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The Minnesota Vikings are looking to build upon an 11 win 2015 season, and they just may do it. They still aren’t mentioned among the sportsbetting population as major [+]

NFC or Super Bowl players, in part because the NFC is begging for legitimate contenders outside the Seattle Seahawks and Carolina Panthers, and it’s not quite clear who those genuine challengers are yet. Not even the Panthers are guaranteed to replicate last season’s success; the Vikings fall into the same category as the Green Bay Packers and Arizona Cardinals.

Each of those teams is toting the burden of proof—tasked with validating themselves as NFL contenders. And the Vikings have as good a chance as any of them, something to keep in mind as you place offseason futures.

To be sure, the Vikings won’t be favorited to win their NFC North division. The Packers are healthier and still have Aaron Rodgers. They will be the prohibitive favorites to take that section of the NFC.

But that only increases the betting appeal of the Vikings. They won’t be heavy favorites, and yet, they could end up being heavy favorites. They won it last year, and they have enough to win it again this year.

Teddy Bridgewater is entering his third season and better equipped to carry what was an average offense last season. And that’s huge, given that Adrian Peterson just turned 31 years old in March.

Peterson remains ridiculously important to what the Vikings do. But the running back position is brutal, and he has nearly 2,400 carries to his resume. And that’s not including the 300-plus passes he has already caught, in addition to any blocking he does during off-action plays.

If he isn’t able to churn out another 300-plus carry, 1,400-plus yard performance in 2016, the Vikings will need Bridgewater to pick up more of the slack. The defense, which ranked fifth in points allowed per game last season, is still set up to dominate. That defense just can’t be it. 

Anything extra the Vikings get from Bridgewater will make it more likely that they deploy an above average offense, in turn increasing the likelihood that they win the division and exceed the over in the over/under win totals department of futures.

Minnesota Vikings Next Regular Season Game

Here is the Minnesota Vikings’ next regular season game, complete with all the betting information you need: [+]

start dates, kickoff times, moneylines, spreads, overs and unders. This should be your first stop as you begin the betting process.

Don’t just check these lines once, though—not unless you’re placing an immediate bet, as soon as the odds are published.

NFL odds shift more than they do in most North American sports, because there is so much time in between games. If you’re not going to jump on the initial lines immediately, return here before placing your actual bet to ensure the intel you’re using as your basis is up to date.

Surprises at the sportsbooks, after all, are seldom ever a good thing.

My Team's Next MatchMinnesota Vikings

Minnesota Vikings Game Schedule

This is the Minnesota Vikings’ complete game schedule. Use it to plan your bets ahead of time and to look at Minnesota’s past performances. [+]

Planning ahead won’t allow you to gain special insight into game lines. They are published days in advance as it is. You’ll be researching blindly.

But that’s okay. You can still compare and contrast team rosters, play styles, injury reports, records, recent games, etc. Then, when the sportsbooks ultimately release their odds, you’ll be able to best swiftly, taking advantage of the opening lines that are typically more bettor friendly than those that shift throughout the week.

Make sure you’re also circling back to the Vikings’ previous outings. This is how you spot trends and patterns that allow you to make more informed bets in the future.

See how the Vikings are playing at home. Look at how they’re faring on the road. How do they play against strong offensive squads?

What about tenacious defense units? Have they become better over or under plays? Do their results change when facing NFC North rivals? Or when they play AFC teams?

Take that approach to the Vikings’ earlier wins and losses. Find out why and how they won or lost. And then use that to place winning wagers on their forthcoming games.

Results / FixturesMinnesota Vikings

What Are The Current Minnesota Vikings Standings

All midseason futures bettors should remain in tune with the Minnesota Vikings’ standings, which can be found below. [+]

Records will never tell the entire story. In the NFL specifically, they’re pretty much useless for individual games, whether you’re betting overs, unders, spreads or moneylines. The “Any Given Sunday” aspect of competition is too real, so records are oftentimes useless.

Taking stock of where the Vikings stand inside their division, inside the NFC and relative to the rest of the NFL, however, is pivotal to futures betting. Their record will tell you whether they’re a divisional play, NFC Championship option, Super Bowl contender or, quite possibly, not worth a futures investment at all.

StandingsMinnesota Vikings

Minnesota Vikings Online Betting Tips

The Minnesota Vikings’ receiving corps may end up determining whether this team becomes more than a divisional or weekly play. So keep your eyes on the performances of Stefon Diggs, rookie Laquon Treadwell and even tight end Kyle Randolph.

Yes, Teddy Bridgewater’s progression will end up being hugely important, but he needs viable targets to which he can throw. Diggs impressed as a rookie, but he hit a wall late in the season. 

Can he regain that early and midseason swagger which made hiim so dangerous? Can Treadwell contribute from the jump, as the Vikings’ de facto No. 2 receiver? And can Randolph emerge as more than a prmier lead blocker for Minnesota’s ground game?

The Vikings need two of these three guys to have career years. It not only makes life easier for Bridgewater, as he tries to carry a top 10 offense for the first time in his career, but it safeguards them against Adrian Peterson’s possible decline.

That regression is not guaranteed. Peterson is nothing if not a workout freak. But the perils and pratfalls of his position still loom large, especially at his age. The Vikings cannot count on him to carry (literally) them to offensive respectability.

Should some combination of Diggs, Treadwell and Randloph yield a serioues one-two punch in Minnesota this season, chances are they will pair a should be stingy defense with an upgraded offense. And that, subsequently, would make them attractive everythings—legitimate divisional, NFC Championship and Super Bowl plays.

Invest in Minnesota Vikings unders, fast and hard, against strong defensive teams early in the season. You’re free to change up that pattern as the year wears on, but for now, their offense is unproven. It’s actually at the risk of taking a step back if Adrian Peterson cannot be Adrian Peterson.

Attach that uncertainty to their own established, still intact, stingy defense, and their games, especially early on, should be too high scoring. If you start to see signs of their offensve exploding, by all means, shift course.

Also view the Vikings as early long shot bets in the NFC and Super Bowl department. They won’t come close to being favorites, and they probably won’t make it that far. But the odds should be incredibly appealing.

If you can afford—reasonably afford, mind you—to lay down an afterthought wager on the Vikings leading into the season, it could end up paying huge dividends later.

Again, it’s not a given. That cannot be stressed enough. Bet an amount you’re comfortable with losing. 

But definitely bet.

Where Can I Bet On Minnesota Vikings Online

Here’s a list of sportsbetting sites ready to take your Minnesota Vikings wagers. Our list allows you to stop searching for the right fit, because they’re all the right fit. That leaves more time for you to research and inevitably lay down the bets that matter most to you.

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