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Many of the NFL’s AFC’s divisions are up for grabs leading into the 2016 season, and the West sector is no exception. The reigning Super Bowl champion Denver Broncos, Kansas City Chiefs, San Diego Chargers and Oakland Raiders all make up the AFC West, and there is no clear cut division winner among them. Though the Broncos are coming off a Super Bowl win, it will be tough for them to duplicate their defensive success. On top of that, they lost both Peyton Manning (retirement) and Brock Osweiler (free agency).


AFC West Sports Betting Odds

These are all the upcoming odds for the AFC West. Cycle through the betting lines at the beginning of each week and use them to decide how you’ll approach your next play. [+]

As always, be sure to check back frequently until you actually place your bet. The lines for NFL games move far more often than any other sport because of how much time separates every contest.

If you don’t circle back, you could end up making a mistake at the sportsbooks. So do yourself a favor and don’t let it come to that.

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What Are The Current AFC West Standings

Below you’ll see the AFC West’s standings, which can be a big help during the regular season. By seeing where teams sit relative to their peers, you can have a loose idea of how to bet on divisional matchups. You’ll want to do other research. [+]

But later in the season, these records can be quasi tell-alls.

These standings are extremely helpful ahead of the playoffs as well, for all you futures bettors.

Yes, quite simply, they help show you which teams are actually in the running for postseason slots. But these records also show you if there’s an AFC West group stacking up against other powerhouses.

And if there is, you’ll know you have a worthy conference or Super Bowl futures bet on your hands. 


AFC West Online Betting Tips

Can Mark Sanchez be the quarterback of a contending Denver team, even if he’s only used as a game manager?

The Chiefs are coming off one hell of a season in which they persevered through backfield injuries to rank among the top-five offenses in total yards per game.

Alex Smith is clearly underrated at the quarterback position, and if Kansas City’s backs are healthy, this squad could make some noise. But how much noise?

The Chargers’ offense was mostly good last year. The defense was a crap fest and they haven’t done enough to improve. Maybe they contend for a wild card spot, but there’s a chance they hover around five or six wins again.

No one expects the Raiders to make a playoff-worthy leap, because they won’t. But they were better than expected with the Derek Carr and Amari Cooper pairing last year. They might be in line for a nine or more win season, which would complicate the competition considerably.

All of these changes and mysteries render any futures bets difficult and, perhaps, taboo until midway through the schedule. 

But, with the exception of Denver’s encore campaign, you have a general idea of what each team is capable of doing. Take that knowledge and apply it to your weekly wagers.

Do not place offseason futures wagers on any AFC West teams. Truthfully, you may find that you’ll want to avoid these plays altogether, for the entire season. But most definitely don’t try jumping the gun and picking out an AFC or Super Bowl challenger before the regular schedule begins.

Why not? Because the AFC West may not have one.

Neither the Raiders nor the Chargers are going to be there. That’s just a fact. The Broncos and Chiefs, meanwhile, could end up fighting for a top AFC spot or be left in the middle of the postseason pack, never once entering the playoff buy week conversation.

For the Broncos, they will have a new full time quarterback under center. It will either be Sanchez or someone they for whom they trade. Regardless, they’re in for an extensive transition. It helps that they were a very run dependent team during Manning’s last year, but at the same time, that means they’ll be equally reliant on their defense. And while that unit is still incredible on paper, it will be tough to replicate last year’s league-lording showing. Anything less than absolute excellence on that side of the ball could actually displace Denver from the playoff ranks entirely. So keep an eye on that as the season soliders on.

The Chiefs will be solid. All of Alex Smith’s teams are solid. They will limit their turnovers, run the ball down your throat and field a mid- to high-end defense. If they don’t win nine or 10 games, it’s because injuries consumed the roster.

Nine or 10 wins, though, may not be enough for a playoff berth, let alone some Super Bowl mentions. If the Broncos end up imploding, the Chiefs do become a loose favorite to win the division. But you won’t be able to declare them a superteam until late in the season, when they’ve revealed their true colors, for better or worse.

So while in most AFC division cases you’ll need to wait for the midseason mark to place intelligble futures, the AFC West’s corps will be more of a late-season play. Just know that there may end up being no conference or Super Bowl bets to place for this group—and then be prepared to move on, instead of unnecessarily pushing a pointless bill. 

Where Can I Bet On AFC West Online

Sift through the below sites to find the best places to bet on the AFC West. This helps if you’re looking for a new primary sportsbook, or if you’re just trying to ensure you latch onto a reliable odds provider.

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