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Anyone, be they a sports bettor, or NFL pundit, who tells you that they knew the Carolina Panthers were going to be as good as they were in 2015 is lying. No one, least of all cognizant sports bettors, saw their 15-1 regular season coming. And even after they were 15-1, there were some, if not the vast majority of people, who didn’t expect them to make the Super Bowl. But they did. And while they didn’t almost win, they established themselves as a noted power within an NFC hierarchy that’s begging for reliable heavyweights. [+]

You, the bettor, are now tasked with figuring out whether Carolina remains for real as it prepares for the 2016 schedule.

The Panthers aren’t much different on paper than they were in 2015. By and large, they are still the same team that ranked first in points scored per game and sixth in points allowed per game.

Losing cornerback Josh Norman to Washington, however, is going to sting. The Panthers’ secondary was oftentimes the backbone of their defense, and bidding farewell to a top three talent in that area is seldom a good thing.

Still, with reigning MVP Cam Newton still under center and the NFC at large founded upon uncertainty, the Panthers should be classified as “Everything plays until they prove they’re something less.”

Should they be a weekly staple? Yes. Divisional futures option? Still yes. How about an NFC Championship option? Yes again. Super Bowl odds, too? Yup.

Though you can’t approach the Panthers with the same wagering assuredness that you would, say, the New England Patriots, you don’t have many other options in the NFC. Peg this team as a big time winner unless the first few weeks of the NFL’s season show otherwise.

Carolina Panthers Next Regular Season Game

Take a look at the Carolina Panthers’ next regular season game. This glance has everything you need to know about their upcoming matchups: moneylines, spreads, overs and unders. [+]

Since NFL game lines are subject to multiple, sometimes significant, changes ahead of kickoff, you’ll want to get in the habit of returning here to monitor the official numbers until your bets are placed.

This way, there won’t be any surprises at the sportsbooks, nor will you potentially be on the hook for a bet that was made with outdated information.

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Carolina Panthers Game Schedule

This is the Panthers’ complete game schedule. Look at it frequently, primarily as a means of planning ahead on your bets and circling back to past performances. [+]

Official game lines won’t always be available when researching future wagers, but they don’t need to be. Study the matchups, the injury reports, the play styles, etc., and you’ll be better prepared to place a winning bet once the game lines are actually released.

Checking out previous wins and losses, meanwhile, will help you spot any trends in the way the Panthers are playing, irrespective of whether they’re exceeding or missing expectations.

How are they playing at home? And on the road? What have their performances against the overs and unders looked like? Are they holding their own against strong defensive teams? What about savvy offensive units? 

Do they play well within their division? What about the NFC at large? And are they standing tall against the NFL’s perceived conference and Super Bowl contenders?

All of the questions can be answered, to some degree, by looking at the Panthers’ past games. Keep that in mind as the season wears on and the bets you place become more important.

Results / FixturesCarolina Panthers

What Are The Current Carolina Panthers Standings

These are the Carolina Panthers’ official standings. They will come in quite handy when placing any futures wagers. [+]

Looking at the standings can help on a weekly basis too, just not as much. Record disparities are mostly good for spotting outright winners, making them valuable for moneyline plays on favorites, as opposed to spread and over/under action.

Futures are a different story, though. If you see during the middle of the season that the Panthers are running away with their division, or that their record holds up to those of established conference and Super Bowl contenders, then you’ll know to view them as serious, and valuable, players in the futures game.

When you’re making these in season stock reports, just be sure not to jump the gun. You need a solid sample size to decipher good future plays by record. Try waiting out the sportsbooks for six to eight weeks, unless the team in question, in this case the Panthers, explodes out of the gate to where you cannot wait much longer.

StandingsCarolina Panthers

Carolina Panthers Online Betting Tips

Trust the Carolina Panthers’ defense this season, even after the departure of Josh Norman. They have the depth in the secondary, as well as the tenacity at linebacker and on the defensive line, to keep chugging along as one of the NFL’s stingiest teams.

This, to be absolutely certain, is not the same as declaring the Panthers an attractive under. You’ll want to monitor their offense, which was among the best in the league last year, before you start banking on their games being low scoring affairs.

Rather, this is more about validating their status as a continued NFC threat. Norman was a big part of their defensive succes, but no one player, outside of the quarterback position, has the potential to shape an entire team’s identity.

The Panthers, to their credit, also drafted three cornerbacks at the 2016 prospect pageant, two of which came before Round 5. Those three rookies—James Bradberry out of Sanford (Round 2), Daryl Worley out of West Virginia (Round 3), Zach Sanchez out of Oklahoma (Round 5)—may not have an immediate impact; all of them may not even make Carolina’s final roster. But they are added depth, making it more likely that a Panthers defense, which is mostly intact after removing Norman’s exit from the equation, is able to stand the test of time.

And if the defense can stand that test of another season, the Panthers have reasonable odds of remaining a highly above average squad on both sides of the ball—an NFL virtue that typically portends serious contention on both the conference and Super Bowl levels.

For the Carolina Panthers to have a prayer of remaining the sportsbooks titans that they became last season, quarterback Cam Newton needs to have another MVP caliber season. Jonathan Stewart, Mike Tolbert and Fozzy Whitaker must all combine to have a collectively incredible 2016 crusade as well.

See, while the defense should be fine, the offense is most in danger of proving unsustainable. The Panthers averaged more points per game than anyone else in the leauge last year, all while deploying an arsenal of mostly average air attracks.

Kelvin Benjamin, Ted Ginn Jr., Greg Olsen—they are all good; not one of them was supposed to be great. And so much of the Panthers’ offensive success came down to Newton’s mobility. As he enters the sixth year of his career, having withstood a lot of hits, his durability isn’t guaranteed. And even if it is, he needs to have another picture perfect year for the Panthers to maintain their level of offensive success.

In the event certain players, namely Benjamin and Ginn Jr. make the jump into receiver superstardom, it makes Newton’s job that much easier, and the Panthers that much scarier. But all of these things need to come together; the Panthers either need to see out of their surrounding pieces, or it will take another superhuman effort from Newton to carry this squad toward another top five or even seven finish on the offensive side.

Keep this in the back of your mind when betting offseason futures. The Pathers are still an everything play for now, but with so many question marks tethered to the sustainability of last season’s model, it’s good to unload your purse with optimistic caution.

Where Can I Bet On Carolina Panthers Online

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