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Formerly called the Houston Oiler, the Titans have been playing in Nashville since 1997. The franchise has made the playoffs 21 times but has never won the Super Bowl. They made the 1999 AFC Conference Championship, their only one to date in since the NFL merger. The Titans are part of the AFC South, currently one of football’s weakest divisions. And the Titans don’t do anything to heighten the quality of football being played. The Titans have been subpar since 2011, their last winning season.  [+]

Finishing the 2015-16 season with a dismal 3-13 record, the Titans were the basement dwellers of the AFC South. The Houston Texans won the AFC South Division with an average record of 9-7, not the numbers expected from a division champion. 

Tennesse struggled with every facet of their game, somehow managing to win one more game at road than at home. Nashville truly is consistently singing the blues. 

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The Tennessee Titans next game offers an analtyical snapshot for the immediate future. Have a look at whether the Titans play at home or on the road and check the latest game odds. 

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The Tennessee Titans next game can offer a lot of insight. A fair chunk of their games come against AFC Division opponents. [+]

If they can improve their record in those games, they might just have a chance of winning a few more games in upcoming seasons. 

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There isn’t much joy in dissecting the Tennesse Titans stats from the previous few campaigns, but we’re going to do it anyway. There is a lot of room for improvement in the AFC South, especially considering the Houston Texans took the division crown with a .563 winning percentage. This should give the Titans hope for upcoming seasons.

Tennessee fared marginally better away from home during the 2015-16 season, winning two of its eight encounters away from Nashville. At home, though, the Titans tied Cleveland, Dallas and Chicago for the honors of league’s worst home team. The Titans will need to win at least four more games at home to even consider a push for the AFC crown. Unfortunately for Titans faithful we don’t see this happening. 

The Titans stunk up the building in divisional games, too. A determining characteristic when it comes to playoff viability, the Titans only won one out of six games against other AFC South teams. This might be the most glaring of all Titans lousy statistics.

Tennesse’s offense struggled massively during the 2015-16 season. The Titans were poor on every measurable offensive stat, including total yards per game. They obtained 311.8 yards on average, good for 3rd worst in the NFL. And scoring a league’s 5th least points, 18.7, per game offered their defense almost no reprieve on a weekly basis.

Rookie quarterback Marcus Mariota, who hails from Honolulu, Hawaii, has the potential to be a big-time pivot and held his own during his first NFL season. His 2015-16 quarterback rating of 91.5 was amongst the league average. The 22-year-old threw for 19 touchdowns and 10 interceptions, a decent ratio for a quarterback with minimal experience and almost no support. A lot will be expected of Mariota. And if his development goes well, we could see the Titans challenge for a playoff spot in a few seasons. 

Antonio Andrews led a feeble ground game with 520 yards and three touchdowns, not exactly the numbers of a go-to running back. 

Delanie Walker, all things considered, had a decent year in Tennesse. The veteran receiver almost pulled in 100 catches and was the only player on the team to break the 1,000 yard receiving barrier. He scored 6 touchdowns and was one of the lone bright spots in an otherwise anaemic Titans attack.  

And now it’s on to the defenisve side of the ball. The Titans pass defense is good. In fact, it only allowed 229.9 yards per game, which was good for 7th best in the NFL. However, the Titans concede far too many points to give Mariota a chance of salvaging games. They allow 26.4 ponts per game, 7th worst in the league.

The Titans have a lot of potential going forward, a lot of which will depend on Mariota’s development. Look for the Titans to improve incrementally, eventually challenging for the AFC South crown. Of course, this is a few years off. 

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