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Injuries to key players on the [+]

Cincinnatti Bengals and Pittsburgh Steelers at different points of the 2015 NFL season turned the AFC North into a bizarre division. It wasn’t a free for all by any means, to be sure. Cincinnati and Pittsburgh both dominated the field. But neither the Steelers nor Bengals emerged as especially attractive future plays later in the season. Ben Roethlisberger suffered multiple injuries for the Steelers, and Andy Dalton went down at the most imopportune time for the Bengals.

The betting from week to week during the regular season, however, was fine. You knew the Bengals and Steelers were winning squads, while the Baltimore Ravens and, as per usual, the Cleveland Browns were absolute duds. 

More of the same is in store for the 2016 schedule.


AFC North Sports Betting Odds

Check out the latest odds for every AFC North game here. Remember that NFL moneylines, spreads, overs and unders change, so remaining up to date on these odds is pivotal.  [+]

Also remember to let these odds dictate your research and compel you to ask the right questions.

Who are each of these teams playing? Are there any divisional matchups on tap? How have they fared against one another in the past? Is Baltimore a good play at home? Is Cincinnatti a no-no bet on the road?

Apply those queries to every game for every AFC North team each week, and you’ll be sure to have all the information needed when hitting up the sportsbooks.

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What Are The Current AFC North Standings

Keeping an eye on the AFC North standings is important, and we’ve got your back here. Records alone shouldn’t determine your bets, but understanding which teams are contending for the division title and playoff slots should shape any futures you plan on laying down.  


AFC North Online Betting Tips

So long as both Dalton and Big Ben remain healthy, the Bengals and the Steelers will be the teams you should keep an eye on. They will jostle for first place within the division, and they should be solid Super Bowl Futures investments.

The Ravens are more complicated. They have retooled to some extent over the offseason. But they ranked in the bottom seven of points scored and points allowed per game last season.

It will subsequently take them a while to establish an on field identity. Offense is most likely their best hope, as they enjoy more continuty on that side of the ball, specifically because Joe Flacco is still under center.

That’s not enough to make them a division winner or Super Bowl play. For the first few weeks of the season, they’re a super risky individual game play as well. Steer clear of them until you know how good they are.

As for the Browns, don’t ever bet in their favor. Feel free to go against them as much as possible. They are that much of a mess.

Robert Griffin III could represent an upgrade for the offense, assuming he gets the starting nod over Josh McCown. Tight end Gary Barnidge and running back Isaiah Cromwell can be bright spots, too.

That, though, is about it. Cleveland doesn’t have much else. So expect another long year punctuated by a last place finish inside the AFC North.

Prematurely investing in futures for any NFL team, aside from maybe the New England Patriots, is always a high-risk gamble. There is more parity in the NFL than most other sports. Things change drastically from year to year, and it can be difficult to predict which returning powerhouses will stand strong or fall off, and which duds from last year will remain stuck in place or make a leap.

The AFC North is different, which is good for anyone looking to play some offseason futures. Though the Ravens are a bit of a mystery, they are clearly inferior to the Bengals and Steelers. And the Browns, as previously stated, are still a mess. So if you’re going to try predicting an AFC North winner, funnel your action toward Cincinnati and Pittsburgh.

Same goes for Super Bowl futures. The Bengals and Steelers are your two best bets there. If you’re looking to distinguish between the two, roll with the Steelers. Their offense is scary with the combination of Big Ben, Martavis Bryant, Antonio Brown and Le’veon Bell. And they have the defensive talent to survive, if not thrive. They were mediocre on that side of the ball last season, but they did a fairly good job of generating turnovers.

Thus, if you’re trying to score a touchdown, so to speak, on offseason futures within the AFC North, the Steelers are your team for all end-of-season action. 

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