Betting On Green Bay Packers Online

As the NFL’s NFC squadron continues its search for legitimate Super Bowl contenders, the Green Bay Packers loom as one of the most intriguing possibilities. They shouldn’t be in this situation, to be sure. They were supposed to resume their place among the NFL’s best teams last year. But a season-ending injury to receiver Jordy Nelson and some health hiccups with Randall Cobb, along with subpar running back health and production, limited the Packers to 10 wins and artificial [+]

Super Bowl contention.

They quickly became a difficult play for all sportsbettors, especially after opening the season with six straight victories. But things appear to be turning in 2016.

The Packers beefed up what was already a top-12 defense at the NFL’s 2016 draft, though they didn’t do nearly enough during the selection process, or in free agency, to deepen their shallow cornerback pool.

Still, Green Bay should be right there in 2016, deploying one of the better NFC defenses. That alone is enough to like them as a potential division and conference championship play.

And the return of Nelson, a healthy Cobb who is back in his comfort zone as the No. 2 option and a more fit Eddie Lacy in the backfield should take care of any lingering offensive warts. Aaron Rodgers remains one of the NFL’s premier quarterbacks, and so long as he’s given a healthy supporting cast, he will ensure the Packers put up numbers.


Green Bay Packers Next Regular Season Game

Scroll down and you’ll see the Green Bay Packers’ next regular season game, which includes all the information you’ll need to start the betting process. [+]

Return here often until you actually place your wager at a sportsbook, as any of the odds can change throughout the week. Early bettors will determine whether sportsbooks stick with the current numbers, and the lines can also move as information pertinent to the matchup’s outcome is released.

If you know, for instance, that a certain team is dealing with an injured key player and doesn’t know whether he’ll play this week. you’ll want to sit on any bets until his status is made official.

One player’s absence—or return—won’t substantially change the lines, unless we’re talking about a quarterback, but every tweak matters. And you don’t want to get burned by outdated information.

While you should absolutely have your eyes on Twitter and the Internet at large for player- and team-specific injury reports, this look at Green Bay’s next game will guarantee you have the most recent line information.

NFL » Playoff
Sunday 22 January
Green Bay Packers
Atlanta Falcons

Packers @ Falcons

  Money Line  

Green Bay Packers Game Schedule

Check out the Green Bay Packers’ entire schedule here. It provides a comprehensive view of their past performances and future matchups, which you can use to help make shrewd bets.


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Competitions Away Score Home Money Line
August 2016 (3)
Fri 12 Cleveland Browns 11 - 17 Packers -120 +110 Odds
Thu 18 Oakland Raiders 12 - 20 Packers +140 -149 Odds
Fri 26 Packers 21 - 10 49ers +140 -161 Odds
September 2016 (4)
Thu 1 Packers 7 - 17 Chiefs +175 -189 Odds
Sun 11 Packers 27 - 23 Jaguars -179 +180 Odds
Sun 18 Packers 14 - 17 Vikings -123 +113 Odds
Sun 25 Detroit Lions 27 - 34 Packers +230 -250 Odds
October 2016 (4)
Sun 9 New York Giants 16 - 23 Packers +255 -303 Odds
Sun 16 Dallas Cowboys 30 - 16 Packers +200 -217 Odds
Thu 20 Chicago Bears 10 - 26 Packers +295 -345 Odds
Sun 30 Packers 32 - 33 Atlanta Falcons +130 -149
November 2016 (4)
Sun 6 Colts 31 - 26 Packers +305 -323 Odds
Sun 13 Packers 25 - 47 Tennessee Titans -147 +150 Odds
Sun 20 Packers 24 - 42 Redskins +135 -135 Odds
Mon 28 Packers 27 - 13 Eagles +170 -179 Odds
December 2016 (4)
Sun 4 Houston Texans 13 - 21 Packers +270 -313 Odds
Sun 11 Seattle Seahawks 10 - 38 Packers -143 +142 Odds
Sun 18 Packers 30 - 27 Chicago Bears -227 +210 Odds
Sat 24 Vikings 25 - 38 Packers +260 -270 Odds
January 2017 (4)
Sun 1 Packers 31 - 24 Detroit Lions -192 +180 Odds
Sun 8 New York Giants 13 - 38 Packers +210 -208 Odds
Sun 15 Packers 34 - 31 Dallas Cowboys +204 -200 Odds
Sun 22 Packers 21 - 44 Atlanta Falcons +210 -208 Odds

What Are The Current Green Bay Packers Standings

These are the Green Bay Packers’ current standings. Anyone betting on their futures needs to make this page a consistent part of their research. [+]

While these records won’t tell you whether the Packers are primed to cover certain weekly spreads, overs or unders, they do tell you if and when they’re contending for a divisional title, NFC Championship and even Super Bowl.

Simply compare the Packers’ record to those of other known contenders, and you’ll have a rough idea of how to classify the Packers themselves. This will alert you to avoid their futures bets, or to conduct further research that tells you how much you should place on their division, conference and/or Super Bowl odds.

