Though they are one of a handful of states in the USA with the legal right to provide live sports betting, the Delaware isn’t the hotbed for sports wagering activity one would think it could and very much should be—in large part because the general population isn’t all that huge, and also because it’s not a state that tourists typically visit while on vacation. What few vacationers they do have most likely aren’t international, either. So their potential clientele compared to a place like Las Vegas isn’t that vast.

That said, the offerings are still better than those in most of the other 50 states. In person sportsbook betting in “The First State” is mainly offered at four different venues that we will discuss below.


Online Sports Betting Sites

Handicappers looking for options different from the parlay style of Delaware sports betting can surf over to any of the Top OSB recommended offshore sports and entertainment wagering websites listed below.

Where to Bet on Sports in Delaware

Fans of the sports, casino, and horse-wagering scene have three primary options when it comes to betting in the State of Delaware. Horse racing venues also serve as Sportsbooks and Casinos and they are operated under the watchful eye of the Delaware Department of State.

Anytime you leave things up to the Government, progress can be slow. Such is the case when it comes to betting on sports in Delaware. 

Still, some form of live sports wagering is better than none at all and residents of the Diamond State are better off than most Americans. The lack of live sports betting is offset by a wealth of US focused offshore sportsbooks accessible online by the residents of Delaware.

The four main places to bet in Delaware include: Delaware Park Racetrack and Slots, The Delaware Poker Room, Dover Downs and Harrington Raceway and Casiono.

If you’re looking for the Las Vegas-like experience, you’re going to be disappointed. These casinos are extravagant. They resemble more low-key establishments that can be found in places like Missouri. So if you go to casinos for the atmosphere in addition to the gambling, Delaware isn’t the place for you. Instead, you’ll want to fire up the jet and take a trip to Vegas!

In the event you don’t wish to go anywhere, you can always bet online. It’s a lot easier to do overall, and far less restrictive when you’re in a state like Delaware.

Delaware Park Sports Betting

Delaware Park Sports Betting

Also known as DelPark, sports betting arrived at the Delware Park Racetrack and Casino in 2009. Available for wagering on the NFL only, the DelPark sportsbook employs the dreaded minimum three bets per ticket rule for sports wagering. Past that, Delaware bettors can enjoy live horse racing, slot and table game action, as well as a modern Poker Room – all in one at Delaware Park.

Dover Downs Sports Betting

Dover Downs Sports Betting

Adjacent to the Dover International Speedway, home of two annual NASCAR motor sport events, the Dover Downs Hotel & Casino is a one stop shop for the Delaware sports betting public. The Colonnade Casino Race & Sports Book offers live horse wagering action along with in season betting on the National Football League. Great slot and table games, such as Roulette and Craps, are offered on the casino floor.

Harrington Raceway Sports Betting

Harrington Raceway Sports Betting

Located just south of the City of Harrington, the Harrington Raceway & Casino venue offers a “racino” style of sports and casino betting for the residents and visitors to the central region of Delaware. The Casino is a jack-of-all-trades venue as it offers well over 1,800 slot and table games, live and simulcast horse racing, along with NFL parlay type sports betting options.