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Some saw the Bears’ down season coming last year. They traded Brandon Marshall, their defense was flimsily built and quarterback Jay Cutler’s reputation has, shall we say, long preceded him. Toss in some injuries in the backfield and within the receiving corps, and it’s no surprise that the Bears carved out only six wins while hovering around the bottom 10 of points scored and points allowed. Any bettors looking for them to improve upon last season’s disappointing finish, though, will be disappointed.  [+]

Fortunately for the Bears, it may be the Detroit Lions, not them, who are in line for the NFC North division’s worst record. But that’s not really saying much. And it’s entirely possible the Bears end up being worse than the Lions.

Chicago doesn’t have enough firepower around Jay Cutler to climb out of the offensive doldrums, and the roster is in the middle of a defensive overhaul. The youngsters the team brought in via the draft on the less glamorous side of the ball won’t start paying off for at least a couple years.

Basically, we’re talking about a Bears team that’s primed to finish in a position similar to last season. It could be even worse when you factor in how tough their division remains. Both the Green Bay Packers and Minnesota Vikings could get better, and that spells doom for Chicago.

Plan your bets accordingly. Use the Bears as a side, house money option on weekly plays. Do not, however, entertain the possibility of throwing down on any Chicago futures. Division, conference and Super Bowl plays are obviously out of the question, and there’s too many unanswered questions looming to even try playing the overs or unders on win totals.

Chicago Bears Next Regular Season Game

You can take a look at the Chicago Bears’ next game here. All the important information is included, most notably the moneylines, spreads, overs and unders. [+]

Like always, try coming back here as much as possible before deciding how you’re going to bet. Game lines change frequently at the NFL level, with so much time lingering between every game. Remaining on top of the shifting odds guarantees you won’t be in for any surprises or burns at the sportsbooks.

My Team's Next MatchChicago Bears

Chicago Bears Game Schedule

This is the Chicago Bears’ regular season schedule in its entirety. Use it to your advantage, as a way of looking ahead and placing bets based off previous sample sizes. [+]

For example, looking ahead in the schedule allows you to craft certain wagers before lines become official. Study the Bears’ opponent, decide how the two teams match up against one another and keep an eye on injury and return reports. That will give you an idea of how to bet once the official game lines are made public.

As far as looking back goes, there is no better evidence for the future than the past. You can use the Bears’ past games to ask questions, the answers to which give you an even stronger basis for placing certain bets.

These questions include, but are not limited to: How do the Bears play at home? What about on the road? Have they established themselves as a valuable over or under play?

What is the Bears’ record against their division? How about the NFC? And the AFC? What types of spreads have they covered? What kinds of spreads have they missed?


Do not underestimate the importance of these queries. Researching them really elevates your knowledge and, thus, your earnings potential.

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What Are The Current Chicago Bears Standings

Feel free to come back here whenever you want to check out the Chicago Bears’ standings. Regular season records aren’t everything, but they show you which teams are contending for division titles, playoff spots and Super Bowls, and which teams are playing for draft position. [+]

The Bears will fall into the latter category this season. They aren’t winning their division or securing a playoff spot, let alone contending for a Super Bowl. That’s why you’re encouraged to avoid pretty much all futures.

Take a stab at the over or under on the Bears’ win total if you like. These standings will give you an idea of whether the midseason numbers are too small or too big. But for this year, that’s the extent to which the Bears’ place in the standings can help you.

StandingsChicago Bears

Chicago Bears Online Betting Tips

For the longest time, the Chicago Bears were valiant over plays. They paired a potent, if erratic, offense with an average to below average defense. It made for plenty of high scoring affairs. Now, though, they don’t have an optimal side.

Over or under? We honestly can’t see. The offense is no longer good enough to carry the over dream, that’s for sure. Jeremy Langford still needs to prove he’s a No. 1 caliber back, and if receiver Alshon Jeffery and tight end Zach Miller aren’t perfect—as well as perfectly healthy—the Bears don’t have a chance in hell of torching defenses with steady doses of touchdowns or even field goals.

To make matters worse, they don’t have the defense necessary to drum up the value of under wagers. There’s a chance—a small chance—their defense enjoys a noticeable uptick in effectiveness, but even if it does, it’s difficult to say with any sort of confidence that the Bears and the under lines are going to be best friends.

Holster your over and under plays for a while once the 2016 gets underway. See if you can detect any scoring and defensive patterns that will guide you to one side or the other. And if you can’t find any, don’t force the issue. The Bears may just end up being a team on which you don’t waste over or under bets.

Any chance the Chicago Bears have to forge an on-field identity lies with their offense. It’s not ideally built, and they are dependent on a few injury-prone contributors, but Jay Cutler ranks as an above average quarterback in the current NFL climate.

That identity will, most likely, come down to the Bears’ pace. If they adopt a faster, perhaps no huddle offense, they’ll stand a better chance of putting more points on the board, despite their unimpressive personnel. And if they can do that, they’ll then emerge as some kind of consistent weekly play, most likely as a high-end over option.

This, to be sure, won’t have any bearing on their futures stock. Don’t let yourself think otherwise. Playing the futures game with Chicago only sets yourself up for disappointment and financial loss. Look for that on field identity from week to week instead, and you should have a stellar chance at profiting off one of the NFL’s more futile competitive cases.

Where Can I Bet On Chicago Bears Online

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