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# team P W L + - %
1 New England Patriots New England Patriots 16 14 2 441 250 0.875
2 Dallas Cowboys Dallas Cowboys 16 13 3 421 306 0.813
3 Kansas City Chiefs Kansas City Chiefs 16 12 4 389 311 0.750
4 Oakland Raiders Oakland Raiders 16 12 4 416 385 0.750
5 Atlanta Falcons Atlanta Falcons 16 11 5 540 406 0.688
6 New York Giants New York Giants 16 11 5 310 284 0.688
7 Pittsburgh Steelers Pittsburgh Steelers 16 11 5 399 327 0.688
8 Green Bay Packers Green Bay Packers 16 10 6 432 388 0.625
9 Miami Dolphins Miami Dolphins 16 10 6 363 380 0.625
10 Seattle Seahawks Seattle Seahawks 16 10 5 354 292 0.625
11 Denver Broncos Denver Broncos 16 9 7 333 297 0.563
12 Detroit Lions Detroit Lions 16 9 7 346 358 0.563
13 Houston Texans Houston Texans 16 9 7 279 328 0.563
14 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Tampa Bay Buccaneers 16 9 7 354 369 0.563
15 Tennessee Titans Tennessee Titans 16 9 7 381 378 0.563
16 Baltimore Ravens Baltimore Ravens 16 8 8 343 321 0.500
17 Indianapolis Colts Indianapolis Colts 16 8 8 411 392 0.500
18 Minnesota Vikings Minnesota Vikings 16 8 8 327 307 0.500
19 Washington Redskins Washington Redskins 16 8 7 396 383 0.500
20 Arizona Cardinals Arizona Cardinals 16 7 8 418 362 0.438
21 Buffalo Bills Buffalo Bills 16 7 9 399 378 0.438
22 New Orleans Saints New Orleans Saints 16 7 9 469 454 0.438
23 Philadelphia Eagles Philadelphia Eagles 16 7 9 367 331 0.438
24 Carolina Panthers Carolina Panthers 16 6 10 369 402 0.375
25 Cincinnati Bengals Cincinnati Bengals 16 6 9 325 315 0.375
26 New York Jets New York Jets 16 5 11 275 409 0.313
27 San Diego Chargers San Diego Chargers 16 5 11 410 423 0.313
28 Los Angeles Rams Los Angeles Rams 16 4 12 224 394 0.250
29 Chicago Bears Chicago Bears 16 3 13 279 399 0.188
30 Jacksonville Jaguars Jacksonville Jaguars 16 3 13 318 400 0.188
31 San Francisco 49ers San Francisco 49ers 16 2 14 309 480 0.125
32 Cleveland Browns Cleveland Browns 16 1 15 264 452 0.063

Green Bay Packers Online Betting Tips

Early on during the 2016 season, try limiting your Green Bay Packers bets to moneylines and spreads. Since they project to field a better than normal offense and defense, it will be too tough to predict the overs and unders.

Certain patterns and trends should emerge as the season progresses. If the offense explodes, the Packers will be a strong over play no matter how good their defense turns out to be. But if they check in as a better defensive team than offensive team, that’s when you’ll know to steer your bets in the direction of the under.

It may even wind up that the Packers aren’t a remarkably good over or under play, in which case you’ll want to ditch over/under betting altogether. And that’s fine. You just need to figure out which type of team this version of the Packers will be, which you won’t be able to do until the NFL’s season is a few weeks old.

Looking ahead in the Packers’ schedule will allow you to conduct research weeks in advance. Game lines will seldom be available in these situations, but you can still dig into how the teams stack up against one another, from their quarterbacks, to their play styles, to their performances on the road or at home, among many other things.

Then, when the sportsbooks are ready to release official lines, you’ll be ready to place a bet confidently and swiftly. And, frankly, there is no better way to wager on sports.

Perusing Green Bay’s past outings, meanwhile, will provide clues that tell you whether you should be betting the Packers’ moneyline, spread, over or under in any given week.

Asking questions such as: How are the Packers playing at home? What about on the road? Have they been covering or missing the spread against fellow NFC North squads?

Are they hitting the over when facing stronger defenses? Have they actually become better under investments? How have they played against the NFC in general? What about the AFC? And, finally, what is their record against serious conference and Super Bowl hopefuls?

Tracking the answers to these inquiries will aid in the process of finding trends and patterns that you can use to turn a substantive profit at the sportsbooks.

Balance wins games and championships in the NFL, just like it does in every other professional sport. The Green Bay Pakcers will need an above average offense and defense to become a reliable division, conference title and Super Bowl futures play.

And, well, they absolutely should be exceptional, relative to many other teams, on either side of the ball.

The defense, again, won’t be great. But it should rather easily rank inside the top one-third of points allowed per game. The offense will then take care of the rest.

Not only will the Packers have Rodgers tossing bombs to a healthy Jordy Nelson and Randall Cobb, but they’ll have both Jared Cook and Richard Rodgers, two standouts at the tight end position, available to catch passes as well.

Defending the Packers’ aerial attack, then, will be hell on earth. The opposition will most likely have to rely on double coverage and a ton of spread packages, and there’s no guarantee those will be effective. Green Bay has that many playmakers at its disposal.

Even if those defensive methods do prove successful, that success will come at the expense of run prevention. Eddie Lacy and James Starks are relative mysteries, insofar as it’s not yet known if either is a backfield star. But they can both maneuver their bodies to get through obvious seams in the defense—holes that will undoubtedly exist as the Packers keep rival squads honest with their air assault.

Cautious bettors are free to wait a few weeks into the schedule before they start investing in Packers futures. But if you can swing it, modest ventures ahead of the regular season will offer more favorable odds. 

In addition to challenging for the NFC North title, expect the Packers to, in due time, emerge as one of the more serious NFC championship and Super Bowl threats. Betting on them now, or as soon as possible, will maxmize your earning potential without forcing you to come to terms with wagering on a distinct long shot. 

Where Can I Bet On Green Bay Packers Online

Here are some online sportsbooks that will be able to accommodate all of your Green Bay Packers betting needs. Further research into them is welcomed, but you can rest easy knowing there is no wrong decision in choosing one to play host to your Packers betting fix.  

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