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Betting on the NFL can be a pretty harrowing venture. The parity from year to year is second to no other major professional sport, which can make predictinng sure things borderline impossible. But over the last decade-plus, no aspect of the NFL has been more predictable than the AFC East division. The New England Patriots have dominated the NFL at large, including the AFC division, for the entirety of the Bill Belichick-Tom Brady marriage.

AFC East Sports Betting Odds

Take a look at the upcoming games for each AFC East team. Unlike most other professional sports, NFL game lines move a ton before the actual matchup. [+]

They are posted days in advance, and you’ll want to circle back here often to monitor how injuries, recoveries, breaking news and time in general impacts the moneylines, spreads and over/under plays.

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What Are The Current AFC East Standings

This is where you can take a gander at the AFC East’s current standings. Though wins and losses are not tell-all be-alls, this glance has value when evaluating intra-division matchups and when trying to bet division futures. [+]

Returning to view these standings will be most useful, though, for keeping tabs on the NFL’s playoff picture.

The Patriots are going to win this division, but the Jets will probably be part of the wild card chase. If a few things break right for the Bills’ and Dolphins’ offenses, they could find themselves in the thick of that same race.

When betting on playoff or Super Bowl odds, you’ll want to remain fully aware of where each of those three fringe teams stand. If they haven’t established themselves as legitimate threats to make the playoffs before midseason, it’s wise to pass on all current season futures.

If you’re looking to glean any information on the Patriots’ behalf on this page, you’ll want to focus on comparing their record to those of the NFL’s other superpowers.

Though it’s expected that they’ll continue to stack up against the best, there are other contenders on the up and up. If the Patriots, for some reason, see a dip in their record, you’ll know to adjust the amounts on your Super Bowl futures accordingly.


AFC East Online Betting Tips

Even though Brady is gettig up there in age, at 38 years old, neither he nor the team shows any tangible sides of slowing down.

That makes it pretty easy to measure this subset of four NFL teams on a weekly basis. 

The New York Jets appear to be on the rise, even if only slightly, while the Buffalo Bills and Miami Dolphins are just treading water, in the middle. Not one of those squads poses a real threat to New England’s reign.

Divisional matchups, then, should always favor the Patriots. And if you’re betting futures, they are the only team you should consider investing in for both Super Bowl and divisional odds within this subgroup of factions.

No, the payouts won’t be great. That’s how good the Patriots are. But funneling funds anywhere else with regard to this section of the NFL would be a complete waste of betting power.

There aren’t many outside the box approaches to consider when wagering on the AFC East. Injuries, trades and free agency signings can all impact the quality of every team, so you should monitor those types of transactions on a weekly basis, as you place individual game bets and make decisions on division and Super Bowl futures.

If there is an immediate concern to consider, it’s the early season status of the New England Patriots, specifically Tom Brady. An Appeals Court recently reinstated the four game suspension from last season that was initially overturned in the Deflategate proceedings.

Four games won’t kill the Patriots’ entire season, and they do have a capable backup in Jimmy Garappolo. But they will be a worse team without Brady–much worse. It’s that simple.

Garappolo won’t get the same production out of his receivers and tight ends. For all the skill of Julian Edelman and Rob Gronkowski, Brady is what makes New England’s offense. He threads needles and is equal parts game manager and statistical superhero. It doesn’t matter which receivers are on the field so long as he’s under center.

There’s a slight chance the Patriots lose each of their first four games to open the 2016 season. And they only lost four games all of last year. That will put their Super Bowl odds, and possibly their AFC East-winning odds, in a difficult spot.

Winning another 12 games would almost be out of the question, likely relegating them to a lower playoff standing and, subsequently, creating tougher matchups for them to get through during the postseason.

Keep an eye on the return of Deflategate, as its outcome should directly affect how you bet on the AFC East to start the season and how you weight New England’s futures potential.

Where Can I Bet On AFC East Online 

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