Another popular group betting style is 2-ball or 3-ball betting.

This is a group of players chosen by the tournament committee who are actually playing against each other in a group at the tournament, and you can bet who performs best. Most times they will start in groups of three, (3-ball) and move to groups of two, which essentially turns into 2-ball.

You might think 2-ball and head-to-head are the same thing, which isn’t untrue. The difference is that head-to-head betting can be any pair of players, they don’t have to actually play a hole against each other - the sportsbooks can choose two competitors to offer odds on - there are no rules really behind their choices.

US Open Bets

US Open Finishing Position

Sportsbooks will offer smaller odds boards into Top five, Top 10 and Top 20 finishing positions. Another simple betting option, you need to decide whether a player might place in the top five, top ten and top 20 should be a fairly easy US Open betting option.

Ultimately, the odds won’t be quite as high as the regular outright winner odds, because you’re deciding whether those players will simply place - it doesn’t matter where they place within the top positions.

Top US Open Betting Sites

Now that you’re primed with some US Open betting tips, you are ready to choose a sportsbook to place your bets. All online sportsbooks are different - they offer different odds, different bonuses, and different payment options.

It can be confusing to know which ones are safe and secure to do your US Open online betting. We want to take that burden off of you - there are a select few online sportsbooks we use ourselves at OnlineSportsBetting, and we compiled detailed reviews of each to help you find a sportsbook that works best for you.

Whether you’re looking for a certain deposit option, a big bonus or a quick and easy sign-up process - we have you covered.

Betting on the US Open will make the tournament more exciting for sports bettors and golf fans alike, so be sure to check out our other golf betting pages.

US Open FAQs

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