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The AFC South Division was formed in 2002 and is comprised of four teams — the Indianapolis Colts, Houston Texans, Tennessee Titans and Jacksonville Jaguars. The Colts dominated the division throughout the 2000s thanks in part to quarterback Peyton Manning, who led the club to six of their 16 AFC South titles. In total, the Colts have captured seven AFC Championships and two Super Bowl crowns. The Tennessee Titans — once based in Houston as the Oilers — are second with nine division titles and one AFC Championship.

The Texans, who entered the NFL as an expansion team in 2002 when the division was first put together, have four division titles but have yet to win an AFC Championship. Finally, the Jaguars have claimed the AFC South title twice in franchise history — back-to-back seasons in 1998 and 1999. The division has only been represented in two Super Bowls since 2002 — both by the Colts, who won in 2006 but lost in 2009.


AFC South Sports Betting Odds

View all the odds for the AFC South’s upcoming games. Be particulary wary of rechecking the spreads, moneylines, overs and unders. They tend to move throughout the week. [+]

Also pay extra attention to game scenarios, since they’ll help you determine certain weaknesses and strengths of the AFC South’s squadrons.

Some examples: Are the Colts a juggernaut at home? How are the Jaguars on the road? Do the Texans have a stingy defense, making them a good under play? Are the Titans an attractive over option?

Finally, make sure you’re apprised of any injuries or potential player returns. Key contributors, be they healthy or hurt, can impact the lines substantially.

If you’re waiting on an important update, then, you know, wait. Don’t try to game the sportsbooks when you’re ill-informed of player statuses—especially stars like Luck, Mariota, Watt and Robinson.

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What Are The Current AFC South Standings

Keep track of the AFC South’s regular-season standings. They are not an absolute measure of how good or bad the Colts, Jaguars, Texans and Titans are playing, but they are valuable. [+]

If you plan to bet on any division, playoff, conference or Super Bowl futures, you need these as a resource.

A few weeks into the season, they will give you a good idea of what the division battle looks like. And, looking ahead, they’ll allow you to see which of the four teams are chasing a playoff spot, and whether any of those units are worthy conference or Super Bowl options.


AFC South Online Betting Tips

The AFC South will be a two-team race for many years to come as the Houston Texans and Indianapolis Colts will continue to battle it out for top spot in the division.

Entering the 2017 campaign, Bovada pegged the Texans as enticing +175 favorites to win the division for a second straight season. However, don’t count out Andrew Luck and the Colts, who are +200 underdogs to top the AFC North.

Expect the ongoing battle to continue between the division rivals, who will face off twice in 2017 Week 9 in Houston and a New Year’s Even clash in Indy.

The Colts finished 2016 with an 8-8 record and BetOnline has set their projected win total at 8.5 for the upcoming season. Luck is healthy and has a strong supporting cast, including receiver T.Y. Hilton, whose 1,448 yards topped the NFL during the 2016 season. Regardless if you take the over or under on that bet, BetOnline is offering -110 lines for both.

The more appealing wager, however, is taking the Texans to go over their projected win mark of 8.5. Houston is still lacking a reliable No. 1 quarterback but the Texans surely make up for it with its world-class defense, which ranked first overall yards against in 2016. Houston held opponents to an average of 301.3 yards per game, even without superstar defensive end J.J. Watt, who missed much of the season with an injury.

BetOnline oddsmakers are setting the bar high for the Titans, whose projected win total has been set at 9 by the online sportsbook. Things won’t be easy for the Titans from the opening gate in 2017, as the club will face the Oakland Raiders in Week 1, Seattle Seahawks in Week 3 and division rival Texans in Week 4.

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