Betting on the Valero Texas Open

When it comes to betting, golf is a pretty easy option. There aren’t many betting types available for golf, and the bets and odds are easy to understand – so it’s a great option for beginners. Most of the Valero Texas betting types are futures and prop bets. A very common bet type looks at the Valero texas open field odds.

Let’s dig into those betting types if you haven’t heard of them before:

Odds to Win the Valero Texas Open

Easily the most popular betting type of all golf bets is to correctly predict who will win the tournament outright. It isn’t always to predict the winner, but if you do, you could see some serious cash pour in, as the odds are high from so many options to place a bet on.

A golfer with +1000 Valero Texas betting odds, would pay out fairly well – even if they’re the favorite to win. A $100 bet on that golfer, would return $1100. The odds are always changing leading up to the tournament, so ensure you keep your eye on the golf beat writers and golf news for updates. Staying on top of the news and watching pre-tournament performances will help you make your picks for the Valero Texas Open.

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Valero Texas Betting Props

If you want to make things a little more interesting while you watch the tournament, you can bet on unique props. Prop bets are outlandish or unusual bets that sportsbooks offer to make things a little more light and fun. Here are a few examples of prop bets available for the Valero Texas Open: Will there be a hole in one? Top USA player in the tournament Over/Underage of the Winner

Round Betting at Valero Texas

Betting on the outright winner of the tournament can be a bit daunting, so round betting on the Valero Texas Open can be a great solution. If you think a golfer might perform well on a certain hole, or part of the course, but aren’t sure how he’ll perform the whole tournament, you can place a bet on each round.

Each round, you can bet on how a golfer will perform against his competitors, usually, sportsbooks will pin them against their round competitors. If you have a 3-ball first round of Rickie Fowler (-150), Billy Horschel (+350) and Lucas Glover (+800) and you think that Horschell could outperform Fowler (the favorite) and he does, you could see a great payout in your near future. A $100 bet on Horschell at +350 would pay out $350 plus your original stake of $100.

The best part about round betting is that your whole tournament success isn’t riding on the winner. You can bet on a few rounds – avoid putting all your eggs in one basket. You may not get the big payout like you would in the outright winner futures bet, but you’ll extend the experience of betting on the Valero Open!

Top Online Sportsbooks for the Valero Texas Open

When it comes to choosing an online sportsbook to bet on, it can be confusing. So many sportsbooks claim to have the best Valero texas Open odds, best bonuses and are the safest. That’s far from true. There are so many online sportsbooks out there that don’t pay their winners, have high minimum deposit limits, and have insane terms and conditions on their bonuses.

At OnlineSportsBetting, we don’t want you to have these kinds of experiences. We want you to feel safe and secure when choosing an online sportsbook to bet on the Valero Texas Open.

We do our research, we test sportsbooks and ensure that they offer the best betting experiences before we recommend them to any of our readers. We analyze betting options, payment methods, bonuses, and their rollover requirements, and even chat with their customer service agents to make sure they are worth betting on.

Online sportsbooks we recommend for the Valero Texas Open have a fast and easy sign-up process, excellent bonuses - especially sign up bonuses and plenty of deposit options. We started focusing on mobile-friendly sites recently as well, or sportsbooks with a dedicated betting app. You can review our findings on our sportsbook review page if you’re looking for full reviews on all recommended sportsbooks.