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Not a single Super Bowl contender crept out of the NFL’s AFC South division last season. With the exception of the NFC East, the AFC South was the league’s weakest group. Both the Jacksonville Jaguars and Tennessee Titans were slogging through rebuilding years, while neither the Indianapolis Colts nor Houston Texans played up to snuff. Betting on these teams was hard, sometimes pointless. They didn’t hold futures clout, outside of their division plays, and they enter the 2016 schedule as one of the NFL’s biggest collective mysteries.


AFC South Sports Betting Odds

View all the odds for the AFC South’s upcoming games. Be particulary wary of rechecking the spreads, moneylines, overs and unders. They tend to move throughout the week. [+]

Also pay extra attention to game scenarios, since they’ll help you determine certain weaknesses and strengths of the AFC South’s squadrons.

Some examples: Are the Colts a juggernaut at home? How are the Jaguars on the road? Do the Texans have a stingy defense, making them a good under play? Are the Titans an offensive, well, titan and an attractive over option?

Finally, make sure you’re apprised of any injuries or potential player returns. Key contributors, be they healthy or hurt, can impact the lines substantially.

If you’re waiting on an important update, then, you know, wait. Don’t try to game the sportsbooks when you’re ill-informed of player statuses—especially stars like Luck, Mariota, Watt and Robinson.

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What Are The Current AFC South Standings

Keep track of the AFC South’s regular-season standings. They are not an absolute measure of how good or bad the Colts, Jaguars, Texans and Titans are playing, but they are valuable. [+]

If you plan to bet on any division, playoff, conference or Super Bowl futures, you need these as a resource.

A few weeks into the season, they will give you a good idea of what the division battle looks like. And, looking ahead, they’ll allow you to see which of the four teams are chasing a playoff spot, and whether any of those units are worthy conference or Super Bowl options.


AFC South Online Betting Tips

More is expected during the 2016-17 season from each of the Colts and Texans. The Colts have a slightly better supporting cast around quarterback Andrew Luck, especially on the defensive side, so he shouldn’t be viewed as the entire team.

That in mind, Luck missed extensive time last year with a lacerated kidney and abdominal tear. If he is anything less than 100 percent, Indy’s offensive integrity will be completely compromised.

The Texans have upgraded their own quarterback position by signing Brock Osweiler. He is a realtive unknown, given his small body of work with the Denver Broncos, but he should be a good game manager.

It’s difficult not to look halfway competent when you’re tossing passes to the esteemed DeAndre Hopkins anyway. Those two should be able to sync up for plenty of touchdowns, and J.J. Watt will at least keep Houston competitve on the defensive end.

Marcus Mariota’s rookie season with the Titans went mostly as planned. Tennessee wasn’t good, but he gained plenty of experience and developed adequate chemistry with tight end Delanie Walker and top-receiving prospect Dorial Green-Beckham.

Tennesse won’t be a powerhouse in 2016 by any means. The defense is shoddily built, and it often takes young QBs longer than a year to acclimate themselves to the NFL.

But the Titans will be better, fielding an offense that racks up yardage and touchdowns in the air. They could feasibly enter the division title conversation.

Getting a read on the Jaguars is more difficult. Blake Bortles is solid under center, and he has plenty of weapons around him, from a healthy Julius Thomas, to Allen Robinson, to Allen Hurns.

Defense is the team’s main concern, just as it is for the Colts and Titans. If the Jaguars can piece together an average—or close to average—defense, they’ll be due for a win increase over last season’s five victories and worthy of some extra week by week sportsbook attention.

Betting on the AFC South this season is all about finding teams on the rise. There isn’t a clear Super Bowl challenger in the bunch, but any one of these squads could feasibly enter the postseason conversation beyond winning the division.

Two teams to keep an eye on: The Colts and Titans.

There is nothing complicated about Indy’s stock. Luck should be healthy and has, in the past, shown he can carry an entire offense and team toward prominence. Though he regressed substantially last year, that most likely was because of lingering injuries and a deficient offensive line, two bugaboos that shouldn’t be hampering him through 2016. With that in mind, if he and the Colts start off slow, you may want to avoid them, both on the futures and weekly fronts.

The Titans are the most intriguing team of this small group. They won the fewest contests of any other AFC South participant, but that only means they have the most room to improve.

Everything hinges on Mariota’s arm and the progression of those around him. That attack showed promise at different stages of 2015, but still finished in the bottom three of points scored. The defense wasn’t much better, checking in 27th.

Nevertheless, be open-minded when approaching the Titans. Don’t go betting on futures during the offseason, but experiment with them during individual games. Around Week 4 or 5, you should have an idea whether they’re viable division plays or even something more.

Where Can I Bet On AFC South Online

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